Can Bala Shark Live With Mollies?

Bala shark loves peace, and they do not attack other fishes without any issues. But mollies with Bala shark are a challenging combination that needs regular check and eye on them for the fishes’ safety. 

Can Bala Shark Live With Mollies? Yes. The Bala shark can live with mollies, but you have to make a lot of effort to get this combination. The Bala shark tends to harm your mollies if you keep single mollies with Bala.

Can Bala Shark Live With Mollies?

That is why putting at least five to six mollies with a single Bala shark is suggested. 

Despite its huge body, the Bala shark is an interesting creature that can be made accommodated with the mollies. 

If you want to work this out, you need to take care of every detail in making the living conditions of the tank suitable for them. 

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What To Do If Your Bala Shark Is Chasing Mollies?

If you have a Bala shark in your tank chasing mollies, it is essential to try and stop this behavior. It can become an unhealthy obsession for the shark if it continues for prolonged periods. 

They maybe are chasing mollies because they think mollies of their food. Thus you should train their eating habits to not focus on the mollies for food. 

Feed them with live food instead of mealworms or bloodworms to make the experience less similar to hunting. 

Once the Bala shark has been trained to feed on other types of food, try moving the mollies to a separate tank and gradually introduce them back into the main tank during supervised visits so that nothing goes wrong. 

Sudden movements should be avoided, as this will cause stress and make it more likely for aggression towards the mollies. 

Can Bala Shark Fish Eat Mollies Food?

There is some food that Bala Shark can eat out of molly’s food plate, but both fishes do have another different requirement of nutrients that the owner has to take care of. So you should know of vitamins both of your fishes need for the overall growth of their body. 

Can Bala Shark Fish Eat Mollies Food?

Thus various food items are suitable for the Bala sharks, such as:

  • Flakes 
  • Frozen and dried foods
  • Bloodworms
  • Brine shrimps
  • Mosquito larvae
  • Tubifex Worms
  • Daphnia
  • Peas, spinach

The list of foods that will be good for the mollies are:

  • Enriched flakes
  • Hikari micro wafers
  • Cucumber medallions
  • Shelled peas
  • Fish pellets
  • Frozen and live foods such as daphnia etc.

These are the food items preferable for the Bala sharks and mollies. You should take care of their diet and give them a nutrient-rich, balanced diet. Also, feed them three to five times a day to keep them healthy. 

What Size Tank Is Best To Bala Shark With Mollies?

In general, the Bala sharks are the fish that grow to be large fish when they reach to adult phase. Thus you would require a large tank or aquarium for them. 

They need about 100- 200 gallon tanks to make them live comfortably in the tank. The mollies need 15 to 20 gallons of the water tank to accommodate. Thus you would need a large tank to accommodate both the fishes. 

Also, decide how many numbers of fishes you are going to keep in the tank. After you decide, buy the tank with the highest quality tank and with a coverable top. 

Can Bala Shark Fish Kill Mollies?

Yes, Bala Shark killing molly is a possibility and can happen if you do not watch out for their safety. Bala Shark is not aggressive fish, but they are large fish that can kill and eat mollies for food. 

Both Bala sharks and mollies are very peaceful and social fishes. They do not harm each other until and unless the other provokes them. But if you are keeping mollies in a group, it becomes hard for the Bala sharks to beat them. 

Thus if you want to avoid this case, you should maintain the tank water to the optimum level according to the fish needs. 

This would not cause panic among them to start fighting or chasing each other. But keep in this mind; do not leave your fish unattended for two to three days straight. 

How Many Mollies Can You Keep With Your Bala Shark?

If you think of house mollies together with your Bala shark, consider mollies are schooling fishes. That means they are preferred to leave comfortably in groups thus, and you should put at least five to seven mollies on a single shark. 

How Many Mollies Can You Keep With Your Bala Shark?

This combination is suitable to accommodate both kinds of fish. But also make sure that with an increase in the number of fish in your tank, you have enough space for each of them.  

Mollies are like little guppies for the aquarium. Keep your Bala shark tank lean by removing some of the food you add every day. 

This will prevent a molly from jumping up and landing on the rocks or sand next to the tank. If your Bala shark seems too aggressive with the mollies, remove them until they calm down. 

You can keep them all together, but if you have to, just put a lot of effort into getting everything right, from the food to the water temperature. 

What Temperature Does Bala Shark And Mollies Need?

When it comes to temperature caring for Bala sharks and mollies, the water temperature should be between 72°F to 82°F. If you set up your aquarium for these fish, the temperature should be adjusted accordingly. 

The Bala sharks and mollies don’t prefer tropical environment (80°-84°F) and choose to live in 72°-82 °F, which is also more preferred by other fishes.

These fish are freshwater fish, and the species can tolerate water with a temperature range of 72° to 82°F with the highest range being 78°F.

You will notice that the fish do not like the higher temperatures; they prefer to live in a similar environment to their natural environments. 

So all fish owners must regulate the water temperature to a suitable range, and failing in doing so can result in health issues for fish. The fish can suffer from digestive problems as well. 

Can Bala sharks eat mollies fry?

Yes. Bala sharks will eat your molly fry. Bala sharks eat algae and live food, so they will surely eat molly babies. If you see molly fries, remove fries immediately to the other tank.

Adding more live plants is another trick to save your molly fries.

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