Can a dwarf puffer live with a betta?

It would be best if you think twice before adding these two fish together in your fish tank.

Can a dwarf puffer live with a betta? No, the dwarf puffer is not a suitable companion for betta fish. They both are dominant fish and do not like each other company. Betta fish eats the tail of the dwarf, which may stress out the fish and develop serious health problems.

Can a dwarf puffer live with a betta?

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What to do if your Betta is chasing dwarf puffer?

Fish generally hate each other when they are not comfortable sharing space dominating fish such as betta would start attacking the other fish, in your case, the Dwarf puffer, to eat their fins or tail when they are hungry.

You should have proper arrangements in the fish tank if you want betta to stay calm and not attack the dwarf puffer.

Best ways you can protect the dwarf puffer from betta fish.

1) Hiding space

Hiding space would allow the dwarf puffer to stay protected from betta. Also, the fish will have less contact with betta making them feel comfortable. 

Do not stuff too many fish in the small tank. Have sufficient space in the tank, so every fish will have their territory to wander around in the tank.

2) Use a net to separate

If you are willing to keep two breeds of fish in a single tank that is not compatible with each other, then use the fishnet to build a partition in the tank. Both the breed will have their own space to wander around, and they are protected from each other.

3) Separate from passive fish

Betta is known as active fish that generally attach to passive fish. In this case, the dwarf puffer is passive fish that is primarily calm and relax. Do not keep these two breeds together in a single tank. Separate them into another tank, so they do not harm each other.

4) Move aggressive fish

Not all betta fish are the same. If you find any aggressive betta in the aquarium, move it to a separate fish tank. Some aggressive fish attach to the other fish and try to reach their tail or fins. It would be difficult for the passive fish to survive.

5) Feed fish on time

Fish generally become aggressive when they do not receive a sufficient amount of food. For survival, they start attacking each other and secure their territory. Thus, providing enough food to the betta would mitigate the problem on a large scale.

What Size Tank Is Best to Keeping dwarf puffer With a Betta?

The minimum size of the tank should be 10 gallons. The fish would need sufficient space to roam around and swim in the decorative. However, the size of the tank is not fixed. You should decide the length based on the population of the fish.

What Size Tank Is Best to Keeping dwarf puffer With a Betta?

Ensure that every single fish get sufficient space to wander around. It should feel congested; otherwise, the fish will get stressed out, and you will encounter dominating fish attacking the passing fish.

Try to offer the fish the best habitat surrounded by good decoratives, hiding places, and plants. Experts recommend having at least 20 to 30-gallon tanks for the dwarf puffer and betta fish aquarium to have sufficient space for each community.

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Can dwarf puffer Eat Betta Food?

The dwarf puffer is the predatory fish that eat anything they find in the tank. They will eat the betta food if they have no other choice. Generally, the dwarf puffer prefers live food.

In their natural habitat, they eat snails, shellfish, crustaceans, and even other small fish. So you can feed them betta food.

The fish might ignore the food in the first interaction, but they will be happy to eat the betta food as they taste the food.

Can betta fish kill dwarf puffer?

Can betta fish kill dwarf puffer?

Yes. Both fish have considered aggressive and may not be suitable companions for the aquarium. Generally, the dwarf puffer is known for its attacking ability as they are carnivorous fish category and may love to eat the small fish.

But betta also can become a dominating player in this case and start eating the fins and tail of the dwarf puffer slowly. Betta may stress out the dwarf puffer and make them anxious. If you are not keeping an eye on them, the dwarf puffer may die eventually.

How Many dwarf puffers Can You Keep with Your Betta?

Depending on the requirement and size of the aquarium, you can decide the number of dwarf puffers with the betta fish. Ensure that they do not outrank each other else; there will be a fight between them, and one will dominate the tank. 

So give both the fish sufficient area to swim in the tank.  

You can use comfortable put six to eight dwarf puffers in a 20-gallon aquarium with the betta fish. If possible, have a female-only tank to avoid clashes between both the fish breed.

The male betta is generally aggressive which tries to attach the dwarf puffer.

What temperature do betta and dwarf pufferfish need?

Water temperature is going to be a vital factor in keeping both the fish calm and healthy. Thus, you should control the temperature and monitor it regularly to meet the requirement of the fish. Freshwater dwarf puffers need a pH level between 7.0 to 7.6. 

Water temperature should be between 74 degrees to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are putting the betta in the tank, then choose only freshwater dwarf puffer. 

The dwarf puffer is primarily found in the salt water, so they might not survive longer if you put them in the freshwater with betta fish.

On the other hand, saltwater will not be suitable for the betta fish. They will die if the saltwater is too harsh for them. Use saltwater only to prevent diseases.

Final Verdict

Dwarf puffers need special care when they are kept in the freshwater with the other fish. Betta might become a good companion if you maintain the water condition and offer them food on time.

The fish may become aggressive and attack each other when things are not going well in the aquarium, such as temperature changes, high pH levels, etc. 

Anything that stresses the fish would be harmful to the fish. So maintain the aquarium in suitable condition for both the breed and let them live happily in the tank.

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