Why Is My Neon Tetra So Fat? [5 Problems & Answers]

Why Is My Neon Tetra So Fat? Some Neon Tetra increases their belly fat as they grow. But, you should not take the situation lightly. If the tetra is not going to lay eggs anytime soon, there is probably a health issue in the Neon Tetra.

Why Is My Neon Tetra So Fat?

Some fish are facing serious matters. For example, the fish might be dealing with constipation or severe illness.

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Why does my neon tetra have a big belly?

The neon tetra looks fat due to several reasons. First, the female tetra gains weight when they are pregnant, and their belly grows. Another common reason is the excess amount of food. Over-feeding causes the neon tetra to gain weight and become fat.

The health issue also makes the neon tetra fish gain weight. In most cases, the belly fat of the tetra grows exponentially and gets more significant than the standard size. If the neon tetra is not laying eggs, then it is a sign of health issues.

Observe the behavior of the neon tetra for few days. Then, reduce the frequency of the feeding time.

For example, if you feed your tetra two o three times a day, then reduce it to two times a day to see if it affects the belly fat.

Give your tetra nutritional food and avoid food that may contribute to gaining belly fat. Food that rich in protein is good for the neon tetra fish.

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Is neon tetra pregnant?

The neon tetra could get pregnant. Neon tetras lay the eggs at the bottom of the tank and allow the male to fertilize them. If the female has an enlarged belly, then neon tetra might be ready to lay the eggs.

Is neon tetra pregnant

Another reason for the large belly size could be the excess amount of food. When you put the food in the tank, the fish likely eat as much as possible. However, it is seen that sometimes the neon tetra eats more than what they need.

As a result, the fish gain weight quickly. Significantly, the food consumption of females is high compared to male tetra fish.

The fat is stored in the belly so that you will notice the neon tetra grain the weight near the abdomen, and the size of the stomach grows than their average size.

There four ways you can determine whether the tetra is pregnant and going to lay the eggs.

1) Gender

The first thing you have to identify is whether the tetra is male or female. When male tetra fish gain weight, then it is a sign of health issues or overfeeding. Both the reason causes the male tetra to grow their belly fat. The swelling at the belly makes the male tetra look overweight.

Females often gain weight, and it is normal. The female tetra who is going to lay eggs may also have a large size belly.

Moderate the behavior of the female neon tetra. If the fish is not eating, then she might be having some severe health issues. Separate her into the new tank and start treatment. Give her space to recover faster.

2) Swelling

The health problem causes belly swelling. First, check the girth of the fish to see if the belly is enlarged. The egg-laying fish generally have a large size belly which may look like a swelling.

However, if the fish carries the eggs, then fish usually slow down and stay away from the male tetra.

3) Courting Behavior

Another way to find female health is to see the courting behaviors of the fish. If the male exhibits courting behaviors, then it is a sign that the fish is trying to attract each other for mating some unusable behavior such as swimming in the square pattern, jerking back and forth, etc.

4) Arrival of the fry

The fish might be preparing for the baby. The little fish may come anytime soon.  Mother fish might have started laying the eggs.

Check the bottom of the tank. You may find the eggs laid on the rocks or behind the plants. Also, you can see the male may start interacting with the eggs.

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Is neon tetra sick?

The neon tetra may develop health conditions due to various diseases. The microsporidian parasites cause the infection. The systems of the disease are degenerative. They start with a mild effect and progress over time and become a more severe health issue.

When the neon tetra is going through health problems, it will start behavior unusual. For example, tetra will stop eating food.

Also, you will see the fish stays at the bottom of the time, resting most of the time. If you find such a change in the neon tetra, you should take some action to recover her from the health issue.

Change the water and replace it with fresh water, provide protein-rich food, moderate the temperature.

In most of the case, the water condition is the primary cause of the health problem. If the tetra has a parasite in her body, it needs to develop a robust immune system to prevent her from going through severe conditions.

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Is neon tetra dropsy?

It would help if you first verified few things before you conclude. If the neon tetra is going to lay eggs, then they might have a large size belly that appears dropsy. If you have the only male in the tank, then control the food. Overfeeding also causes the neon tetra to become overweight.

If nothing seems normal, then the neon tetra might be going through serious health problems. Use antibiotics to prevent the diseases from spreading in another fish. In many cases, the problem may get resolve with antibiotics.

Generally, the parasites cause health issues in the neon tetra. Therefore, use the right food and do not overfeed the fish.

Sometimes the overweight problem also makes the fish develop different kinds of health problems. However, by feeding the nutritional food, the fish keep their immune system strong and allow them to stay healthy.

Final word:

Any health condition would have a severe impact on the behavior of the tetra. For example, if the fish stop eating daily food, it is clear that they have developed some health problem that makes them stressed.

Consult with the veteran to find what causes the fish to behave abnormally. They will help you to find the right solution.

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