How Many Tetras Should You Keep Together? [4 Tips To Keep Together]

Tetras are fantastic little fish that can handle being kept in tanks, whether you want to show them off inside or outside. However, it is essential to keep in mind that these guys need some space to thrive. 

One big mistake newbies and tetra owners make. That is overcrowding their tanks because they think it looks nicer.

But packing too many tetra fish into one tank can be super stressful for them. Each tetra fish needs at least 2 gallons of water to be happy and healthy. Overcrowding can cause problems like too much waste buildup, gross bacterial growth, high levels of ammonia, and fishies anxiety.

How Many Tetras Should You Keep Together? The minimum is three tetras, but you can go as high as your tank size allows if you are careful about the number of tetras per gallon of water. As a rule of thumb, the bigger the tank, the more tetras you can have.

How Many Tetras Should You Keep Together

But seriously, do not go below three tetras, one male, and two female fish. Trust me, they will be way happier that way.

If you plan on keeping some tetras, you must keep at least 3 of them in your tank. But hold up, and it’s got to be one male and two females.

Don’t think about keeping two males and one female tetra because things could get super competitive when it is time to mate. And trust me, with tetras, that time always comes around.

The tetras can get territorial, especially if they don’t have enough water to swim in. That’s why the minimum ratio I just told you about is so important.

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Can You Keep Only Male Tetras?

So you might wonder if you can keep male tetras in your tank.

Yes. Technically, it’s possible, and some male fish prefer it because the male tetra has way more vibrant colors than the female’s tetras. But there are some things you got to watch out for to keep your boys happy and healthy.

Male tetras can be pretty aggressive and territorial, especially towards other males. They’ll scrap over food, space, females, or just for fun. They won’t kill each other, but they can get gnarly wounds that might lead to infections and, eventually, death.

Can You Keep Only Male Tetras

To avoid all that, you must take steps to chill out your males’ aggressive tendencies.

So, to keep your male tetras from going all out with their aggressive behavior, you can try a few things that work like a charm:

  1. Give them more hiding spots

Your tetras need a lot of places to hide, like live plants, rocks, caves, and wooden decorations. That way, if things get heated, they can take a chill pill in their hiding spots. These spots will also break up the sightlines between the males, which means they won’t focus on each other so much. That makes for a way more peaceful tank all around.

  1. Don’t let them go hungry

 Tetras, especially male fish, can get hungry. If you’re keeping only males, spread their food over the water’s surface, so everyone gets their share. You can also feed your tetras in different parts of the tank to avoid any squabbles over food.

  1. Mix in some females

 If you are dealing with a male-only tank that is getting out of control, try adding a few females. Just remember to add at least two females for every male you have. If you only add one or two females, it might make things even worse. The males will fight over the females even more, and nobody wants that.

  1. Get rid of the troublemakers

 If you have a tetra constantly causing trouble, you might need to show them the door. It’s not the best option, but sometimes it’s necessary. You can euthanize them or try to give them away to a new home. Whatever you do, ensure you do not release them into the wild. That could cause some serious problems for the local ecosystem.

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Can You Keep Only a Single Tetra?

No. I wouldn’t recommend it. Tetras are little social critters that thrive when their fishy friends surround them. While they don’t always swim in schools, they hang out in groups, and they can get pretty lonely if left to their own team.

If you stick a tetra in a tank all by itself, it can get pretty down in the dumps. No amount of good food or fancy tank decorations can make up for the fact that it’s feeling isolated and sad. Plus, without buddies around, it’s more likely to get sick and weak.

If you’re a tetra fish fan, keeping at least three of them in a 5-gallon tank is best. That way, you’ll have one male and two ladies, the perfect ratio to keep everyone happy and healthy.

Can You Keep Tetras With Other Fish?

Yes. Tetras can live with other fish, but you must be careful when picking their tank mates. You see, not all fish species are compatible with each other, and tetras are no exception. Tetras are generally peaceful and timid and prefer to live with fish with similar behaviors and environmental needs.

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Can You Keep Different Types of Tetras Together?

Yes. Mixing different species of tetras can create a more diverse and visually appealing tank. With almost 100 species and subspecies of tetras available, the possibilities for different colors, patterns, and body shapes are endless.

Can You Keep Different Types of Tetras Together

One great thing about mixing different tetra fish species of tetras is that they all thrive in the same water conditions. Plus, despite their differences in appearance, tetras recognize each other as members of the same species.

Just keep in mind that tetras will mate with each other frequently, so if you’re looking to observe different species separately, a mixed tank might not be the best option.


In summary, providing a suitable environment is crucial for keeping tetras healthy and happy. Overcrowding can be a problem, so ensuring they have enough space is essential. Adding plants, rocks, and other hiding spots can also help reduce aggression and stress in the tank.

When it comes to tank mates, it’s important to choose species that share similar behavior and environmental preferences.

And if you are interested in learning more about tetras, plenty of resources are available with information on their diet, housing, and reproduction.

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