Can Pygmy Corydoras fish live with betta fish?

There are several types of catfish, but the pygmy corydoras fish is the smallest. Freshwater pygmy fish receive their name because they are small. Their size isn’t to be underestimated. It’s great to have these fish in nano aquariums, as they are fascinating fish.

Can Pygmy Corydoras fish live with betta fish? Yes. Pygmy Corydoras fish and betta fish share many common traits. They are both agile and fast swimmer. Keeping them both together will not be trouble. Pygmy Corydoras live mainly at the bottom of the tank, whereas Betta stays at the top of a fish tank.

Can Pygmy Corydoras fish live with betta fish?

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Will bettas eat pygmy corydoras?

Like any other predatory fish, Betta also becomes aggressive when they find a threat to their territory. An attack may consist of eating fins, bumping each other, and preventing fish from eating food when served. Betta needs a large size tank to keep them calm.

Small space may stress them out, and they start attacking anything they find in the tank. The primary target will be live plants. When they see other fish are entering their territory, they become aggressive and start charing them.

Betta may not eat the pygmy corydoras as a whole, but they tear them down in pieces. Betta and Pygmy corydoras are good companions for each other. When they are put together, both of them will make the aquarium feel alive.

Pygmy corydoras are shy by nature. They quickly get stress out when there is some other fish who are aggressive and chasing them continuously. Pygmy corydoras find their way behind the plants and hiding places and protect themselves from threats.

Thus, get the bigger tank if you plan to put Betta and Pygmy corydoras together in the fish tank. The 10-gallon tank is recommended for both fish to live happily. Limit the quantity of fish in the tank, and prevent them from getting in close contact.

Are a betta and Pygmy Corys okay together in a 10 gallon?

The 10 gallons of a fish tank would offer sufficient space for both species to stay away from each other. However, it is hard to tell how Betta will react to certain situations. It has been observing that Betta sometimes remains calm in the small size fish tank as well.

Are a betta and Pygmy Corys okay together in a 10 gallon?

The primary focus should be put on the water condition and nutrition food. When both the condition is met, the Betta lives happily with their companion fish. When water quality drops, the fish may be stressed out and start attacking other fish.

Many betta fish are comfortable with any time of tankmate. When the betta place in the 10 gallons of water with the Pygmy Corys fish, the things may look normal.

On some occasions, you may notice, the betta fish is trying to steal the food of Pygmy Corys. Betta will prevent the Pygmy Corys from reaching near food until they are complete. With the circumstance, Betta changes their behavior and becomes aggressive.

What To Do If Your Betta Is Chasing Pygmy corydoras?

Mostly corydoras fish are calm, and they do not attack other fish. They stay in the water, eat and swim all-around fish tank exploring the region.

While roaming around in the tank, they may reach close to Betta fish which causes Betta to stress out. Betta fish only attack other fish when they feel threatened by other fish.

Chasing Pygmy Corydoras is the outcome of stress developed by Betta when they find other fish entering their territory.

Also, when the food is poured into the tank, the fish may try to get as much as possible. During this time, the fish become aggressive and attack each other to keep other fish away from the food.

Tips to stop Betta fish from Chasing Pygmy corydoras.

•           Increase the size of the fish tank.

•           Put some live plants in the tank, so fish will not face each other.

•           Give them a sufficient amount of food, so Betta will stay calm and relax.

•           Use decorative to create a hiding place in the tank.

•           Keep the flow of oxygen and water filter in a moderated setting. The fast-moving water also stresses out the fish and makes them feel anxious about the environment.

•           Have pair of Betta in a tank so that they can live comfortably.

•           Moderate the water temperature to meet the requirement of the fish.

•           Control pH level in the tank to prevent fish from developing health problems and become aggressive.

Can Pygmy corydoras fish Eat Betta’s Food?

Pygmy corydoras fish would like to eat betta food. The fish is scavengers and omnivores that eat anything that they find tasty and natural.

Can Pygmy corydoras fish Eat Betta’s Food?

The common problem with the betta fish is a large amount of it contains meat-based proteins. It may not be sufficient for fulfilling the nutrition requirement of the Pygmy corydoras fish.

Thus, it would be best to mix their diet plan with meat and other essential food to keep them healthy. Pygmy corydoras fish would prefer a more diet balance plan that enhances their health and contributes to growth.

How Many Pygmy corydoras Can You Keep with Your Betta?

Depending on the size of the fish tank and decoratives in the tank, you can decide on the number of Pygmy corydoras with Betta in the same tank. The 10 gallons of a tank would accommodate around ten plus Pygmy corydoras fish comfortably.

Do not overcrowd them; otherwise, they will bump each other more often and stress out.

Offer free swimming space for both of them. Remember that Betta generally spends their time living on the surface. On the other hand, Pygmy corydoras fish will stay at the bottom-most of the time.

So when you arrange your fish tank, keep the one side of the area at the surface and bottom open to swim. Ideally, the front of the fish tank should be clear to allow the fish to swim near the front glass. It will improve the viewing experience of the aquarium.

What temperature do betta and Pygmy corydoras fish need?

The temperature of water in the aquarium is going to be the biggest challenge. It is a vital ingredient that keeps both the fish clam. Track the water temperature regularly. Keep the pH level at 7.0 and moderate the temperature at 78°F.

The Pygmy corydoras fish would prefer the water temperature between 70-78°F. So when you put the fish in the tank.

Keep an eye on the changing temperature. Replace water in few days to avoid health issues due to temperature.

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