Can Betta fish live with Malawi?

Housing Betta fish and Malawi in the same tank would not be good. The reason for that is they both are territorial fish. 

Can Betta fish live with Malawi? No. Often you will notice the fight between both of them. Thus, you should avoid having them in the same tank. Ultimately, the outcome will be destructive.

Can Betta fish live with Malawi?

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What to do if your Betta is chasing Malawi?

Betta is territorial fish that would attack any fish having a close encounter with them. As soon as Malawi enters the Betta’s territory, the Betta becomes aggressive and pushes Malawi away from their home.

Find the ways to stop the Betta from chasing Malawi.

  • A large size tank will offer sufficient space for the Betta. There will be fewer close encounters with the fish keeping them away.
  • Densely planted regions will also keep the fish in the distance, making them stay safe and the other fish in the tank.
  • Multiple food dispensaries would also separate the fish from each other. If you have a single dispenser to supply the food, there is a high possibility that the Betta will attack the other fish during the feeding time. A separate food supply dispenser will keep them away from each other. 
  • Compatibility of the fish is also critical for keeping the aquarium safe for both the fish. Because they all possess aggressive nature; thus, they will fight to protect their territory. So it is better to place them in a separate tank instead of keeping them in the same tank. The Betta is not compatible with Malawi.

How to use a temporary partition to separate betta fish from Malawi fish?

A temporary partition made of transparent glass could teach the fish to stay in their territory. The fish will soon develop the region and avoid sneaking through other fish’s water in the tank.

How to use a temporary partition to separate betta fish from Malawi fish?

The transparent glass will make the fish aware of other fish in the tank, but they will not have close encounters.

Slowly the temperament of the fish will go down, and they will learn to live with each other peacefully.

Control water temperature to a suitable condition to prevent the Betta from developing stress and anxiety.

Betta should be kept in pairs. The male and female betta will balance the environment in the aquarium. It will also keep the male Betta busy around the female.

Can betta fish eat Malawi food?

Betta fish is a carnivores species. They eat anything they find in the aquarium. The only condition for the food is that it should fit in their mouth.

Betta fish food list

  • High-quality pellets
  • Flakes
  • Freeze-dried food
  • Frozen food.
  • Live food
  • Mosquito larvae
  • Bloodworms
  • Brine Shrimp
  • Wingless Fruit Flies
  • Mysis Shrimp
  • Live plants

Malawi fish food list

  • Pellets or flakes
  • Plant-based food
  • Lettuce, broccoli, peas, cucumber
  • Shrimp 

What Size Tank is best for Betta with Malawi?

Both the fish grow large in length; thus, they should be kept in the tank with sufficient space. A large tank offers adequate space for the fish to swim freely without bothering the other fish. 

The 20 to 30 gallons of water are recommended to house Betta and Malawi in the same tank. 

Besides that, you also want to add some decoratives to separate the fish. A large tank will offer you the space to have maximum decoration without harming the personal area of the fish. 

As the fish grows in length, they will enjoy the space around them because there will be no limitation.

Can betta fish kill Malawi?

Both Betta and Malawi are aggressive fish; thus, the consequences will be lethal when they go into a fight. It is difficult to say which one will win if they are fighting for territory. The most probabilities are the Betta will win the battle because they are daring. 

They do not bother about the outcome. Once they decide that they want to protect their territory and the male Betta, they attack the other fish straightforwardly. 

Also, the agility of the betta fish will give an advantage in the fight. As the fish take charge of the water, they will keep pushing the Malawi fish away from their place. 

So it would be best if you kept them separate and far away from each other. It will be challenging to decide which one survives and which one dies, but you will experience the loss whatever the outcome is.

How many Malawi fish can you keep with your Betta?

You can have around 8 to 10 Malawi fish with Betta in 30 gallons of the tank. The Malawi fish lives in the groups in their natural habitat. 

Single fish would stress out or may develop anxiety. Growing stress would result in health problems for the Malawi fish. Thus, you should avoid placing it in the tank alone. 

Also, the Betta requires sufficient space to swim. If they find less space in the aquarium, they might start attacking the other fish in the tank, making the place hostile.

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What temperature do Betta and Malawi need?

The Malawi fish require a water temperature between 24-26°C or 76-79°F. Water temperature should be adjusted according to the region you live. Check the water temperature regularly to ensure it floats between the desired temperature. Water too cold or too hot may hurt the health of Malawi. 

What temperature do Betta and Malawi need?

The Betta lives in temperatures between 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit in their natural habitat. Water too cold may kill the Betta as well as it will have adverse effects when the temperature rises beyond what they can bear. 

Similarly, the betta fish is also sensitive to the water temperature change. The immune system of the betta fish becomes vulnerable, and soon it will die due to health problems.

Hot water makes both the fish uncomfortable. They will stop eating the food. Also, the movement of the fish will reduce drastically.

Can Malawi live with female bettas?

Yes. You can house Malawi with the female betta fish. It is recommended to have female bettas as a companion for Malawi because female Betta is less aggressive than males. 

The frequent fight can be avoided when you have female Betta in the tank. So it is wise to have the Malawi and female bettas together in the tank.

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