Is egg yolk good for guppy fish fry?

Egg yolk is the initial fish food for feeding guppy fry, and it is easy to feed guppy fries. Newborn guppy fries can easily digest the egg yolk, and it helps to grow fast at the fry’s initial stage.

Is egg yolk good for guppy fish fry? Yes. Egg yolk has a good amount of protein and fat that helps to guppy fish fry growth. It includes many vitamins such as B12, A, and D. Egg yolk is a nutrition feed for fries.

It is full of a diet including magnesium, iron, and calcium.

Is egg yolk good for guppy fish fry?

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How do you cook egg yolks for guppies?

Making egg yolk for guppies is a simple task. We will write step by step then you can cook it for your guppy fries.

#Step 01

Get a small cup and put the egg yolk in it.

#Step 02

Then take out the egg yolk using a spoon and put it in the pan.

#Step 03

Now put the pan on your hearth and cook it for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, slowly stir the egg yolk. 

#Step 04

After a few minutes, your water will vanish in the pan. Now you can keep it aside and turn off your hearth.

#Step 05

Now you can use a small net and separate smaller and bigger size feed.

#Step 06 

Guppy’s diet is ready, and you can feed it now for your guppy fries using a small spoon.

Nutrition Content of the egg yolk

Nutrition TypeNutrition value
Vitamin B-6 20%

How do you feed egg yolks to fry?

When you have a bigger fish tank, you can easily place a plate into the tank and put your egg yolk into that plate. 

How do you feed egg yolks to fry?

After some time, if guppy fries did not eat their excess food, you can easily take it out.

If you have a smaller size tank, you can use a spoon and put a small amount of egg yolks. You can keep your tank water clear and clean using this method. 

Can fish eat boiled eggs?

Yes. Fish can eat boiled eggs too. Once you boil the eggs, you should chop them and separate them into a larger and smaller size. 

Use bigger size for adult guppies and use the small size for guppy fries. You can keep excess food in your fridge and use it the next day.

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How often should I feed egg yolk for a guppy fry?

For guppy fries, you should feed at least 3 meals a day. Fries are still young, and they need a good nutrition diet.

Egg yolk helps to increase guppy’s body color and their fast growth.

Since guppy fries are still in a growing phase, they need a more specialized diet. Maintain their health and sometimes save their lives by reducing overeating.

Do I turn off the air pump when feeding egg yolk?

Yes, you can turn off your fish tank air pump and filter system when you feed to the guppy fry. If you turn ON your air pump, it makes the tank Water turbidity. 

In that situation, fries are hard to find the egg yolk pieces due to high floating. So better to turn off the air pump when you feed them. 

Do my plants die if I feed egg yolk to my guppy fry?

No. egg yolk is not harming your water plants at all. So you can feed egg yolk without any problem if you have water plants in your fish tank. 

But if you feed an unnecessary amount of egg, it can pollute your water and increase ammonia and nitrate levels. 

When increasing water pollution, water plants can not survive anymore. So plants will start to die slowly.

Do not egg yolk overfeed to your fish tank when you have water plants in the tank.

Why do guppies die after being fed egg yolk?

Feeding egg yolk can not be a reason for dying guppy fish. Guppies can die for many reasons. But if you put more than 4 meals for your guppies, then your tank water gets dirty and increases bacteria levels.

Increasing unnecessary bacterias is not suitable for guppy fries. Egg yolk typically does not pollute the water in the tank. But if you overfeed, then the remaining meals sink into the tank.

This is the way your tank water dirt and starts to smell bad. The best solution is you should keep an eye on your fish tank. 

When you notice your egg yolks are not eating guppies and sinking, you should take it out soon. 

Turn ON your power filters to clean the water and increase the air pump power to maxim air in the guppy fish tank.

If you follow the above steps correctly, your guppy fries never die when you feed egg yolk.

What is the guppy fry survival rate?

tiny fish tank

Does egg yolk help my guppy fry grow faster?

Yes. Egg yolk is full of protein, vitamins, iron, and calcium. It is a good startup meal for baby guppies. When you are doing guppy farm, you know the importance of fast-growing guppy fries.

Does egg yolk help my guppy fry grow faster?

Egg yolk is the most popular startup meal for guppy fries because you can cook and make it quickly. The cost is also cheap compared to other fish foods.

If you can provide this kind full of protein diet to your guppies, they will grow quicker and more healthy than you expect.

Do egg yolks increase guppy’s fry color?

The color of the fish’s body depends on protein, vitamins, and fat. Egg yolk has a complete pack of all the vitamins, calcium, and fat. 

Baby guppies are constantly digging and seeking food to eat. So you should provide a high-quality diet to them if you expect healthy guppies. 

You can buy many types of food in the market for your fries. But we recommended homemade fresh food to feed your guppies. 

If you provide market foods, you will see your guppies color shade soon, and they are not much active in the tank,

Final thought

Egg yolk is a good diet for any guppy fries. You can feed this meal quickly to your fish tank.

When you feed egg-related food, you should consider the water cleanness. Water can dirt quickly. It will not be suitable for guppy fries.

There is no harm to water plants that provide egg yolk. Turn on your filter system once you end the feed.

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