Can betta fish live with flying fox fish?

Flying fox fish is freshwater fish, and they are famous for eating green algae. Some people mistakenly identified them as Siamese algae eaters.

Can betta fish live with flying fox fish? Yes. The condition must be suitable for flying fox fish to avoid disputes with betta fish. An aquarium with 50 litters or more capacity would provide sufficient swimming space for both. Flying fox fish are very active, so they quickly swim around water.

Can betta fish live with flying fox fish?

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What to do if your betta is chasing flying fox fish?

Many users have observed, the betta fish chase any fish they house in the aquarium. The surprising fact about the betta is that chasing is more common when sharing the water with other fish.

A betta is one of the carnivore fish with a sense of territory. Like humans, they also believe in keeping their environment secure from other species.

So not only fish, the other animals such as shrimp, snail or even the crab gets attacked by betta fish.

There are many ways you can prevent the betta from chasing the other species in the tank.

As soon as you discover the chasing behavior of the betta fish, it would be best if you took immediate action to protect the other fish, ad else the betta fish may harm the fish.

Can betta fish eat flying fox fish food?

Flying fox fish are mainly algae eaters. Serve them vegetables such as spinach, lettuce. They will eat live plants as well. In the ready-made fish food, you can have flakes, wafers for them.

Frozen tubifex worms could be the perfect option to offer them rich protein.

You should mix the food with living as well as the vegetables. The change in the food type keeps the fish more active.

If you feed them similar food for a very long period, they will get bored and stop eating it. Aquatic insects and larvae could be another option to keep the fish enjoying their feeding time.

Being carnivorous species, betta loves to eat protein-rich live food.

An animal protein keeps the betta fish healthy and immune to various aqua diseases. You should include the insects and larvae into their diet.

For a regular food supply, use the pallets and flakes to keep them full all the time. The live food should be provided two to three times a week. It should not be given to them every day. Too much live food is also not healthy for them.

In the frozen food category, use freeze-dried bloodworms. Betta fish are like blood worms.

Use the tiny size bloodworms that fit easily to their mouth. The large size might not get eaten, and it may reach the bottom of the tank and contaminate the water.

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What Size Tank is best to betta with flying fox fish?

Flying fox fish get more powerful in a short period. The length of the fish may reach up to 4.7 inches. The fish would need a tank size of around 100 gallons.

Increase the size of the tank to keep the fish calm. The space in the tank could not be enough to put the multiple species together may cause various problems.

Also, Compatibility issues caused the fight between two fish. Betta does not get comfortable with the other fish. There are only a few fish that stay with them.

Can betta kill flying fox fish?

Yes. The killing of the flying fox fish is possible, but the answer to this question is a little complicated and needs a brief understanding.

There are many reasons why betta fish start attacking the flying fox fish. No matter what objective behind the attack, you should keep the betta under observation all the time.

Can betta kill flying fox fish?

The primary attack of the betta causes the flying fox fish to lose their fins of a tail. Betta starts nibbling the fins and tail as soon as they get close enough to each other.

Betta is quite fast when it comes to attacking other fish. As soon as the flying fox fish reaches too close, the betta jumps over them and starts tearing down the fins.

Food security may cause the fish to develop stress. When the betta see their food is getting eaten by other fish, they start chasing the other fish. Separate the feeding place for both the fish.

Teach them to use a particular area during feeding time.

You can do that by adding the temporary partition between the two groups and practicing eating only in a specific space or food dispenser.

Not sufficient hiding space. All the aqua creators need proper hiding space. You might have seen that aqua documentary where the fish stay behind the rocks and plants at the bottom of the sea.

The aqua life is always in danger. Preditors can eat them any moment. Thus, all the species look for hiding space. Put live plants in the proper arrangement for hiding. The plants keep the betta calm.

If you manage to create a secure environment for the betta fish, they will be less aggressive in the thank.

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How many flying fox fish can you keep with your betta?

Flying fox fish lives in a group. It would be best if you house them in the group else they develop stress. Keep six fish in the group and a similar number of fish in the betta community.

Balance the number of fish to keep them safe and secure.

Remember that, as the fish grows, you may have to either reduce the number or increase the size of the tank. The fish would need more space to swim.

What temperature do betta and flying fox fish need?

Maintaining the water condition is a challenging task in the changing weather. The flying fox fish is susceptible to weather conditions. The aquarium’s water temperature should be maintained between 680 and 78.80 Fahrenheit.

What temperature do betta and flying fox fish need?

Also, control the water pH level to around 6 and 7.5. The water hardness must be about 5 to 120 GH. All of these factors affect the water condition.

Like any other fish, the temperature change or sudden weather condition changes affects the aquarium’s water.

The difference could develop stress in the flying fox fish. The fish become vulnerable to diseases when they are not eating correctly.

They become more aggressive and start attacking other fish in the tank. Colder temperature reduces their activities. A similar impact can be seen on betta fish.

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Can flying fox fish live with female bettas?

First, it is not recommended to have any other fish in the tank with the betta fish. No matter how large the tank size is, there will always be a possibility that both the fish face each other while exploring the region and get into a fight.

By saying that, it is also true that the female bettas are less aggressive compared to the male bettas. Thus, they become perfect companions for any other fish in the tank.

The choice could be on personal experience. But it would be best if you kept an eye on the betta fish regularly. Please do not allow them to bother fish in the tank.

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