What is guppy Anal Prolapse?

Anal Prolapse is caused due to a health problem.

What is guppy Anal Prolapse? The majority of constipation and high pressure on the anus protrudes out. A similar effect was seen in the female when they give birth to fries simultaneously. In rare cases, the bite from the other fish also causes swelling around the anal.

What is guppy Anal Prolapse?

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What causes fish anal Prolapse?

Several factors cause damage to the region around the anal. Anal Prolapse is the most common problem seen in fish. In rare cases, the infection would take over the skin. Swelling makes the anal look bigger.

Anal prolapse or rectal prolapse in the guppy is seen when the fish eat something that they cannot digest properly. This is because the greedy feeders overeat than what their bodies can support. 

The dry flakes food takes time to digest, making it difficult for the guts to pass and clear the bowl system.

Blockage in the guts is the first step when the guppies overeat food. 

The guppies will have trouble clearing bowel movements and cause them to put more pressure on the guts to pass the dry food blockage results in constipation, which eventually transforms into a Prolapse on the anal.

During this period, the guppies will start avoiding the food. Their activities stop, and they try to stay close to the bottom where they can relax. In some cases, guppies will develop stress due to health problems and occurring pain, leading to death.

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How to treat guppy fish Anal Prolapse?

If you notice the anal Prolapse in the guppies, immediately take action and change the part of the water. Freshwater will add more nutrition to the water and allow the guppy to recover faster. Then, offer them healthy and nutritional food.

Limit the food intact for a few days. Control the temperature and ensure that the fish has sufficient space in the tank to roam around. Planting green leaves and water plants would make the habitat more energetic. It will support building a stress-free environment.

The quarantine is not required. The virus infection does not cause anal Prolapse, so there is no harm to the other fish. However, if you move the fish to the quarantine facility, they will develop anxiety and stress, which will worsen the situation.

Mostly, the Prolapse automatically gets heal with the extra clean water. Hence, keep the guppy with the other fish and let it recover in the natural habitat. 

If the fish is getting the Anal Prolapse repeatedly due to bad health conditions, the swelling may become permanent and cannot be treated.

What causes the Anal Prolapse in Guppy fry?

After the fry enters the water, they start eating. They find anything around. Guppies are carnivorous species that eat anything they see in the tank. Sometimes they eat, which they cannot digest and become trouble for their guts.

Food is the primary reason why your guppies have developed Anal Prolapse. Dry food takes time to digest and pass through the guts. 

Also, cheap quality fish food contains unknown substances mixed in it, which cause the guppies to develop anal Prolapse.

Here is the list of the common reasons why your guppies fry are developing the anal Prolapse

1) Low-quality food contains the other unknown substance that creates clogging and sticks to the guts.

2) The bowl movement stops, and the fish has to put more pressure on the guts to move it out, causing the anal swelling.

3) When you have bad water conditions and less nutritious food for the fish, the parasite develops in the water, and they cause various health problems in the guppies. 

Parasite infection can cause the anal Prolapse in the guppies fry. However, the anal Prolapse could be caused by the parasite or viruses found in the guts.

4) Anal Prolapse also develops when the female guppy gives birth to too many fries. Again, the pressure on the guts makes it grow the Prolapse.

5) Fist bite can be one of the reasons why the guppy fry is having trouble. 

Condition is scarce, but the other fish in the tank might have fought with the guppies, and during the fight, they have bitten at the anal, which has caused the swelling.

6) Virus causing the skin problem is the most common reason in the fish fry.

When the fish fry is recently come out of the womb, they are exposed to various viruses, parasites, and diseases. 

Terrible water conditions contribute to making the situation worst.

The fish fry is not immune to fight with the alien virus. As a result, the guppy fry develops a different health problem. The anal Prolapse is one of the common issues found in the guppies fry after they have been born.

What precaution to take to avoid Anal Prolapse in Guppy?

What precaution to take to avoid Anal Prolapse in Guppy?

Change the water and remove the waste particles from the tank. The bad water condition contaminates the water and develops different kinds of health problems in the guppies.

Use the nutritional food suitable for the guppies. Avoid providing cheap quality foods as they might have low-quality substances and may not suit the guppies. 

For example, the low-quality fish product supplier combined the unhealthy substance in the fish food, which causes the clogging in the guts and makes the fish develop the symptoms of constipation.

Support the digestive system

Use the anti-parasite food for the guppies. The food is specially made to support the digestive system and clean the guts from clogging. 

Support the digestive system

Also, if there is a parasite attack on the guppies, the food will allow the fish to develop a robust immune system and kill the parasite.

Use the fresh plant that guppies can eat and clean the guts naturally. Most of the animals eat the plants when they discover the problem in their guts. The substance found in plant-based food helps clean the guts naturally and improve health.

Manage the water temperature to provide the natural habitat to the fish. When the water temperature goes up or cools down below the recommended for the guppies, the fish start developing stress. 

Stress causes various health problems and makes the guppies become exposed to different viruses. Controlling the temperature in the tank would allow the guppies to stay calm and happy.

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