Can betta fish live with white cloud minnows?

White cloud minnows are not aggressive fish, and they can quickly grow up freshwater.

Can betta fish live with white cloud minnows? White cloud minnows are a tropical region like betta. Fish survive at a temperature of 72ºF, and the condition is suitable for betta as well. Betta fish would perfect companion for the Cloud Minnows.

Can betta fish live with white cloud minnows?

Also, both are active fish, so they know how to protect themselves from each other.

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What to do if your betta is chasing white cloud minnow fish?

Chasing other fish is the everyday activity that every fish depict when they are kept in the community. There are different meanings behind chasing, so ensure that you observe their activities regularly.

Top solutions to deal with betta chasing cloud minnow fish

Water temperature

When things become hostile in the aquarium, the fish become ludicrous, and they attack other fish and try to clear the space around them. Water temperature plays a significant role in managing the insanity in the aquarium.

Control the temperature to the suitable condition. Chasing is one of the reactions that fish depicts when they find their survival is at stake.

Food safety

Food safety is another reason why the betta started bothering other fish. During the feeding time, the food you pour into the tank begins spreading in the tank. Also, the two different breeds of fish would come together at the same place to consume the food.

Rush to eat as much as possible when the food served makes the water hostile. Betta becomes aggressive when they see other fish is stealing their food.

Food safety needs to be managed wisely; otherwise, it will make betta attack the fish frequently, and the Cloud minnow fish would become sick.


It is challenging to house betta with other fish. There are few fish that jell with a betta. In most cases, the other fish have to face the dominance of the betta fish.

Cloud minnow fish are pretty similar to the betta in many cases. Also, they both are tropical fish, so they do not need special care.

However, the Cloud minnow prefers cold water to the betta, but betta can adjust with the cooler temperature. Aquarists keep betta under observation while housing them with other fish breeds, and Betta fish need time to become comfortable with the other fish.

Threat alert

The aquarist has to look into the aquarium condition and find a way to keep the betta calm. Chasing is also a sign that the betta feels threatened either by other fish or conditions in the tank. Both the species betta and cloud minnow fish prefer having sufficient hiding space in the tank.

Similar activities they perform in the aquarium. They are trained to use the plants and rocks to hide from predators.

They use the hiding space as a protective shield while in the water. In their natural habitat, the hiding space saves them from predators.

It is advisable to use the plants and decorative to create artificial hiding space in the tank. The fish will use the area to prevent the predator attack.

It will keep the betta calm, and they will not bother other fish in the tank. However, when the tank is limited with the hiding space, the fish become stressed and attack other fish.

What Size Tank is best to betta with white cloud minnow fish?

Minimum 10 gallons of water is recommended for housing the betta with the cloud minnow fish. A spacious tank keeps the fish relaxed, and offering swimming space in the tank makes it comfortable.

What Size Tank is best to betta with white cloud minnow fish?

Also, they will have sufficient freedom to explore, which again contributes to maintaining the insanity in control.

If you plan to house large schools of more than ten fish in each group, you would need a minimum tank size of 29 gallons. Also, use the plants in the tank to create natural habitat.

Can betta fish eat white cloud minnow fish food?

White cloud minnow fish eat all the typical fish food. Feed them dry as well as live food to offer them complete meals for the day. Mix the food with live bloodworms and larva to provide a protein-rich diet. All these food are suitable for the betta as well.

Betta enjoys blackworms and blood worms. Use the live food twice in the week to offer the needed nutrition. Brine shrimp could be another source of high protein that helps the betta and white cloud minnow fish develop a robust immune system.

Can betta kill white cloud minnow fish?

Betta may attack the white cloud minnow fish when they feel insecure with the other fish. Betta tries to dominate the water. When they see other fish crossing their territory, they start attacking them.

The white cloud minnow fish fins would become an easy target of betta. The betta fish tear down the fins of the cloud minnow fish and make it difficult to swim.

Also, it is hard to survive from betta bite. If you do not take quick action, the white cloud minnow fish will get torn down piece by piece.

How many white cloud minnows can you keep with your betta?

Both betta and white cloud minnows live in the community. House them in a group of 5 to 6 fish. Also, to balance the aggression, have a similar number of fish in every group. Make sure that you are placing them in a decent size tank.

How many white cloud minnows can you keep with your betta?

Both fish need sufficient space to roam around in the tank. Also, control the food and water condition to avoid developing anxiety and attacking each other for survival.

What temperature do betta and white cloud minnow fish need?

The ideal temperature for the betta and cloud minnow fish would be 64 to 72°F. It is lesser than what betta could prefer, but they will adjust themselves as per the current condition.

On the other hand, the White cloud minnow could not bother temperature reaching above 72°F. To create the perfect condition for both the fish in the aquarium to make them live happily.

Can white cloud minnow fish live with female bettas?

White cloud minnow fish would love to share the space with the female bettas. The female bettas are the aquarist’s first choice when you want to house the bettas with any other fish.

Female bettas are less aggressive, and they give complete support to the other fish.

Also, most of the time, females will stay behind the plants and hide in the water, and however, they will not bother other fish in the process. You can have white cloud minnow fish in the tank with betta female and make your aquarium active.

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