What guppies can live with turtles?

Turtles always like to eat small fish when they swim here and there. It is the nature of turtles, so it is hard to live fish with turtles.

What guppies can live with turtles? Turtles eat all kinds of fish, so you should keep your guppies separately away from the turtles. If the turtle’s mouth is bigger than your guppy’s fish, then he will tend to eat your guppies.

However, if the tank is big enough to provide a hiding place around the plants and rocks, there are chances the Guppies will survive.

But it would not guarantee that Turtle will not eat them. So it would help if you had a different place for turtles and guppies.

What guppies can live with turtles?

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How do you keep turtles with fish? Best tips

There are ways to keep turtles and fish in the same water tank. However, you might have some arrangement to provide sufficient space for both species.

The below-given guide will help you learn more about both the species’ habitats and how you can keep them in the same place without disturbing their natural environment.

#1) Hiding Place

The fish requires a hiding place. When you keep the turtle in the water with the fish, the fish will see the turtle as the predator. 

They will be scared and may run here and there to survive. If the tank doesn’t have sufficient space to hide, the Guppies may be stressed out, and they will fall sick. 

Use different plants and rocks or anything that provide them a proper hiding place. This way, they will be able to control their instincts.

#2) Plenty of space

You need a big tank if you want to keep guppies and turtles in the same tank. Remember that the turtle will eat the guppies if they come in contact with them. 

Even turtle eats the big size fish piece by piece. So the better way is to avoid the turtle and fish come closer and make them live separately at a distance. 

Give turtle a space to dwell in the water. You can have a floating surface on which the turtle will stay and avoid diving down to the bottom.

#3) Feed them on time

Turtles need a sufficient amount of food during the day to keep themselves calm. 

So feed them at the right time and offer them plenty of time to consume the food. Do not make them angry or avoid playing with them. 

They are very peaceful when they have plenty of food in their belly. Once they get sufficient food, they stay at one place without needing to move. 

This way, your guppies would be safe in the tank. Fish eat each other then they are hungry.

The method is also used when the shark and fish are kept in the same tank. 

If the shark does not get sufficient food, they attack the small fish. Set a routine to feed the turtle adequately. 

Over time, the turtle will develop a sense of the feeding time, and they would expect the food every day while keeping them away from the guppies.

#4) Speed

Using the fish’s speed would help them survive longer when the turtle is around. Turtles are slow, and they would not react immediately. 

If you put the fish with fancy tails, they will have a hard time swimming around the turtle. 

It would be easy food for the turtle, and they will eat the fishtail first, making them slow down in the water. 

If you are willing to put the turtle in the same fish tank, you should have the fish swimming faster in the water.

#5) Water Condition

It has been observed that the bad water condition stressed the fish, and they start behaving strangely. 

This makes them an easy target, and your turtle would enjoy the meal. Keep the water in the right condition.

 It should be clean to improve visibility under the water, so your fish knows what is around them.

If the turtle is hiding under the water and water is filled with particles, it would be difficult for the fish to decide what is there around them. 

The Turtle would take advantage of the dirty water, and they will eat the fish that come close to them. Use the filtration process to clean the water and remove the particles.

Best tips to keep turtles with guppy fish

Can you put turtles and guppy fish in the same tank?

Yes. Turtle and fish can live in the same tank together, providing you have the right condition in the tank. You need sufficient space in the tank giving both the species space to roam around in the water. 

The large enough tank to accommodate both the turtle and fish would make the aquarium a great place to live.

The filtration process must be strong enough to handle the turtle’s load and fish in the tank.

The slow filtration may reduce the water quality and make the water look dirty in just a few days. 

They may stress out the fish, and they may die early. Therefore, you should have a proper maintenance plan to keep the water in the right condition.

Another important factor that you need to consider has the proper hiding place for the fish. The hiding place makes the fish stay calm. 

Whenever they detect any predator around them or any vibration in the water, they hide behind the plant or the rocks.

You can comfortably put the mud and musk turtles with the fish. They do not eat the fish. The only time they prefer eating fish when they are so hungry. 

If you regularly maintain their feeding time, they will stay calm, and your fish will stay safe.

Moreover, the intelligent and speedy fish would be best for the tank where there is a turtle. The turtle does not attack the fish. 

Normally, they eat a small part of the fish, such as the tail of the fish. Speed will allow the fish to react quickly and move in a safe place.

Please do not put the fish that naturally attack the turtle or injure them to kill. The water situation will become hostile, and you will not find the reason for it.

Can you put turtles and fish together

Which types of pet turtles stay small for a fish tank?

Several turtle species stay small in size throughout their life journey. Here is the list of the turtle s that you can keep with the fish.

1) Mississippi Mud Turtle: The Mississippi Mud Turtle reaches a maximum length of 4 inches. They are small size freshwater turtle comfortably stays in the small tank.

2) Bog Turtle: The Bog Turtle is the best choice if you want to have the fish with the turtle in the same tank. They reach lengths of 3 to 4 inches.

3) Common Musk Turtle: The Common Musk Turtle can reach a length of 2 to 4.5 inches in size in few years.

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