Can guppy live without an eye? [5 Amazing Facts]

The fisheye can lose due to many reasons. It is not easy to live fish without an eye in the fish tank. If you can arrange a special tank for an injured guppy, it will be easy to take care of it.

Can guppy live without an eye? A Guppy fish can live without an eye in the fish tank. This could not be possible in the wild. Without the eye, the fish will not see the predators. Hence, they will not be able to hide or find a way to keep themselves safe.

The eye is critical if you put them in the middle of predator fish.  

Can guppy live without an eye?

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What happens if a guppy fish loses an eye?

Guppy fish who lost their eye may survive without an eye in the fish tank. Fish have a magical ability to heal the body from various damage. Unless the fish dealing with the underlying disease problem, the fish can survive and recover from the issue soon.

The fish can recover from the lost eye when you offer them healthy food and a safe environment that improves their overall habitat.

If the eye is completely gone, the scar tissues will soon fill the area. In few weeks, you will see new tissue development at the place of the missing eye.

Can guppy fish survive without eyes from predators?

The simple answer to this question is no. The eye is a vital part of the fish. Without this, the fish may survive in the habitat where they are placed alone or with few companion fish, but the fish will not protect themselves when it comes to having close interaction with the predators.

The wild habitat is dangerous for any fish. The fish have to find a way to keep themselves safe and far away from predators. Their survival is entirely depending on their vision. If the fish cannot see the predator, they will automatically develop a high level of stress.

Any shift in the water will make them anxious. It will damage brain health, and eventually, the fish will die from a high amount of stress.

When guppies are under stress, they stop eating. The guppy without an eye will not try to take any chance to move around and stay in the corner all the time. Fish will stop eating, and they will not react to any activities happening around them.

So, in short, the guppy fish will not survive without an eye when the predator is around. Not having an eye on the guppies gives the additional advantage to the predator.

They will be able to attack the guppies without needing much effort. The guppies without eyes would be an easy target from them.


Can my guppy fish find food without his eye?

Guppy fish with the missing eye would start using their other sense to know their habitat. The movement in the water, changes in the water temperature, activities are happening around them,

hearing and smell. When you put the food into the tank, the parts of food dissolve in the water and spread the smell in the water.

Can my guppy fish find food without his eye?

The smell of the food will alert the guppy to reach the place where the food is dropped. Guppy will use their other sense to find the food and have them.

Guppies are always searching at the bottom of the tank for the food. They will find the food that tanks down after the food is placed in the tank. In some way or other, the guppy with no eye would see a sufficient amount of food to survive.

Can a blind guppy live in a pond?

These are two factors that determine whether your guppy survive when they are blind, one is the food supply. If the guppy is not able to find sufficient food in the pond, they will die soon.

In addition, the large size pond would make the guppy roam around the water burning more calories in the process.

Blind guppy will not be able to see the food place in the water also if they reach the food, it will be difficult for them to smell the food fragrance because of the muddy pond water. So, as a result, they will not be able to eat the food.

Another reason is the presence of the predator. If the pond has a predator, it will be challenging to keep them safe. The predator would have full advantage of attacking the blind guppy. The guppy will get eaten by them as soon as you put them in the pond surrounded by the predator.

So you have to consider few things before you put the blind guppy in the pond. Blind guppies can survive only in the water, where you can moderate them closely and offer them a safe environment.

Even their companion guppy fish take advantage of the blind guppy and start eating their tails, making the blind guppy sick.


What type of fish can I place with blind guppy?

It would be best if you were very careful when you put any other fish in the tank with the blind guppy. The fish may have a very fearful state of mind when they cannot see. In addition, any slight shift in the water can also make the fear about the surrounding.

What type of fish can I place with blind guppy?

Additionally, the consistent change in the environment makes them feel afraid, and the fish will develop a high level of stress which could result in severe health problems. The blind guppy will not be able to identify the fish around them with their senses.

They will consider every passing fish as their predator, so they try to move away from them quickly. Unfortunately, they may bump into other fish or the plants placed in the tank while doing that. It will damage their health.

Hence, it would help if you considered putting less fish in the blind guppy tank. Give guppy free space to roam around.

If you are still willing to put some fish in the tank to offer them a companion, then these are some of the fish that may help the guppy to relax a bit and feel comfortable.

List of the fish compatible with the guppy fish

  1. Swordtails
  2. Platies
  3. Honey Gouramis
  4. Harlequin Rasboras
  5. Cardinal Tetra
  6. Bristlenose Pleco
  7. Otocinclus Catfish
  8. Nerite Snails
  9. Kuhli Loach
  10. Mollies
  11. Red Cherry Shrimp
  12. Crystal Red Shrimp
  13. Amano Shrimp
  14. African Dwarf Frog
  15. Cory Catfish

Guppy with no eye would not survive long without special arrangements. Create a suitable environment around them and offer them free space with sufficient food.

They should get the right amount of food to survive. So ensure that there are not many decorative plants in the tank. The fish may not be able to see the plant and often bump into them. The impact may injure them and develop serious health issues.

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