Can silver dollar fish live with the betta?

Silver dollar fish live in freshwater, and they usually live in the rivers in South America.

Can silver dollar fish live with the betta? Silver dollar fish and betta are opposite to each other. Where betta tries to dominate water, the silver dollar looks for a peaceful environment to live happily. The betta will start attacking silver dollar fish and eat them, ripping their fins and shells.

Can silver dollar fish live with the betta?

Thus it would be best if you avoided housing both together in the same tank.

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What to do if your betta is Chasing silver dollar fish?

Silver dollar fish would be an easy target for the betta because of their large and long fins size. The betta fish love to eat the fins of the other fish. Fins are generally made of nutrition, and eating them makes fish acquire more nourishment for their body.

Once the betta tastes the fins of silver dollar fish, they will start looking for more. You will observe the betta is chasing the silver dollar to nibble the fins.

There will be harmful consequences of a chase on the Silver dollar fish; hence you should take the cause to avoid betta from bothering the other fish in the tank.

The guide will help you understand how to maintain the sanity in the tank and stop betta from chasing silver dollar fish.

  • Remove dominating male

Note all betta males react similarly. There will be some betta males who possess too much aggression, and they will start dominating the water and not allow other fish to roam around their community.

The simplest way to stop this craziness is to remove the aggressive betta male from the tank and shift them to the temporary container.

You can also put them in the same tank but an utterly isolated container, which will give them a view of the activities in the tank, but they could not cross the contain and go near the silver dollar fish.

A few days of quarantine put relief to the silver dollar fish. On the other hand, the male betta will also become calm as they would have less contact with other fish.

  • Add more plants

A densely planted aquarium provides the perfect condition for the betta fish to live comfortably and in a less stressed environment, and it keeps them calm and relaxed. Also, the plant will hide most of the area in the tank.

The betta would find the hiding space behind the plan whenever they feel the predator is around. Betta will have minimal opportunity to see the Silver dollar in the tank.

  • Provide enough food

Food is the one thing that keeps both the fish at rest. If the betta does not get sufficient food, they will become aggressive. Also, when they see silver dollars eating their food, they will start attacking them.

Use two food dispensers to feed the fish. Ensuring both receive enough food will put the betta away from the silver dollar, and there will be less connection between them. Also, the dispenser should be located far from each other.

  • More male than female

Females are easygoing, and they generally do not get into a fight unless their life is at stake. On the other hand, the male plays the dominating role.

When the male betta sees any fish in their radius, they become aggressive and start attacking the fish. Chasing is the everyday activity that you get to see in the betta fish.

They try to push them away and instruct the other fish not to come close to their territory. Having more females than males gives you the advantage of maintaining sanity in the aquarium.

The betta male will be busy influencing the female betta, which keeps them away from other fish.

What Size Tank is best to betta with silver dollar fish?

Silver dollar fish become too large in a short period. Therefore, the fish need a large size tank of 70 gallons or more capacity. Also, choose the vertically large tank, and the height of the tank should be more than the width.

What Size Tank is best to betta with silver dollar fish?

The reason for that is the silver dollar fish become large on all sides, and the top to bottom length will increase significantly.

Also, the silver dollar fish live in the group, so you may have to put more than five fish in the tank to ensure they comfortably live together without worrying about the predator.

Can betta fish eat silver dollar fish food?

Silver dollar fish eats vegetarian food. Feed them vegetable flakes, including spirulina and leafy greens. Also, mix the vegetable with more nutritional food such as watercress, cooked romaine, and lettuce.

You can also offer them spinach twice a week to fulfill their nutritional need. The betta may not like the meal containing only vegetables.

Thus, you should mix the food with live content. Get some blood worms and larvae to feed the betta. Blood worms contain more protein which helps them to develop a robust immune system.

Can betta kill silver dollar fish?

Yes. There are chances that silver dollar fish would get killed by the betta. The betta fish attack the fins and soft skin of the silver dollar. Betta nibbles the silver dollar fish piece by piece, causing them to develop a serious health problem.

Can betta kill silver dollar fish?

The injuries would stress the fish, and eventually, the silver dollar would die.

Hence, it would be best to observe the betta’s behaviors and how they deal with the other fish in the tank. If you find too much aggression in the betta fish, you should separate them immediately; otherwise, the silver dollar fish would have difficulty surviving around the betta fish.

How many silver dollars can you keep with your betta?

Silver dollar fish live in the group. Thus, when you decide to house the silver dollar with a betta, you should consider them in more than one because the fish would not be comfortable living alone.

Group them in the 5 or 6 silver dollars in the tank with the betta. Have a similar number of bettas, so both the fish have an equal number in the aquarium.

What temperature betta and silver dollar fish need?

In the aquarium where betta and silver dollar fish are house together, the temperature should be controlled between 75-82°F. And maintain the pH level between 5.5-7.5.

Can silver dollar fish live with female bettas?

Yes. Silver dollar fish would be the perfect companion for the female bettas. In most cases, Silver dollar fish stay calm and relaxed, and they do not bother other fish and live happily with any other fish in the tank. The female betta would love to share the water with silver dollar fish.

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