Can Clown Loaches Live With Betta?

Clown loaches and Betta are two of the most popular fish species to own. 

Can Clown Loaches Live With Betta? Yes. Clown loaches can live peacefully in the tank with betta fish without any problem. Make sure to buy proper sizes of clown loaches to make less fighting between betta and Clown Loches.

Can Clown Loaches Live With Betta?

Many people see clowns as happy, funny, and carefree creatures while seeing bettas as elegant, graceful, and exotic animals that love their company. 

It’s not that uncommon to have a betta and clown loaches in an aquarium together. These two fish species look great together. Clown loaches are relatively small compared to different types of catfish. 

While a larger clown can get as big as 8 inches and more than 4 pounds, the dwarf variety usually doesn’t grow more than 2 inches. 

Clown loches are smaller than 1 pound when fully grown. Bettas are one of the most popular tropical fish because of their beautiful fins and vibrantly colored bodies.

Bettas can be red, orange, yellow, black, or different combinations of these colors. Bettas are pretty hardy fish provided they get high-quality food consistently and their water is kept clean. 

They need a filter to keep the water in their tank clean because they can’t eat leftover food that’s floating in the water. It would help if you also fed your Betta live or frozen foods to get the nutrients they need to grow correctly.

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What To Do If Your Betta Is Chasing Clown Loaches?

Bettas chasing other fish are a natural behavior for them. Their first instinct when they feel threatened is to chase it away. They also do this to establish dominance over the territory. 

However, this can be very annoying if you have more vulnerable fish than the Betta. For example, clown loaches are bottom feeders and, as such, are vulnerable to bettas. 

This is because the latter is typically a predator of small fish. Therefore, there is a good chance that your Betta will chase the poor loach even when it isn’t hungry.

Fights between your fish could cause injuries and stress, which can worsen their health overall. To prevent chasing situations, you can keep two fishes in a separate tank for a while. 

Bettas will eventually get used to the other fish and constantly attack them. If your Betta is chasing them and they aren’t in a tank yet, you can put the clown loaches in a separate tank until the Betta gets used to them. 

Can Betta Fish Eat Clown Loaches Food?

If you have a betta fish, you might be wondering if your beautiful betta will eat Clown Loaches food. Do not worry, and you can feed your aquatic friend a variety of foods they will enjoy. 

Nutrition and diet are essential for any animal to stay healthy, especially true for these two fish species. Clown Loaches are very active fish that require a lot of food. Blood worms are another favorite meal for the Clown Loaches.

 Bettas food items involve worms, earthworms, brine shrimp pellets, and mosquito larvae. A variety of other foods can be used as a food item for both fishes. 

You can use branded products to keep them healthy. To bring variation in their food, you can serve them the frozen food items as snacks.

What Size Tank Is Best To Betta With Clown Loaches?

Deciding the water tank size is very challenging if you want to accommodate more than one fish in it. For example, if you are willing to accommodate Betta and clown loaches, you require a larger tank. 

In general, Betta and Clown Loaches need at least fifty-gallon of water tank or aquarium to live comfortably. 

In a fifty-gallon water tank, both of your fish would have enough space to hide, play, and swim. 

However, buying a tank would not do well for your fish until you maintain it properly. Try to clean and filter the water regularly to keep your fish healthy. 

Can Betta Fish Kill Clown Loaches?

No, not at all Betta can try to chase or harm the clown loaches in anger but would not try to kill your clown loaches. 

It is seen that Bettas chase or nip other fish with the help of their fins. But that too in anxiety. There could be other reasons for Betta’s anger too.

What Size Tank Is Best To Betta With Clown Loaches?

But most probably, if you would take care of the tank and manage the temperature and living conditions properly, they would be fine. 

If you’re thinking about getting a Betta fish, it’s essential to know what companions you can have with your Betta. 

Many people believe that the best tank mate for a Betta is the Clown Loach, but that’s not always true. It just depends on the size of both fish and how much room they need to swim and explore. 

But in general, Clown Loaches are an excellent choice for Bettas because they both require a similar level of care.

How Many Clown Loaches Can You Keep With Your Betta?

Te research shows that the clown loaches are fish that loves to live in groups. So it is advised that you keep at least two to three clown loaches fish with your Betta. 

It would be best to take care of the tank’s space while increasing the number of clown loche fishes in the betta tank. If you think you have a small fish tank for the clown loaches, buy a larger one for enough space. 

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What Temperature Does Betta And Clown Loaches Need?

For those considering buying a Betta or Clown loach for your aquarium, it is essential to know the temperature requirements for these two popular fish. 

Betta fish need a heated aquarium between 78 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit (26-28 degrees Celsius). This should be maintained at all times. 

What Temperature Does Betta And Clown Loaches Need?

While Clown loaches can survive in a range of temperatures from 68 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit (20-29 degrees Celsius), they do best around 73 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit (23-25 degrees Celsius).

 In general, it is best to avoid temperatures below 68 or above 84 degrees Fahrenheit (20-29 degrees Celsius) as these are the temperatures at which most fish die. 

However, aquariums also need to be heated for the health of your fish and for them to grow correctly. 

Failure in maintaining or regulating the water temperature can cause some harmful diseases in your fish. In addition, they can suffer from breathing problems because of low water temperature. 

Can Clown Loaches Live With Female Bettas?

Yes. They can be good tank mates of almost every fish, even the female bettas. If you talk about the temperament of clown loaches, then you would notice that they are peace lover fish.

There are several things compatibility and behavior of female Betta play an essential role in grouping them both. 

If you have owned the female bettas before, you would know about the challenges of petting a less-talented fish. But do not worry about the compatibility of the clown loaches with female betas.

 Give them the time they need to get along with each other. 

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