Can Celestial Pearl Danios Live With Betta?

Betta fish can live happily with celestial pearl danios. Betta fish need a lot of space, but celestial pearl danios require less. These two particular species have been around for centuries and are considered one of the hardiest freshwater aquarium species. 

Can Celestial Pearl Danios Live With Betta? Yes, Celestial Pearl Danios can accommodate your Betta without any worrying. They would make a better tank mate because they want the same living conditions. 

Can Celestial Pearl Danios Live With Betta?

However, the Betta is an aggressive fish species and does not tolerate any misbehavior of other fishes. But this does not mean that they cannot live with another fish. 

Suppose you are willing to put both Betta and Celestial Pearl Danios in the same tank, and then you need to take care of their health and living environments. 

You have to work on many factors such as avoiding the chasing problem of fishes, buying proper water or an aquarium tank, giving them nutritious food, etc.

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What To Do If Your Betta Is Chasing Celestial Pearl Danios?

If your betta fish is chasing celestial pearl danios, then the first thing to do is determine whether or not it’s just a coincidence. Sometimes, a betta will chase a smaller fish just because it’s the only one in sight and they’re hungry for food. 

The easiest way to tell if this is happening is by observing how much time your Betta spends looking at other fish versus chasing them. 

If your Betta spends a lot of time chasing the celestial pearl danios, then you will have to remove them from your aquarium. 

You can also use distraction to solve the chasing problems of the fish in your tank. You can make them distracted by giving them the food. 

Also, you can use the decorations in your tank to distract them. 

Also, adding the plants and stones and other decorative things allows the fish to have something to play with, and they can get their alone time sitting and chilling in their own private space. 

In this way, you can prevent your Betta from chasing the Celestial Pearl Danios. 

Can Betta Fish Eat Celestial Pearl Danios Food?

As you know that Betta and Celestial Pearl Danios have a little bit of the same diet, so you can say that there are foods that both fish can eat. But this does not mean they do not have other food requirements to remain healthy. 

It would be best to give your Betta the fish pellets specially made for them. You can also provide them with daphnia, frozen foods, and shrimps. 

Can Betta Fish Eat Celestial Pearl Danios Food?

Betta also eats blood worms, brine shrimp, other worms, and small fishes. So you need to take care of their diet and make sure that it has plenty of protein and meat. 

 If you talk about the Celestial pearl Danios, they also have the same food requirement, such as white and grindal worms. They also eat frozen foods as snacks. 

So try to involve different types of foods items in the items of your fish; this will take care of the overall need of the nutrition in their balanced diet. 

What Size Tank Is Best To Betta With Celestial Pearl Danios?

If you’ve ever looked to buy a fish tank, you know how difficult it can be to find one that is the perfect size for your needs. The key is knowing what size tank to look for and what kind of fish would be best for that size. 

The most common sizes are 10 gallons, 15 gallons, 20 gallons, and 25 gallons. 

To make it comfortable for both fish to live with each other, buy a minimum of 15-gallon water tank.

Before buying the tank, check about its material quality and make sure that it is strong enough to accommodate your fish. 

Can Betta Fish Kill Celestial Pearl Danios?

No, do not worry. Betta will not kill your Celestial Pearl Danios. 

Fish-keeping enthusiasts often worry about the compatibility of different species of fish. For example, Betta fish are known for their aggressive personalities, and celestial pearl danios are small, peaceful fish housed in schools. 

Considering these things, it may seem like a good idea to keep them apart. 

The bettas do not attack other fishes until the other fish pokes them. To some extent, you will not notice the fighting and chasing of the fishes, but Betta will not harm your other fish. 

How Many Celestial Pearl Danios Can You Keep With Your Betta?

If you are a betta fish owner and thinking of a Celestial Pearl Danios as its mate, then you can go for it for sure. But keep in mind that Celestial Pearl Danios are fishes that prefer living in groups or schools.

How Many Celestial Pearl Danios Can You Keep With Your Betta?

Also, in general, the male Celestial pearl is a little less aggressive, so to make them comfortable, keep the school of fishes from four to six. 

Celestial is peach loving and very active fish that can live comfortably with your Betta. But do not put a high number of Celestial fish to make the living of all the fish uncomfortable. All the fish need their private space to live, swim and play in the tank. 

What Temperature Does Betta And Celestial Pearl Danios Need?

Betta fish are freshwater fish that require specific water conditions and temperatures to thrive.

They have very similar needs in terms of temperature, although celestial pear danios generally prefer a cooler temperature.

The Celestial pearl danios need colder temperatures – approximately 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit for them to thrive and be healthy. 

The Betta has found success in an environment that is around 25 to 28 degrees Celsius or 77 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Betta and Celestial Pearl Danios need similar water conditions.

However, they thrive in slightly warmer temperatures, which is why they can be kept in a fish tank with other betta fish. Specific temperature ranges are provided for these two fish species.

So you know how to care for them properly. You can face some casualties in fish health if you fail to regulate the water temperature. 

Your fish can face bacterial and digestive problems. Ensure that you do not let water temperature down as it can make the fish suffer from diseases like ich or white spot.

Can Celestial Pearl Danios Live With Female Bettas?

The answer to this question largely depends on what type of female Betta you have and if your tank has enough room for both to swim comfortably in the tank. Many fish hobbyists have found that their celestial pearl danios and female bettas coexist peacefully. 

If you’ve never had these fish before, here are a few things to keep in mind: make sure there is enough room for both species of fish to live. 

You would have heard about the aggressive temperament of the bettas, but here with female bettas, you will not have any problem.

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