Is bread Micro worm good for guppies fry? Expert Advice

Both live food and pallet feeds are good for guppy’s fry. But if you can feed live food, your guppy fries will be grown healthy and rapidly. Due to higher protein levels, guppy farmers only use live food to provide their guppy fries.

Is bread Micro worm good for guppies fry? Yes. Bread micro worms are a great source of nutrition. The naturally produce micro worm would be perfect for the guppies. The tiny size of the worms helps the guppies fry to eat them with no trouble.

Is Micro worm good for guppies?

You can feed micro worms cultivated from the bread regularly to fulfill the protein requirement of the guppies.

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How do I prepare bread Micro worm to feed my guppy fish?

Bread micro worms would be easy to cultivate in the home. It will be the cheapest option for fish food filled with nutrition.

Guppy fish requires sufficient protein and carbohydrates to develop a strong immune system. The micro bread worm would offer the fish need nourishment.

How do I prepare bread Micro worm to feed my guppy fish?

Before we start preparing the micro worm, note down the requirement as mention below.

1) A small size container with a lid. The size of the container would be decided based on the quantity you require. For example, if you want to feed the fish in a large tank, a big container is recommended.

2) A small bowl and spoon to mix medium.

3) Fresh white bread slices. Get the cheapest available options, so you do not spend money on buying expensive bread.

4) Get the dry yeast. You can easily find it in a nearby store.

5) Cup of milk. Use any milk. No need to have process milk or the full cream milk contains.

6) Knife may require cutting the side of the bread.

7) We also need the drilling machine or something sharp to make the hole on the lid. We will be putting a hole in the center of the cap for the air. Warms would need fresh air to breathe.

8) If you have previously cultivated micro worms, then we can use that as well. But, again, a mixture of it will help to grow the micro worms quickly.

Once you have prepared all the basic needs of the micro worm’s cultivation, now it is time to implement the process. Follow the below guide.

#Step 1: Process the white bread

Cut the crust of the white bread and put it in the container. You need around 3 to 4 slices only. The quantity would be depending on your requirement. As discussed early, if you need to prepare the micro worms for several fish, increase the quantity.

#Step 2: Tear the Bread

Use your hand to tear the bread slice into small parts. Create tiny pieces of it, so it will be easy to make the mixture.

#Step 3: Add the yeast

In the next step, add the two teaspoons of yeast in proportion to the 3 to 4 bread slices. Then, add yeast based on the number of bread slices you used.

#Step 4: Add milk

Pour the milk into the container. Keep stirring the ingredients until you have a soft layer of the bread. Do not add too much milk. Instead, mix it until it becomes a thick paste.

Next, if you have the previously cultivated micro worms, then add a small portion of it into the mixture and use the spoon to mix it.

#Step 5: Punch hole on the lid

Now use equipment such as a sharp knife or the drilling machine to punch the decent size hole on the lid. It should be big enough to pass the air in the container.

After that, add the mixture to the container and put the lid on it. Keep the container aside, aware of the hot temperature. The recommended temperature is 23 to 25 degrees Celsius.

After a few days, you will see the micro worms are growing on the side of the container. The white abstract pattern will appear in the container.

When you want to feed the micro worm to your fish, use the cotton stick to scrap the micro worms from the sides and put that directly into the tank. The guppies will detect them instantly and start eating.

Can you freeze bread Micro worm?

Yes. You can store the micro worm in the refrigerator for seven days. The freezing would help you to store the micro worm for a month. Even though, always try to provide live bread worms instead of freeze micro worms.

The reason is frozen food has less value than alive food. So guppies also tend to eat live food naturally.

Micro worm (Panagrellus Redivivus) nutrition value table

Nutrition TypeNutrition levels
Organic acids1%
Nucleic acids1%

Can guppy fry eat Microworms?

Yes. Any live food makes the guppies fry excited, and they would love to eat them happily. In addition, micro worms are a great source of protein that offers fish nutrition to grow faster.

Can guppy fry eat Microworms?

Finally, when you continuously provide bread worms to your guppy fries, it will help to increase their body colors.

Do I need to turn off the air pump when I feed Micro worm to guppies?

Yes. You should turn off the air pump for a while until the guppy eats the Micro worm. The tiny size of the Micro worm makes it difficult for the guppies to eat them if the water is continuously moving.

Also, there are chances that the Micro worm would enter the pump and get trap inside. So make sure to turn off your air pump and sump filter before feed bread worms.

How often should I feed bread Micro worm for guppies fry?

You can feed the micro worms to the guppies fry two or three times a day. However, the feeding frequency could be depending on the number of guppies fry you have in the tank. They should get a sufficient amount of food during their growth period.

You can increase the frequency to 4 to 5 times in a day if you find the fish is not getting sufficient nutrition.

How long can Micro worms live in guppy fish tanks?

Micro worms do not get eaten and find their way at the bottom or behind the plants can live in the freshwater for around twelve hours. They cannot live long periods in the freshwater tank. Bread worms will die after 12 hours naturally, so you do not need to worry about their long life.

Why do guppies die after being fed bread Micro worm?

It would help if you prepared the micro worms at a moderated temperature. Also, when you are feeding the micro worms to the guppies, ensure that you are not putting the mixture into the tank.

The mixture of bread and yeast is harmful to the guppies. Only take the micro worms sticking to the side of the container if you want.

You can first put the micro worm into the glass of water and check if you find the movement of the micro worm in the water. If the micro worms have already died, they will not move. Feed only live micro worms to the fish.

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