Can danios live with bettas?

Place a few danios with your betta fish. It will help to reduce fighting each other.

Can danios live with bettas? Yes. Danios would not mind sharing the space with bettas. The tank should be densely planted to create sufficient hiding space. Give them enough room for a swim as well. Keep the water temperature between 65-78°F and a pH between 6.5 – 7.2.

Can danios live with bettas?

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What to do if your betta is Chasing danios fish?

There are many reasons why the betta would become aggressive and start chasing the danios fish. We will look into those reasons with the required actions that need to be taken to avoid a fight.

  • Provide enough food

The hungry betta would start nibbling the fins of danios. The fins are made of nutritional substances that may attract the bettas. Provide enough food for the betta, so they feel full and stay calm.

  • Add More females Betta

Place more female betta than male. Each betta male will define their territory. The aggressive male could start dominating the region. Small size tank with the danios would have a frequent close encounter with the bettas. 

As a result, the betta fish will try to push the danios from their territory by chasing them. Reduce the number of males. 

Follow the 2:1 ratio for betta fish, where every two females share the space with one male. Female betta is less aggressive, and they spend the majority of their time in the breeding process.

  • Add plants and Hiding Places

Lack of hiding space could also make them betta to reach the danios and start attacking them whenever they see the fish penetrating their territory. 

A densely planted tank would offer the fish needed hiding space. Betta will not face the danios, and there will no need to have the barrier to keep them separate.

Keep the betta and danios in the large size tank; both the fish love to wander around in the tank and explore the region. There will often face each other and cause them to fight for the territory. 

Danios would be weaker in front of the betta. Thus, you should give them sufficient space to make them separate in the water, so they develop their territory and live happily in one tank.

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What Size Tank is best for bettas with danios fish?

Provide sufficient swimming space for the fish. If you house the bettas with danios, then you would need a bigger tank. The 10 gallons of a tank would be enough for the 2-3 bettas, similar to the 2-3 danios fish. 

What Size Tank is best for bettas with danios fish?

As you increase the number of fish, the size of the tank should be improved over time. 

Betta and danios love to explore the region. When they are kept in a small tank, they will frequently encounter each other and get aggressive. Betta is very aggressive when they see other fish sneaking into their territory. 

Also, betta does not like when other fish come close to the betta female. Betta attack may kill the danios, and the water will become hostile.

Thus, you should ensure that the betta and danios are kept in the larger tank. Water should be densely packed with live plans and decoratives such as rocks. 

Hiding space keeps both the species away from each other. Also, the plant will keep the betta calm as they do not feel any threat with other fish.

Can betta fish eat danios fish food?

Danios fish are omnivorous species like betta. They will easily thrive on tropical flakes, color flakes, shrimps, frozen foods, and palets. You can also offer than live food to them. Betta and danios can share their food comfortably. You do not have to arrange exceptional food for the danios fish separately. 

It is advisable to rotate their food to support fast and healthy growth. Offer a limited amount of food with every serve. Offer only as much they can consume under 2 minutes. 

Provide 2 or 3 times a day and avoid wastage as much as possible. Food that tanks at the bottom of the water could result in contamination. Hence, it would be best if you observed how much food the fish eat and the leftover food to reduce the food waste.

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Can bettas kill danios fish?

Danios and betta have similar characteristics. Both fight for their territory. Depending on each group’s male in the tank, the dominant effect would shift from one group to another. Betta could stress out when they see the danios are reaching their territory more frequently.

Can bettas kill danios fish?

Also, betta does not like to have other fish roaming around their female. Betta becomes aggressive if any other fish try to have a close encounter with their female. 

In contrast, the danios also attack the betta if they find betta crossing their territory and trying to have a close encounter. Both will attack each other fins and make them challenging to swim in the water. 

Chasing each other is standard action you would see in both the fish when they are afraid of each other. Ensure that they get sufficient space to live else. They may kill each other.

How many danios fish can you keep with your betta?

There are two ways to decide the number for the housing betta with the danios. The most common method is the size of the tank. Two to three betta and an exact number of danios could live comfortably in the 10 gallons of a fish tank. 

As the number of fish grows, you have to upgrade the tank to offer more space for the fish. 

Both fish are very active, and they feel comfortable when there is plenty of swimming space around. Also, they like to live in the densely planted water where they will have hiding space.

Fish become stressed when there is no hiding space in the water. 

They will preditor will attack them at any movement if they do not find the hiding space. Hiding space offers them relaxing time. Make your tank betta and danios friendly to keep the calm.

What temperature do bettas and danios fish need?

Danios and betta are immune to a wide range of water temperatures and changing water chemistry. The ideal temperature in the water should be between 70° and 78° F.

The Ph level should be controlled between 7.0 and 7.8 and water hardness between 3 and 8 dkH.

Can danios live with female bettas?

Yes. Danios can happily live with the female bettas. Female betta is less aggressive compared to the male. However, they do not appreciate when other fish chase them after they become pregnant. They see other fish as a threat to their fry. 

Thus, they try to protect themselves from other fish during this period. Danios prefer a slightly cooler temperature suitable for breeding.

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