Can you Keep Kribs with a betta?

Can you Keep Kribs with a betta? It is possible to place Kribs and betta together if you can offer them sufficient swimming space. Kribs becomes aggressive during their breeding period. Territorial fights may often be if you put them with a betta.

Can you Keep Kribs with a betta?

So if you do not have any other option, then only go with this combination. 

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What to do if your betta is Chasing Kribensis?

There are few reasons why betta chases Kribensis.

  • The tank size is too small, which makes the fish come close to each other more often.
  • Territory dispute in the fish makes the fight.
  • Limited food supply threatens them.
  • Changing water conditions makes the fish develop anxiety. Thus they become aggressive.
  • Betta males try to dominate the water; hence they want other fish to stay away from their community.

The only way to calm the betta is to avoid all the problems and offer them sufficient space to stay near their community. Too many fish in small tanks could make each other pass by more frequently during the breeding period. 

The male betta tries to keep any other or fish away from the female. They will become aggressive and start attacking any fish that comes near the fish.

Here are a few things that you can do to keep the betta calm and stay away from the Kribensis.

  • Control the water condition such as temperature, pH level, oxygen supply, and nutrition. Use the digital device to trace the element in the water. An increase or decreasing temperature could cause the fish to develop stress. 
  • Limit the number of fish in the tank. Too many fish in the small tank would have difficulty in sharing the space. Like any other animal, fish also fight for the territory. Give them ample room to avoid facing each other more often and stay in their region.
  • Food supply should be managed efficiently. Instead of placing the food once or twice a day, you should provide the food every 2 hours of interval. Use the automated dispenser to control the food supply. When the fish have enough food to eat, they will stay calm and not bother about other fish moving around them. 
  • Reduce the number of males in the tank. The ratio of the female and males in the tank should be 2:1. Have more females than males, so they have a partner to engage with and breed. When there are more males than females, the male generally ends up fighting to get the female. Betta fish will attack male Kribensis if they find they are approaching the female more often.

What Size Tank is best for bettas with Kribensis?

It is recommended to have a minimum 20 to 30 gallons tank for the pairs of Kribensis and bettas. Depending on the number of fish in the tank, you can decide to increase the water capacity. 

What Size Tank is best for bettas with Kribensis?

Remember that the fish lives in the group, so you should put betta and Kribensis in groups of 4 to 5 fish together.

If you have more decorative, live plants, then have a tank that size around 100 gallons. Provide extra space for both groups so that they live happily together. 

Can bettas eat Kribensis food?

Betta and Kribensis are both Omnioroous species. They can share the food comfortably. Flakes, palets, and frozen brine shrimp can be offered to them to fulfill daily nutrition needs. Freshly hatched brine shrimps and daphnia mosquito larva would offer them needed protein to speed up the growth. 

Mix the diet with live food and storage food so that fish will have varieties in the food, and they will not get bored with the same kind of food.

Bloodworms and even vegetables can be served to the fish. Zucchini would be the perfect vegetable for the fish, providing the essential nutrition and protein to the fish. It will enhance the health and offer the fish the right amount of appetite to survive.

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Can bettas kill Kribensis?

Betta and Kribensis both become aggressive when the condition in the tank is lethal for them. Also, territorial disputes cause both the fish to attack each other. Betta dominating the tank could have a severe impact on the Kribensis. 

Can bettas kill Kribensis?

Betta may not kill the Kribensis with a direct attack. Instead of that, betta starts attacking the fins and tail of the Kribensis. The fish will nibble the fish slowly and make them difficult to swim. Without the fins, the fish will have trouble surviving

Also, the betta fish chase the Kribensis and make the stress out. When there is no option for the Kribensis, they will stop eating the food due to anxiety and slowly die. 

If you plan to keep betta with the Kribensis, ensure that you have a large tank with ample space to make them enjoy the territory. Both fish safeguard their habitat, so they may often get into a fight if any one of them crosses the region.

How many bettas can you keep with your Kribensis?

The 30 to 40-gallon tank is perfect for breeding pairs. In the case of the community, you should have a tank size of 50 gallons or more. Ensure that there is sufficient space for fish to swim.

Both will require ample room in the tank to explore the territory. Close small size tank may make the anxious and get into a territorial dispute. 

Also, reduce the number of males in the tank. Put the females and males in the ratio of 2 to 1. More males could enter into the fight for the female and hurt each other.

What temperature bettas and Kribensis need?

Control the temperature regularly. Both betta and Kribensis can survive in the 75 to 77 F (24 to 25 C).

However, the betta and Kribensis are immune to staying in the changing water condition; still managing the water to a suitable temperature is vital to keep the fish healthy. 

Also, when the water condition changes, the fish health will be affected. Fish generally develop anxiety, and it is concerned with their immune system. So take care of the water condition wisely and keep your fish in good health.

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