Why molly has hole in the head crossword?

The hole in the head of molly could cause for multiple reasons; hence the treatment will be varied.

Why molly has hole in the head crossword? Begin with the water change; provide the vitamin and mineral supplement with nutritional food. Remove activated carbon as early as possible to allow the fish to heal naturally.

Why molly has hole in the head crossword

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What Are the Symptoms of Hole in The Head In molly?

The hole in the head may cause by the disease in the pitting and erosion around the head. It may develop along the lateral line. In the early stage, the hole is slightly depressed and turns from brown to gray or white in coloration.

The spot on the head becomes visible when it changes the color to dark brown. The molly with the different colors would quickly get recognized when the hole becomes prominent on the skin.

The sport will be minor in size during the mild cases and cannot be easily detected. However, the severe infection makes it clearly visible, and the large patches would appear on the face and side of the head.

Erosions mostly start with the tiny pinhole defect. It slowly spread as the disease begins taking off the skin and extending outward to occupy more space. In severe conditions, the sport will multiply in many locations.

Will salt cure hole in head disease?

It may not be an effective solution to cure the hole in the head disease in molly, but the salt naturally prevents the harmful bacteria from thriving in the water. The condition would have multiple layers of protection that keep them build their influence in the water.

Adding a tablespoon of salt to the fish tank would limit the spread of the disease in the water. Also, it is advisable to put the fish in the quarantine facility separated from the other fish to avoid the infection from passing from each other.

Finally, please adhere to the regular maintenance schedule and feed your fish with a healthy nutritional diet regularly to make their immune system stronger.

Suitable environment in the tank

Create a suitable environment in the tank so the fish would find it easy to recover when close to their natural habitat. Put some live plants to create a good hiding place. Avoid any noise or vibration in the water. The unusual activity stress out the fish, and the systems become more serious.

Ensure that the tank is big enough to allow the fish to roam around freely in the water. If any fish start showing health problems, remove them immediately and place them in the quarantine facility for a few days until they recover from the disease.

How long does it take to cure a hole in the head?

The treatment will take several months before you start seeing the significant result. The recovery process is entirely dependent on the fish-eating habit and how the fish deal with the situation.

If you offer nutritional-rich food during the healing process, the fish’s immune system would become more assertive and take over the disease to get a quick result. In some cases, the minor hole in the head would be treated in the month, and the fish will become healthy again.

How to treat your molly hole in the head?

Before you treat the disease, you should have sufficient information about fish diseases. The poor treatment would cause the fish to develop various symptoms, and they may die. The molly hole in the head could cause several conditions affecting the fish’s health to a great extend.

Having proper knowledge about the diseases and their cure would allow you to protect the well-being of the fish. Hexamita caused the hole in the head. It needs special attention to remove the disease from the fish.

How to treat your molly hole in the head?

Follow this step-by-step guide to treat the hole in the head.

#01. Improve water quality

At the initial stage, you start working on improving water quality. Change the entire tank water and add fresh water to the fish tank. The contaminated water would have parasites, bacteria, and other harmful stuff that may make it challenging to breathe and protect himself during the health problem.

#02. Change the food

Get fish food rich in vitamin and minerals supplements. The nutritional food enhances the fish’s health and creates a protective layer to stay healthy and safe.

Also, the stronger the immune system becomes, the quick result you will get to see on the fish. Change the frequency of the feeding.

Offer the fish a small portion of the nutritional food every few hours, so they have sufficient time to eat the real food before it sank to the bottom of the tank.

#03. Control the temperature

It is essential to keep the water in the tank in the moderated condition. Water with a too-hot temperature may cause the fish breathing problem. Also, water too cold makes it difficult for the fish to maintain their body temperature.

Check the water condition using the temperature checking device and ensure the water stays at a suitable temperature.

#04. Use of antibiotic

Offering the antibiotic metronidazole to the fish would allow the fish to kill the harmful bacteria and recover faster. As a result, the infection will go away quickly, and the Hexamita start curing slowly.

Suppose you find the fish is still facing the problem after the first dose of the antibiotic. In that case, the other doses of the Maracyn, Kanacyn, or Furan could be offered to the fish to prevent the second bacterial from infecting the fish with severe health problems.

#05. Separate fish from the group

Ensure that you put the fish in a separate tank after you discover the symptom in the fish. Treat the fish in the different water as the fish may contaminate the entire fish tank, and the disease will spread in other fish if you do not take precautions.

In addition, separate treatment is needed for each fish to permit them to recover quickly.

How to prevent a molly Hole in the head?

Your primary focus should be keeping your fish in a healthy environment. Create a natural habitat with stress-free water conditions. The stress affects the fish and develops a form of parasites in the body.

Poor nutrition and water quality could also result in bad health. As the water condition becomes lethal, the immune system collapse and the fish will develop a hole in the head.

Preventing the disease with the proper water condition would help the fish to live a healthy life.

As soon as you discover the symptoms of the fish, use antibiotics to protect the fish from the health problem. Then, feed the fish a nutritional diet so they will recover quickly.

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