Can Betta fish live with blue lobster?

Blue lobster is a good tank mate for many fish, and you can place a few blue lobsters in your fish tank.

Can Betta fish live with blue lobster? Betta fish can live comfortably with the blue lobster until the water condition is suitable for both species. Also, consider having a large tank for the blue lobster because they will become big soon. 

Can Betta fish live with blue lobster?

Betta fish would be an easy target for the blue lobster when they both have a close encounter.

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What to do if your Betta is chasing blue lobster?

Betta could chase the blue lobster, thinking they could defeat the lobster in the fight. However, it would be best if you did not allow Betta to have close interaction. Blue lobsters can easily tear down the betta fish with their claws. 

Blue lobsters usually are peaceful and comfortably share the space with other species. But when they feel unsafe and afraid of the preditors, the blue lobster becomes aggressive. 

They start attacking anything that comes close to them. Their reaction time is rapid, giving them the advantage of having severe damage to the opponent and safeguarding their interest.

Betta chasing the blue lobster could end up in a deadly fight. The Probability of winning the Betta in the battle with the blue lobster is near to none. 

The blue lobster contains a thick layer of the surface that is strong like a rock, and Betta cannot penetrate the cover. Thus, you should keep the Betta away from the Blue lobster. 

Most of the blue lobster is covered with thick skin. Also, there are very few areas where Betta can attack, such as eyes. 

Hence, the betta fish could not damage the blue lobster, but they may get killed in the fight if the lobster attacks the Betta.

Here are a few things that you should consider when housing blue lobster with the betta fish.

  • Stop fighting for foods 

Food safety is essential for the betta fish; hence they reach close to the other species in the tank and start pushing them away when they see other species eat their food.

Entirely unaware of the strength of the other species, Betta would chase the blue lobster. Provide sufficient nutrition to the Betta to keep them relaxed.

  • Use live plants to provide more hiding space

Plantation in the aquarium provides hiding space for the blue lobster. Betta would not recognize the blue lobster in the tank so that the betta fish would have less chasing action.

Also, Betta would enjoy the surroundings. Use the live plant to create a natural habitat for the blue lobster.

  • Natural habitat

Train your Betta to live near the surface. If you put the floating plant in the aquarium, the Betta will stay at the top of the tank. Betta generally spends time near the surface around the densely packed live plant.

If you create the natural habitat for the Betta, they will not go at the bottom. In contrast, the blue lobster stays at the bottom of the tank.

What Size Tank is best for Betta with blue lobster?

The minimum tank size should be 30 gallons for housing betta fish with the blue lobster. The idea behind the large size tank is to keep both of them away from each other, and a small size tank could make them come close to each other more often and get into a fight. 

What Size Tank is best for Betta with blue lobster?

Thus, placing them in a large size tank provides them sufficient water to swim and stay relaxed. 

Can betta fish eat blue lobster food?

The blue lobster eats various types of aqua plants, dead fish and foliage, tiny snails, fish, and algae in the natural condition. In comparison, the betta fish could survive on the blue lobster food, and Betta fish can eat anything found in the aquarium that fits in their mouth. 

Betta also lives on the small fish they kill and then starts tearing them into pieces to eat them. 

Blue lobster eats anything they find in the aquarium, including the decaying flesh of animals. The fish that die in the aquarium could become the food for the blue lobster. 

The blue lobster looks for the food at the tank’s bottom and eats anything they find suitable to satisfy their appetite.

Can Betta kill a blue lobster?

There are zero possibilities that the betta fish would have severe damage to the blue lobster. Most of the blue lobster body is covered with a thick layer of metal-like structure, and it is tough to break this structure.

Whenever the blue lobster identifies the predators, they go into their shells and protect themselves from the attacker. Even the large size fish could not break the surface. 

How many blue lobsters can you keep with your Betta?

You can put 3 to 4 blue lobster with the Betta in the aquarium. The total number of fish in the tank should be determined based on the tank size. 

How many blue lobsters can you keep with your Betta?

A tank larger than 30 gallons of water could house 3 to 4 blue lobster and 5 to 6 betta fish in the tank. Ensure that the Betta gets sufficient space to swim in the aquarium. 

What temperature do Betta and blue lobster need?

The Betta and blue lobster can survive in the water temperature ranging from 78-80º F (s25. 5-26.5º C). Betta is more flexible when considering the water temperature, and they are comfortable adjusting to meet the surrounding condition.

Can blue lobster live with female bettas?

Yes. The female betta fish could be the perfect companion for the blue lobster. One factor that makes the female Betta excellent fish for housing the blue lobster is that they are calm and relaxed. 

Unlike the male betta fish, females live their life in their group and do not bother other fish in the tank. When a house with the blue lobster, the female Betta will stay away from them. Mostly, the female betta fish live near the surface. 

In opposite, the blue lobster will stay at the bottom of the tank, giving them plenty of space to explore the region and not bother each other. 

Also, food scarcity could not be an issue when both receive plenty of food. The food that reaches the bottom of the tank would become food for the lobster.

If you plan to house Betta with the blue lobster in the aquarium, get the female betta fish and put them in moderate water conditions.

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