Can betta fish live with peacock gudgeon?

Peacock gudgeon comes in different sizes.

Can betta fish live with peacock gudgeon? As long as the peacock gudgeon is not too small, they can survive with the betta fish. Make sufficient hiding spaces in the tank because the betta may start chasing them and bother the peacock gudgeon more often when they face each other.

Can betta fish live with peacock gudgeon?

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What to do if your betta is chasing peacock gudgeon?

There are many ways you can control betta and restrict them from chasing other fish. Follow the below guidelines to prevent the betta fish. Know the reasons behind the chase to apply the right solution.

1) Find the reason why the betta is feeling stressed.

2) Changing water temperature.

3) Food shortage.

4) Low oxygen level.

5) Increase in pH level.

6) Less hiding space.

7) Male of other fish chasing female bettas.

8) Non-compatible fish in the same tank.

Check all these aspects to ensure none of them is bothering the betta fish. It is one of the factors that cause the betta to chase the peacock gudgeon.

If you manage to create a suitable environment for the betta, the fish will stay calm, and the aquarium will look amazing when both the fish live happily.

What Size Tank is best to betta with peacock gudgeon?

It is recommended to house the betta and peacock gudgeon fish in a minimum of 15 gallons of water. The size of the aquarium should be determined based on the size of the fish. The small size betta and peacock gudgeon fish could live in the small tank as well.

It would be best if you found a way to safeguard their interest. The small tank may cause them to develop stress. If you cannot protect their interest and provide them sufficient space to swim, the betta will become aggressive and attack the other fish in the tank.

Both the fish betta and peacock gudgeon are agile by nature, and they would love to have more space around them to swim.

If you cannot provide them swimming space with proper hiding space, the fish will severely impact their health. A densely planted tank would also restrict the movement of the fish. Balance the condition in the aquarium to create natural habitat.

Can betta fish eat peacock gudgeon food?

Most of the peacock gudgeon fish diet is similar to the betta food. Thus, you can comfortably serve the peacock gudgeon food to the betta fish.

However, the peacock gudgeon fish is quite picky about their food type. They generally look for live food such as larvae, insects, and tiny critters found in the wild. Most of the diet is protein-rich.

The aquarist who houses the peacock gudgeon fish in the aquarium serves the frozen food as well. Provide high-quality dried food to the peacock gudgeon fish.

In contrast, betta will eat any food live as well as frozen. Betta is not choosey about the food, and they look for safe and natural food rich in protein and suits their appetite.

Can betta kill peacock gudgeon?

Yes. There are high chances that betta will kill the peacock gudgeon fish if they are not kept in the protected environment, and the betta will start tearing down the peacock gudgeon fish in pieces.

Can betta kill peacock gudgeon?

It will cause severe damage to the peacock gudgeon fish, and eventually, the fish will die. After the peacock gudgeon is dead, the betta will start eating them piece by piece.

How many peacock gudgeons can you keep with your betta?

Betta and peacock gudgeons fish are both live in the communities. If they are kept allowed in the tank, they will develop stress, and the Aquarist generally keeps them in the group.

Single pairing is also possible; however, you should consider a large size tank. Make the group of 6 to 8 fish and choose a large tank so both the fish would have sufficient space to survive.

Please keep them in moderated condition until they become familiar with the space in the tank. Also, close observation will allow you to find out the aggressive fish, which may need to be kept separately.

When the fish are kept in the group, there are high chances that one or two fish would show aggression on other fish in the tank. If you face a similar problem with the immediate effect, remove the fish from the tank and move them aside.

What temperature do betta and peacock gudgeon need?

When housing betta and peacock gudgeon fish together, control the water temperature between 72°F to 79°F (22.2-26.1°C). Additionally, maintain the nitrate levels at the lowest possible condition.

The nitrate develops several health issues in the tank.

Also, as the nitrate level rises in the tank, the fish are stressed out and may die. Hence, use the water condition observation tools to ensure everything is found with the aquarium, and your fish has suitable water conditions.

Can peacock gudgeon live with female bettas?

Peacock gudgeon fish would be a perfect companion for the female betta. Female betta gel with the peacock gudgeon quickly than other fish.

Can peacock gudgeon live with female bettas?

They are shy and do not bother what other fish are looking at. They lack the fighting instinct, which makes them calm. In contrast, the male betta possesses territorial instincts.

The betta females look for abounding with their partner and produce fry. However, that doesn’t mean the betta will never attack the other fish.

The family betta will also be one of the aggressive fish in the tank if the situation becomes hostile.

They also attack the other fish and start making them uncomfortable.

The chances of the female betta becoming aggressive are lesser than the male betta; therefore, many aquarist conditions having more female betta in the tank with the peacock gudgeon to balance the equation and make them live a happy life.

You put them under observation for a few days whenever you decide to house female betta with the peacock gudgeon fish. In most cases, they live comfortably with other fish.

However, there is a possibility that things may not go as per the plan. If you see a female betta is trying to attack peacock gudgeon, immediately remove the betta from the tank and put them separately.

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