Do Mollies eat Cherry Shrimp?

Mollies swim top, middle and bottom levels of the tank. So they may tend to bite shrimp at any time.

Do Mollies eat Cherry Shrimp? Yes. Mollies can eat live food if they fit in their mouth. Like any other freshwater fish, mollies also prefer variety in food. Large size Cherry Shrimp may not be suitable for mollies. Combine the Cherry shrimp with other nutritional food to fulfill nutrition requirements. 

Do Mollies eat Cherry Shrimp?

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What kind of Shrimp can live with Mollies?

Mollies like to eat Shrimp, so you should know which Shrimp can suit them if you plan to put them together. The Ghost, blue Claw whiskers, claws, and Machrobrachiums are shrimp types that will do the mollies tank.

These shrimps are good at defending themselves. Even if Mollies attack them, they will find a way to move out from the zone and hide somewhere where mollies cannot reach.

Use plants and decorative to offer sufficient hiding space for Shrimp. There are other shrimp types, such as Bamboo Shrimp which grows faster in size, so it will be difficult for the mollies to eat them.

The Bamboo shrimp would need natural food to survive, so ensure that you feed them on time.

Molly fish is carnivorous, so they eat everything they find in an aquarium and fit in their mouths. Baby shrimp are an easy target for mollies. If you decide to grow Shrimp in a tank, it is advisable to put them aside until they reach a sufficient length where mollies cannot eat them.

Adult female cherry shrimp grow more prominent so that they will survive comfortably with the mollies. Molly’s bite will not be harmful to them. However, do not take a chance by keeping Shrimp in open water.

Have sufficient hiding space for the Cherry shrimp. If molly wants, they can tear the Shrimp apart and eat them piece by piece.


Can red cherry shrimp live with mollies?

Yes. Cherry shrimp can live with mollies if the condition in the water is proper. When you put Shrimp with the mollies, ensure that the water condition is suitable. Stressful mollies will start attacking the Shrimp and tear them apart and eat them.

Can red cherry shrimp live with mollies?

Also, do not put the Shrimp with mollies in the small tank. A large tank is needed, so both have sufficient space to swim and keep their distance from each other.

Put some vegetation in the water. Find the way to keep shrimp safe in hidden places. Shrimp uses plants, decorative, and stones to hide. This will protect them from the attack.

While you have Shrimp and mollies together in one tank, ensure that you feel the mollies on time. Mollies may become aggressive if they are hungry. They start eating anything they find in the tank. Cherry shrimp will be in danger if you have hungry mollies around them.

Do mollies eat ghost shrimp?

Ghost shrimp survival is depending on the size of the ghost shrimp. Mollies will prefer eating only small size shrimp. Shrimp babies are easy targets for mollies.

If you plan to keep them together, choose female Shrimp large enough to protect themselves from the mollies attack. When the mollies are not able to eat them, they will leave them alone.

Also, create a sufficient amount of hiding space. Put some stone inside an aquarium and make it easy for Shrimp to run and hide under or back of the stone.

If you have pebbles, they will become the perfect environment for the Shrimp to hide whenever mollies try to attack them. Shrimp will push the bottom of stones, so the mollies cannot find them easily.

How do I stop my molly fish from eating Cherry shrimp?

It is crucial to create a perfect condition in the tank to protect the Cherry shrimp from mollies. There are different ways you can prevent the mollies from reach the Cherry shrimp and ensure their survival.

How do I stop my molly fish from eating Cherry shrimp?

1) Mollies are not aggressive fish, so they do not like to attack the Shrimp unless there is a strong reason.

Feed mollies on time and keep them calm. When mollies are complete, they will not bother with what is happening around them. They will live their life happily with their partner.

2) Use life plants in the aquarium to create hiding places.

Live plants make the environment happy and allow the mollies to feel comfortable in the water. They will enjoy the association with the Shrimp as it will resemble their natural habitat.

Also, the plant will offer the hiding space when the mollies are trying to have close encounters with Cherry shrimp.

3) Reduce the stress level of the mollies by managing the water temperature, pH level and feed the mollies a sufficient amount of nutritious food.

Stress would develop aggression in the mollies and start tearing apart anything they find in the aquarium. From live plants to Cherry shrimp, everything will be on their target when they are under stress.

Can mollies eat shrimp pellets?

Yes. You can feed Shrimp pellets to the mollies in the moderation condition. Though, it is advisable to provide them live food. Live food is considered more nutritious and requires a protein that breaks down quickly and supports healthy growth.

Feeding mollies different types of food fulfills their nutrition requirement and contributes to healthy growth. Live food such as Cherry shrimp, bloodworms, and daphnia is excellent protein sources for molly fish.

You can also offer baby brine shrimp to the mollies. Though live food is good for them, but do not overdo it. Feed the mollies in moderate amounts to avoid health problems.

Do Dalmatian mollies eat Shrimp?

Yes. Dalmatian mollies will eat Shrimp. They generally prefer baby shrimp as they are small in size and easily fit in their mouth. They eat CRS comfortably. Any life food which is small enough to tear apart can become the food of Dalmatian mollies.

Can I feed the same food for both mollies and Shrimp?

Yes. Both can exchange their food and live comfortably. Mollies can eat shrimp food and vise versa. However, the food should be easy to digest; else, it will develop health problems in the mollies.

Life food such as bloodworms is an excellent source of protein that you can feed to both Shrimp and mollies together. Pallets are also perfect food for the fish. Use different types of food so that mollies will get variation in the food.

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