Can Angelfish Live With Bettas?

Accommodating two fishes in the same tank depends upon the fish’s nature, temperament, and type. However, Angelfish are more aggressive and territorial. Bettas can be kept safe by ensuring that the Angelfish is placed in a tank with plants and driftwood pieces because they tend to explore there.

Can Angelfish Live With Bettas? Yes, Angelfish can live with bettas if both fishes are peace-loving and docile. In most cases, it is seen that both fishes live in harmony. 

Can Angelfish Live With Bettas?

Angelfish are fairly hardy fish, whereas bettas are not as tough. They need to be given some time to adjust to each other before living together permanently. 

It would be best to do your research. Carefully selection of the right fish and proper tank maintenance is essential for any tanking endeavor.

If both of them are not compatible, then a risky situation would be that one of the fish is hurt by the other, and thus, in this case, it will be best to keep them in separate tanks.

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What to do if your betta is chasing angelfish?

There could be many reasons for chasing going on inside the tank. Some of the common causes are the aggression of fishes, the small tank, etc. So if you see your Betta chasing Angelfish, then you can keep them in two separate tanks till the anger is reduced.

If you have less space in the tank, buy a new big tank that fits both of your fishes. You can also add decorations and stones to keep the bettas and angelfish distracted. They like to explore new things, and in this way, they would not get in each other’s way. 

At last, if you have a poorly maintained tank, this can also poke the Betta to chase angelfish. It would be best to clean the water regularly to keep the water environment up to their need. 

Can Betta Fish Eat Angelfish Food?

Yes. Betta fish like to eat angelfish food, and you can feed the same food without any doubt.

Food plays an essential role in keeping both fish out of aggression. Take care of fish health, and it is necessary to give nutritional food.

Thus, you can find various food items to the diet of both bettas and angelfish to get all types of nutrition according to your need.

Can Betta Fish Eat Angelfish Food?

List of food that will be healthy for your Betta fish and Angelfish

  1. Vitamins enriched flakes
  2. Live food 
  3. Frozen and dried food items
  4. Worms such as earthworm
  5. Daphnia
  6. Fish pellets

Pellets are the most recommended type of food for both bettas and angelfish. They are affordable and readily available in pet stores. Most pellets come in small, medium, or large sizes, and they can be fed to your fish as a treat or as the main course. 

The pellets break down quickly into smaller parts so your fish will not choke on them. Also, do not give the same food over and over to your fish. 

This makes them lose interest in eating, which can be harmful to their health. You should give them food at least three to four times daily for proper growth. 

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What Size Tank Is Best To Betta With Angelfish?

The Factor that decides whether your bettas and angelfish would live correctly in peace or not is tank size. So before getting fish, buy a right-sized tank that has enough space to accommodate both the fishes.

Both Betta and angelfish have different requirements related to tank size. For example, Betta needs a five to ten-gallon tank, whereas angelfish need a minimum of 15 -20 gallon tank.

So you should buy the larger size of the tank to accommodate both the fishes. The more the size of the tank and the space in it, the more they will leave peacefully. 

Having a right-sized tank is not enough; you also should know about the process of maintaining it to keep fish comfortably in it. Thus having a fish at your home as a pet is a very responsible job, and you have to keep a regular check on keeping the tank clean. 

Can Betta Fish Kill Angelfish?

Keeping Betta and angelfish in the same tank is very difficult as they both have less temperament towards anger. Both the fishes are considered to be territorial and equally aggressive.

Can Betta Fish Kill Angelfish?

But this does not mean that they would kill each other. But yes, it can have a lot of chasing, fighting, and nipping fins in the tank. This is normal for these fishes, but you have to watch out for this condition and find the situation adverse.

Take immediate action on it accordingly. But if you are responsible and are taking care of their living requirements, then in most cases, you would be fine.

So don’t worry as until now, there is no single case where betta fish has killed angelfish in the house aquariums. 

How Many Angelfish Can You Keep With Your Betta?

It is advised to keep three to five angelfishes with a betta. The angelfish requires some breed fish to play and live happily with a betta. Also, the Angelfish prefer to socialize with other fishes, whereas bettas are considered loners.

Keeping the three to five angelfish also reduces the aggression in bettas. This also reduces the bettas chasing angelfish. 

What Temperature Do Betta And Angelfish Need?

Bettas are tropical fishes that typically thrive at temperatures between 24°C and 28°C, while angelfish prefer warmer water with a range between 26°C and 30°C. You can adjust your aquarium heater or stick with these optimum ranges for both fish if necessary.

Remember that bettas and angelfish need more oxygen content in the water than other types of fish, so you’ll need to keep your aquarium well-aerated.

In addition, it is recommended to leave around 10 percent of your tank unoccupied, so you can use the water for changing temperatures. 

This way, you can make necessary adjustments for your Betta or angelfish without worrying about harming other fish.

But if you fail to maintain the water temperature, it can hurt your fish’s health. They can suffer from infection and as well parasite-related diseases

Can Angelfish Live With Female Bettas?

Yes. Angelfish can live with female bettas, and in fact, it makes the owner’s job easy to keep them peacefully together. It is seen that the female bettas are less aggressive than male bettas.

The female bettas tend to live in peace and harmony with other fishes, like angelfish. Thus, if you think of accommodating the bettas with angelfishes, go for the female bettas. 

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