How to tell if Molly is Pregnant? [4 Pro Tips]

If you are new to keeping mollies, you might freak out when you see one of your females looking different and acting weird. But do not worry, she might just be pregnant. As the big day gets closer, you will notice changes in the female molly body and behavior.

But here is the thing: some health problems can look like pregnancy at first, so it is always good to keep an eye out for other signs and symptoms too.

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How to Tell if a Molly is Pregnant? Just check for a dark spot near the back of her belly, under her tail. This spot is called a “gravid Spot,” As her little ones grow, the patch will get bigger and darker.

How to tell if Molly is Pregnant

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What are the signs of molly pregnancy?

Continuously Growing Belly

Did you know that female mollies are usually bigger than males and have rounder bellies too? When a female molly is pregnant, her stomach will get even bigger.

It might seem like she just got a bad case of constipation, but do not worry. After a while, you will get the hang of telling the difference between pregnancy and other health problems.

And get this: female mollies can get pregnant every month, and they will show the same signs every time.

The Gravid Spot black marks

So, you want to know how to tell if your female molly is going to be pregnant? Check out her belly. There is a spot towards the back that is going to be darker than the rest.

That is called the “gravid spot,” and it will get darker and darker as her babies grow. When the big day is almost here, the spot will go black.

But wait, what is this spot anyway? Keep in your mind it is the reflection of the baby mollies’ black eyes shining through their mom’s belly.

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Behavioral Changes

So, you might notice that your female molly fish is acting quite weird. Do not worry. She is just pregnant. But here is the deal, as she gets closer to giving birth, she might get pretty grumpy and bossy. She might even chase other mollies away just to be left alone.

And remember, when she is ready to pop, she will stop eating and start looking for a good hiding spot. That is because she wants to keep her babies safe from the big, scary grown-up molly fish.

Now, here is the thing female mollies are not exactly known for being great moms.

They will usually just leave their babies right after they are born. Unless, of course, they decide to stick around and have a tendency to eat baby fries.

Visible Color Changes in the body and tail

Did you know that female mollies change color when they are pregnant? It is true. But here is the thing if you are new to molly fish-keeping, you might think that your female fish is sick or something. After all, color changes in mollies usually mean trouble.

But do not worry. If you see her belly getting bigger and a dark spot showing up near her butt, you can be pretty sure she is just got babies on the way.

So, if you notice her colors changing, just look for those other signs of pregnancy.

How Long Are Mollies Pregnant For?

So, you are probably wondering how long it takes for mollies to have their babies, right? Well, it can be anywhere from 20 to 35 days, but usually, it is around 25 to 30 days after they do the deed.

But here is that time can vary depending on all sorts of stuff. The Female fish-to-be might give birth sooner if the water is a little warmer than usual. That is because she knows her babies will be safe in those conditions.

How Long Are Mollies Pregnant For

And you should make sure she is eating good food and feeling chill during her pregnancy. See, female mollies can get pretty cranky and mean when they are pregnant.

And if a bunch of male mollies is around, trying to mate with her even though she is already knocked up. Well, that is just going to stress her out even more.

Do Mollies Get Pregnant Without a Male?

Yes. Believe it or not, female mollies can get pregnant without a male fish in the tank. They can continue having babies for up to a year or more without male mollies around them.

This is possible because of the unique biology of female mollies.

They have evolved a safety mechanism that allows them to store the sperm of multiple males inside their bodies and use it to self-impregnate every month. This means that female mollies can still reproduce even if there are no male mollies in the tank.

It is important to note that this does not mean that male mollies are not necessary for reproduction. In fact, without male mollies, there would be no genetic diversity in the offspring produced by the female mollies.

Do Mollies Get Pregnant Without a Male

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Does My Molly Fish become Fat Or Pregnant?

Molly fish can look chubby or bloated due to factors other than pregnancy, such as constipation, swim bladder disease, or dropsy. However, if you notice some signs mentioned above, there is a high chance your molly fish is indeed pregnant.

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Once you have learned the essential signs, spotting a pregnant molly is a breeze. Whether you want to keep the fry or not is up to you. If you do not care about raising the fry, leaving the female in the main tank is fine. However, be aware that adult mollies will gobble up most newborns.

On the other hand, if you want to save the fry for future breeding purposes, transfer the pregnant female to a separate breeding tank when the labor sets in. Here you can control the environment and diet to enhance the growth of the fry.

After 3 to 4 weeks, the fry will be ready to be reintroduced to the main tank, where they can join the other adult mollies.

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