Why is my neon tetra bent?

Why is my neon tetra bent? The most common reason for the bent or curved spine of the Neon tetra fish is the infection caused by the gram-positive mycobacterium known as the Mycobacterium Marinum or M.Fortuitum. There are several other names for this disease.

It is referred to as fish tuberculosis, piscine tuberculosis, or acid-fast disease in some countries. 

Why is my neon tetra bent?

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Can guppies get tetra bent disease?

Yes. The guppies get tetra bent disease. However, the study shows that the condition has don’t become hostile until more fish get infected. It is a somewhat rare situation where guppies can get the diseases to come in each other’s contact.

The tetra bent disease is a rare medical condition in the fish that doesn’t have any medical treatment yet. 

When you detect bent disease in any fish, you should immediately separate them and keep them aside from the group. 

The fish that got the bent disease will suffer until they die, and there is a high chance of until they survive in the water, infecting the other fish. 

Luckily the fish diseases are limited to the spread in the same genes of the fish. They do not spread in the other type of genes or the human. 

How can you tell if a tetra is stressed?

There will be several reasons why Tetra feels stressed and unsafe in the surrounding environment. You can find the condition of the tetra by observing the following symptoms.

How can you tell if a tetra is stressed?

#Grasping at the water surface:

The fish’s most common activity is staying at the surface of the water. Fish are a very sensitive species. 

They keep themselves away from predators and exposure to the environment. The only reason why they decide to move to the surface is the bad water condition. 

If there is a lack of oxygen in the water, the fish find it hard to breathe underwater.

They left with no choice than coming to the surface to grasp the new oxygen molecule from the air. 

Poor water conditions would result in stress in the Tetra. 

Suppose you find such activities happing in the fish tank, the immediate action the oxygen pump and let the oxygen reach the water and the Tetra for breathing comfortably. 

Oxygen is essential for keeping your Tetra in good health. Humans survive depending on oxygen, and the fish also need a sufficient amount of oxygen to survive. 


Another condition that makes the Tetra obtain stress is the appetite. Fish avoid eating when they feel unsafe or stressed in the environment. 

You should observe the amount of food each Tetra consumes. Generally, when the Tetra is kept in the group, you can easily notice the eating habit change. 

All of them suddenly will stop eating food. 

This is the situation where they find themselves existed and not able to live their life comfortably. 

So you should see what makes them stressed. It can be water, surrounding noise, or any vibration that gets a transfer to the water. 

The fish body is built on good vibration receptors. They can sense the small vibration in the water from a mile away. 

Therefore, check your surrounding condition and remove everything that can cause the vibration in the water. 


Treating disease found in the fish is very hard. There are very few medical treatments available to protect the fish from getting the disease. 

Generally, the Tetra fish’s high-stress level can be observed with the high sport on their skin. 

If you detect any visible change on the skin of Tetra, it is a sign of the disease in the body, causing damage to the core function of the body. 

You can immediately consult with the veterinarian about the possible treatments.

They will help you with the treatment and prevent the disease from spreading in the other fish.

#Strange Activity:

When fish is ill or stressed, they often behave strangely. You will be noticed their odd swimming patterns. 

They will look afraid of something. Even some fish try to jump from the water, thinking they will find the way out. 

Suppose you detect unusual activity in the Tetra fish, such as frequently crashing in the bottom of the tank, rubbing on the side of the glass or rocks, locking fins. 

This is the sign of a high-stress level in the fish. The reason for their unusual activity can be many.

They might have developed some diseases which making their brain behave peculiarly. 

How to treat neon tetra curved disease?

There is no known solution in medical treatment to treat the neon tetras curved disease. It is a rare form of the disease that cause in a bad water environment or the water condition. The actual reason for the disease is unknown. 

How to treat neon tetra curved disease?

The only way to treat the disease is to immediately remove the fish which ill from the group before it infects the other fish. 

Remove them from the tank and keep them aside. Also, fish eat the dead fish, so before the fish die to separate them else, the disease will spread in other fish, and you may be lost all of them. 

How to Prevent Neon Tetra Disease?

The first thing that you need to consider when buying the fish is checking the fish’s health condition. Do not purchase the sick fish. Often one sick fish causes the disease to spread in the other fish, and you see many fish that came into contact with the sick fish has died. 

Check the condition of the water every day. See if any fish look sick. If you find one, remove it immediately and keep it in a separate tank until it recovers. 

There is no cure for the disease. You can only prevent the diseases from spreading and save as many fish as you can. 

Once the fish dies, the other fish would try to eat the diet fish. Please do not allow them to eat diet fish.

It may spread the diseases, and you may lose all of them in a few days.

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