Can Tetras And Apple Snails Live Together?

Apple snails are pretty popular in the aquarium world, and for a good reason. They are super cool to watch as they slide around the tank and munch on algae and leftover food. On the other hand, these little Tetras are some of the friendliest fish you will ever meet.

But the biggest question is can they live peacefully with Tetras? Read the article below to find an answer.

Can Tetras And Apple Snails Live Together? Yes. Tetras and apple snails can live together without any issues. Tetras are not interested in eating snails, and snails will not bother the Tetras. So, if you have a tank with Tetras and are thinking about adding some apple snails, go for it.

Can Tetras And Apple Snails Live Together

Just keep an eye on your tank’s water quality and ensure everyone’s happy and healthy.

I just wanted to drop some knowledge on you about keeping Tetras and apple snails together in the same tank.

First, Tetras need about 2 gallons of water each to live comfortably. What about apple snails? They need even more space, at least 2.5 gallons per snail. And since apple snails can grow up to 4-6 inches, that’s more than three times the size of a male Tetra.

So, if you plan on keeping Tetras and apple snails together, you just need a bigger tank.

That way, everyone can have space to swim around and do their thing without getting in each other’s way. Plus, a larger tank means better water quality and happier, healthier fish and snails.

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How Many Apple Snails Should You Get?

So you are considering adding apple snails to your Tetra tank, right? Well, before you go diving in, there are some things you should consider.

First off, apple snails are pretty messy creatures. They constantly eat, poop constantly, and then eat some more. And all that snail poop can indirectly affect your Tetras if you are not careful. So, you will want to keep your tank clean and change the water regularly to keep things nice and tidy.

As for how many snails and Tetras you can keep in the same tank, it’s all about the size of your setup. You will want to aim for at least 3 gallons of tank water per snail and 2 gallons per Tetra.

That way, everyone will have plenty of space to move around and do their thing without getting in each other’s way.

And don’t worry, Tetras and apple snails are generally pretty chill with each other. As long as you provide enough space and keep the tank clean, everyone should get along just fine.

How Many Tetras Should You Keep Together?

What do Apple Snails and Tetras Eat?

Let’s talk about what Apple Snails and Tetras like to eat. Tetras are not too picky and eat live food and plants. Tetras are called omnivores, which means they have a mixed diet.

They love to eat various foods like Daphnia, Vinegar eels, Brine shrimp, Whitefish meat, Spirulina, Algae, and even homemade veggies such as cucumber, zucchini, spinach, kale, carrots, and more.

What do Apple Snails and Tetras Eat

On the other hand, Apple Snails are not picky either, but they are mainly herbivores. They love to munch on plants and veggies like lettuce, spinach, kale, algae, and some fruits. However, they also eat small insects and snails if they come across them.

If you have a tank with both Tetras and Apple Snails, don’t worry about them fighting over food. They have different preferences, so that they won’t compete with each other. Just make sure to give them a balanced diet that meets their nutritional needs.

We need to talk more about the food for Tetras and Apple Snails. Did you know you can mix different foods to create a homemade paste or recipes lasting for days in the fridge or freezer? It’s a great way to provide your Tetras with a balanced diet, saving you time from constantly preparing their food.

Even though Tetras enjoy eating live food and plants, it’s still important to supplement their diet with flakes and other fish products. This ensures that they get all the nutrients they need for optimal health.

As for Apple Snails, they are natural scavengers, which makes them the perfect cleaning crew for your tank.

They will eat the leftover food and other organic debris, preventing it from decomposing and contaminating the water. However, they still need a varied diet to thrive, and you can feed them almost everything you give to your Tetras, except for animal-based foods.

So, go ahead and mix it up, try different foods, and see what your aquatic pets prefer. Remember to keep their diet balanced and nutritious for a healthy and happy aquarium.

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Do Apple Snails need a lot of calcium to maintain their shells?

We already discussed how they are great at cleaning up leftover food and debris in the tank. But did you know they need a lot of calcium to maintain their shells?

To provide your Apple Snails with enough calcium, you can crush calcium antacid tablets and add them to their food. This will help them maintain a strong and healthy shell.

In addition to calcium, Apple Snails also enjoy eating vegetables like algae tablets, green beans, peas, spinach, cucumber, zucchini, and more. You can even blanch some of these veggies to make them easier to eat.

Avoid animal-based foods when feeding your Apple Snails, as they are strictly herbivores. And remember, just like with your Tetras, it’s essential to keep their diet balanced and nutritious for optimal health.

So, keep your Apple Snails happy and healthy by providing them with a calcium-rich and veggie-packed diet.

What is the Best Tank Size for Tetras and Apple Snails?

The best tank size for these species depends on how many you want to keep in your aquarium.

For Tetras, having 1 Tetra per 2 gallons of water is recommended. This means that if you want to keep 10 Tetras, you’ll need a tank that can hold at least 20 gallons of water. It’s important to remember that this ratio is for Tetras only, and no other aquatic creatures should share that 2 gallons of water per Tetra.

As for Apple Snails, they are not as demanding as Tetras when it comes to tank size. They can thrive in a 5-gallon tank with a few Tetras or a larger tank with more Apple Snails.

However, it’s essential to remember that Apple Snails produce a lot of waste, so ensure your tank has a good filtration system to maintain good water quality.

When choosing a tank size for your Tetras and Apple Snails, consider the number of specimens you want to keep and their specific needs.

Providing them with enough space and a suitable environment will help them thrive and lead a healthy life in your aquarium.

Do Apple Snails Eat Baby Tetras?

No. The good news is that Apple Snails are peaceful creatures and do not attack or eat baby Tetras.

Do Apple Snails Eat Baby Tetras

While it’s true that Apple Snails can technically eat Tetra fry, the chances of them doing so are low. Tetra fry is too fast and energetic for the snails to catch, even if they want to.

So, you don’t have to worry about your Apple Snails attacking or eating your baby Tetras. They can safely live in the same tank without any issues.

Just make sure to provide your Tetras and Apple Snails with a suitable environment and a balanced diet, and they’ll live happily together in your aquarium.

Benefits of Apple Snails in Your Tetra Tank

Apple Snails are excellent tank scavengers that can play a crucial role in keeping your tank clean and healthy. They are known for consuming food residues that would otherwise decay on the substrate, which can boost ammonia levels in the water.

This is important because high ammonia levels can be deadly for all fish species and other tank inhabitants.

In addition to cleaning up food residues, Apple Snails also eat algae. This can help keep your Tetras’ habitat cleaner for longer, which means less maintenance for you as a fish owner.

Apple Snails can also add a unique aesthetic touch to your tank with their colorful shells and exciting behavior. They are peaceful creatures that can coexist with Tetras and other tank inhabitants without causing issues.

Overall, having Apple Snails in your Tetra tank can be very beneficial. They can help keep the tank clean and healthy, add visual interest, and coexist peacefully with other fish species. So, consider adding Apple Snails to your aquarium and enjoy the benefits they bring.


In conclusion, Apple Snails can make great additions to your Tetra tank.

They are peaceful creatures that can help keep your tank clean by consuming food residues and algae. Their colorful shells and unique behavior also add visual interest to the aquarium.

However, it’s essential to control the snail population and only keep 1-3 adult specimens in medium-sized tanks to minimize the stress on the tank’s bioload.

You should also monitor the interaction between your snails and tank plants, as Apple Snails may consume them.

Apple Snails are worth considering if you’re looking for a tank scavenger that can coexist peacefully with Tetras and other tank inhabitants. Just provide them with a suitable environment and a balanced diet to help them thrive in your aquarium.

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