Can bumblebee gobies live with Bettas?

True, there are some arguments that bumblebee gobies cannot live in fresh water and need brackish water for a healthy life. Even though, we have noticed gobies can live with fresh water without any problem.

Can bumblebee gobies live with Bettas? Bumblebee gobies are saltwater fish, and Betta is freshwater fish. The water condition and environment around them are opposite for both the fish. Thus, it is not advisable to put bumblebee gobies with Bettas. 

Can bumblebee gobies live with Bettas?

Still, if you want them to live together, use the brackish water. 

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What to do if your Betta is chasing bumblebee gobies?

Both the fish type is not a companion to each other. They may attack each other frequently if the water condition is not good or space is limited. Try to increase the tank size, put some live plants, and give adequate and nutrition-rich food to them.

Create a hiding space for fish. The live plants may cover the entire tank and be given a fishless chance to come close to each other. When fish find themselves safe, they do not attack each other.

Ultimately, survival is essential for any fish. When they are stressed and find their territory may get invaded by other species, they do whatever they can to keep the other species away from their region.

What size tank is best for Bettas with bumblebee gobies?

Depending on the number of fish in the tank, you should decide how many can live comfortably and not get close to each other.

What size tank is best for Bettas with bumblebee gobies?

Remember that the betta fish may try to dominate the water by attacking the Bumblebee gobies. It may stress out gobies and make them fall sick.

  • Bigger tank

Use 10 gallons of the tank to keep them away from each other. The tank will offer sufficient space to each other so they can survive and grow in their territory.

A small tank may give very little room for the fish and cause them to bump each other while searching for food and exploring the area.

  • Avoid overcrowding

Avoid overcrowding the fish tank. It will affect their well-being. Fish may find it challenging to swim in a crowded fish tank. Less space also makes the fish challenging to breathe.

The fish must find the aquarium enjoyable. It should not stress them out or develop anxiety. If the fish find it difficult to eat food, swim, or breathe sufficient oxygen, they will start attacking each other for survival. 

  • water conditions

Also, Betta is very sensitive to changing environments water conditions.

When they detect the water is not suitable for them or frequently changes due to rising waste products in the tank, the fish may develop health issues.

Increased pH levels, rising temperature due to overcrowding could make the fish start moving to the surface for fresh air. If you do not take any action to make the water condition better for the fish, they will stop eating food. Eventually, it will hurt their health, and the fish will die.

Can Bettas eat bumblebee gobies food?

Betta is carnivorous species that eat anything they find in the tank. If we consider the bumblebee gobies’ food, they will enjoy eating bloodworms, tubifex worms, and daphnia. Some aquarists also prefer brine shrimp.

Brine shrimp are easy to hatch in the home aquarium.

You will have unlimited live food for your fish. You can cultivate them in normal water conditions, and they grow exponentially, allowing you to put less effort into the process and save money on fish food.

All the suggested food are suitable for both the fish type. When they are put together, they can share the food. Ensure that you have a separate place for them. Else, they will fight for the food.

Live food offers a sufficient amount of nutrition. Mix the live food with the pallets to benefit from varied food types and a nutrition-rich diet.

Can Betta kill bumblebee gobies?

Killing other species may have some reasons behind it. Betta may be dominating fish in a tank. In the case of bumblebee gobies, if the tank size is not suitable or water condition makes them Betta develop stress, they may start attacking any fish they find in the tank.

Can Betta kill bumblebee gobies?

It is a standard method to clean the surrounding water and make room for their species to survive. Bumblebee gobies could be an easy target for the Betta.

The Betta may start eating fins of the Bumblebee gobies. This may cause the gobies to develop serious health issues. If the water is not treated in time, the gobies may die.

Any group of fish kept in the small tank feel this is their water. Once they find other fish in their water, they try to move them away. As the size of the tank will be small, it will be difficult for other fish to stay away from them.

In the worst circumstances, multiple fish will attack the less powerful fish and make their survival difficult. Less food, no oxygen, and a growing stress level will make the fish die.

How many Bettas can you keep with your bumblebee gobies?

In the aquarium size of 15 gallons, you can keep the 7 to 10 Bumblebee gobies together in the group. Gobies live in the group. It would be best if you took care of them and their habitat to allow them to grow.

Single gobies may get stressed out and find it difficult to cope up with the environment. Give the perfect water condition for the tank.

What temperature do Bettas and bumblebee gobies need?

Water temperature in the betta and bumblebee gobies tank should be kept within 72 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit (73.5 to 79 degrees). 

Manage the pH level between 7.0 to 8.5 and Water hardness between 9 to 19 dKH. The suitable temperature keeps them calm and allows them to share the space comfortably.

Can bumblebee gobies fish live with female Bettas?

Yes. Gobies can easily house with female betta fish. The reason is female bettas less violent compared to male bettas. So you can add 5-7 female betta fish with your bumblebee gobies fish.


Bumblebee gobies can live comfortably with Bettas when they are kept in a suitable environment. You must offer them sufficient space. Fish define their borders where they protect their group and food. If they find another group of fish in nearby water, they stress out. 

Betta generally becomes aggressive, and they start attacking any fish that try to pass their water.

Therefore, use the proper live plants and decorations to prepare natural habitats for them. 

Food is another reason the fish may start attacking each other, so place the two different food trays in the tank so they cannot come close to each other during feeding time. Avoid any close interaction between the two species.

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