Why are my guppies not breeding?

Water conditions can prevent guppies from reproducing in your fish tank since they don’t breed in poor water conditions.

Why are my guppies not breeding? The guppies breed when they are in the right water condition. People make the most common mistake because they put all the female or male guppies together, thinking they are pairs. Identifying the male and female is an essential process.

my guppies not breeding?

Like any other species, guppies need the right partner to breed. Another reason why your guppies are not breeding is they are too old, or one of the partners has reached old age.

Due to that, they will not mate, and you will not have babies. Moreover, it would be best to have plenty of plants in the fish tank to provide a hiding place for the newborn babies.

Babies are easy targets to large size fish. They will eat babies as soon as they are born. Make sufficient space in the tank to protect the newborn babies.

You would see a lot of the babies are hiding behind the rocks and plants. If possible, move the babies in a separate fish tank, allowing them to grow.

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How do I encourage my guppies to breed?

You can set your tank full of various plants to hide babies. When the pregnant guppy feels she has a safe area to give birth to babies, she always mates with the male guppy.

Do not forget to set the temperature to around 75-82 degrees Fahrenheit (24.50 to 26.50 C) while the females and males guppies are in the fish tank together.

How do I encourage my guppies to breed?

Here is the step by step guide to breeding the guppies

#1) Select the fish:

When you decide the breed the fish. If you have a particular choice that you want in the tail color, then choose the male and female whose tail pattern and color match your need.

Male and female tail patterns and colors will be fry in the newborn babies. Guppies kept in the group would fry different color guppies.

You will see mixers of all types of colors in the babies. The method applies to the fin shape as well. The larger fin male and female will fry babies with large fins.

#2) Number of fish:

You may have to put two males and three to four guppies for the breeding. The single pair may get stressed out alone in the tank.

When the male guppies are kept alone with the female, they become aggressive in chasing the female.

When there are more female guppies, compared to the male, the male guppies’ attention is split between the female guppies making less stress on the one female guppy.

#3) Breeding Tank:

You should have sufficient space in the breeding tank. Guppies would need more space to swim around in the tank.

When the water condition is suitable, they breed comfortably and produce babies. Have continuous oxygen supply with the fresh water in the tank.

The filtration process should be gentle to prevent the babies from getting suck into the bottom of the filter.

Also, add more hiding space such as plants, rocks, and other decorative stuff. The babies would get eaten by the big fish. Sometimes guppies eat their babies if they are hungry.

You should have a proper setup to make the hidden from the other guppies in the tank.

If possible, remove the babies from the tank as soon as possible to prevent them from getting eaten by other fish.

#4) Temperature control:

Set the right temperature to make the fish enjoy their environment. The heated water reduces the oxygen level in the water.

Guppies would have difficulty consuming the oxygen in the water. You should use the temperature control device or change the water regularly to keep the control temperature.

#5) Healthy Food:

Guppies would need food with a high nutritional value. To provide the right breeding space to the guppies, they must get sufficient food in time.

When they are happy, they become more active inbreeding, resulting in a faster breeding process. Purchase food that supports healthy breeding.

#6) Birth period:

Generally, the guppy’s birth period is 26 to 31 days. When your female guppy is ready to give birth to the babies, they will have a dark spot at the lower end of their fins.

Their stomach also becomes large, and her gravid spot will be visible with deep dark black color.
Remember that the guppies will give babies, not the eggs.

When the guppies are about to provide babies, you should stay there to collect the babies from the tank.

The female guppies may eat their babies if they find them in the tank as soon as they come on the surface and start swimming.

#7) Remove the female from the tank:

Once the female has given birth to all the baby guppies, you can remove them from the tank.

Move them with the other guppies where they can stay calm. Guppies babies would survive independently, so they do not require their mother around for their protection.

The baby guppies would start eating the normal fish food that you throw at them. Provide them nutritional food to grow them faster.

how to select male guppy for breeding

What time of day do guppies usually give birth?

You cannot tell what the female guppies will start giving birth to fry. The guppies give babies when they are ready. Generally, it takes 4 to 6 hours to complete the birth process. It can give birth to 2 to 50 guppies in one birth process. Therefore, some guppies may give birth in the day as well.

Why won’t my guppies give birth?

When fish are stressed, they avoid mating with their partner. The bad water condition, less oxygen in the water, or scared situation in the water is some of the reasons why guppies stay away from breeding.

It would be best if you created an appropriate condition in the tank to allow your guppies to keep calm.

Check the water condition regularly. The changing water temperature day and night also stresses out the guppies.

You should have a temperature detection and control device in the water to collect more data on the changing water temperature.

Regularly replace a small portion of the water from the tank with freshwater. Reduce the flow of the water if it ripples in the water. Sometimes unnatural condition in the tank also scares the guppies.

Final verdict

Guppies are the most popular fish in the category. They come in beautiful colors, cute faces, and small size.

It is the most suitable fish breed for the fish tank kept in the home. Guppies would enhance the beauty of your aquarium.

Their tail will shine with bright colors. Furthermore, you can breed the guppies at home and increase the number throughout the years.

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