Can yoyo loach live with guppies?

Yoyo loach and guppies can find their way to live together when the habitat is suitable for both species. Both are predatory fish so that they will have no issues sharing their food and enjoy companionship.

Can yoyo loach live with guppies? Yes. You can place yoyo loach with guppies in the same fish tank until there is sufficient room for both. Their comfort is essential to keep them calm. Close and frequent encounters with each other would stress them out, and they may attack each other. 

Can yoyo loach live with guppies?

Make sure that you have sufficient space in the tank and proper hiding space. Maintaining an aquarium requires an expert solution.

When you decide to keep the two different fish in the tank, there will be additional challenges that you have to face. Staying alert during the early days will teach you how the fish react to other fish and the new habitat.

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What to do if your yoyo loaches are Chasing guppies?

Yoyo loaches become aggressive when they are fearful of something. Several factors may cause the Yoyo loaches to stress out and start attacking other fish. First, taste the water condition.

Water temperature fluctuations, less space in the tank, growing pH level, bright lights, and less food in the tank are some reasons why Yoyo loaches become more aggressive.

Water too hot or cold can also make the fish develop stress and react to circumstances.

After confirming the water condition, the next is to see the pH level. Too much ammonia or growing nitrate in the water may change the water quality.

Increase live plants or hiding space

Change may not be visible, but fish might have encountered the problem in the tank. In the typical reaction to such a situation, the fish will start securing their territory.

When yoyo loaches are chasing guppies, you should first start changing the water. Change the water partially and pour fresh water inside. Create some new hiding space inside the tank.

Use the live plant so the fish will have sufficient hiding space. It will separate them from each other and reduce their interaction, keeping them away from each other.

Furthermore, feed the fish in time so they will not have reason to attack each other. When the yoyo loaches see the guppies are stealing their food, they will become aggressive and try to protect their food.

What size tank is best for keeping yoyo Loaches with guppies?

What size tank is best for keeping yoyo Loaches with guppies?

A tank with a minimum capacity of 20 gallons is needed to prevent the yoyo loaches from interacting with the guppies. Remember that the yoyo loaches may become more extensive in size up to 2.5 inches.

Create a sufficient space in the tank; otherwise, you will face trouble managing both species.

Can yoyo Loaches eat guppy’s food?

Yoyo loaches are omnivore fish that eats all kinds of food. You can feed them flakes, frozen to freeze-dried foods. They are fond of live foods, so mixing the dry food with the live food keeps the Yoyo loaches happy.

They will love to eat bloodworms and brine shrimp.

Control their diet at a minimum plan; else they will have health issues. When the Yoyo loaches are kept with the guppies, you should have two separate feeding areas for both the fish.

Can yoyo Loaches kill guppies?

If the Yoyo loaches are stressed and find it challenging to live in a tank, there are high chances that they will start shredding the guppies’ fins. The Yoyo loaches will eat the fins and make them guppies develop a health problem.

Can yoyo Loaches kill guppies?

Additionally, the Yoyo loaches can become more prominent in size in a short period. Fish can grow up to 2.5 inches in length, which makes them dominated in the water.

Guppies will be an easy target for them if they encounter the issue in thank. With no hiding space in the tank, the Yoyo loaches will come close to guppies and attack them.

Guppies would not face the Yoyo loaches, and they will die due to growing stress and anxiety.

How many yoyo loaches can you keep with your guppies?

You have to put the yoyo loaches in the group. They get stressed out when they are alone in a tank. Similarly, guppies would also enjoy their surroundings when they are in a group.

Together they will make great companions. Keep 5 to 6 fish in the group. The group will protect their territory and be safe in their own space in the tank.

Yoyo loaches like to bully other fish. If you put fewer guppies in the tank compared to the yoyo, they will frequently fight with each other.

Changing guppies would be standard action that you will observe in a tank. Having a group in the tank in the opposite will reduce their dominance.

Yoyo will stay calm not bother even if the guppies try to swim around them. The guppies are naturally shy fish, but they might become attacking as the other fish attack them. So do not allow any fish to take charge of the tank and create trouble for other fish in the tank.

What temperature do guppies and yoyo loaches need?

Water temperature decides the growth and health condition of the fish. As the water temperature rises, the fish may start developing stress and cause a high level of anxiety. Thus, water parameters should be maintained in the tank to avoid the fish dying.

Keep the water temperature between 75.0-86.0°F. Also, check the pH level between a range of 6.5 to 7.5. The hardness of the water must be kept in a field of 3 to 10 dGH.

When the water temperature is suitable for the fish, they enjoy the habitat and thrive quickly. Also, they will not attack the other fish and stay calm in the aquarium. It is crucial to consider every aspect before you decide to put two different fish species in a single tank.

The yoyo loaches and guppies change their behavior based on the water condition in the tank. Water that is too hard and contains a high amount of nitrate could reduce the guppies’ activities. Also, fish will stop eating the food as well.

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