What Is Betta With A Prolapsed Rectum?

Prolapsed Rectum condition is not a common ailment, but some bettas can suffer from this type of injury. Some causes and factors might contribute to this condition, and since it’s not too often, it is common for the owners to get worried.

What Is Betta With A Prolapsed Rectum? A prolapsed rectum causes the anus of a betta to protrude outside their body. If you see a pink color growth from under their body, they might be suffering from the Prolapsed Rectum. 

What Is Betta With A Prolapsed Rectum?

The experts claim that this condition is treated on its own if you properly take care of them and their needs.

They need a clean water tank that would speed up recovering from this health issue. Thus you should be extra careful with a betta with the prolapsed rectum and maintain the proper temperature of the tank or your aquarium.

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What causes fish anal Prolapse?

  • Constipation

The first cause may seem obvious, but the Betta might have been constipated.

Since bettas can swim backward and forwards, this can cause the rectum to get stuck outside of the anus.

At that time, opening it up for germs and bacteria to enter leads to a serious infection if immediate attention is not paid.

If Betta is constantly constipated or doesn’t seem like they’re “going” at all during their routine, this should be your first thought.

  • Internal Wound

Another possible cause is that the fish could have an internal wound somewhere on its body. If a betta suffers an injury from disease or parasite, then the internal skin of the fish could become deformed until it pokes out from their anus.

This is more common if your Betta had the Bacterial Gill Disease, which has been known to cause similar conditions in young fish.

  • Presence Of Foreign Matter In The Body

Another cause is that the fish might have swallowed something foreign and is trying to expel it by swimming backward and forwards because they can’t do so by spitting it out. This could be anything from food to gravel or another betta’s sucker.

If your Betta doesn’t have any external injuries or wounds, you can try lowering the temperature of the water and adding more air bubbles to it.

However, since this condition can be dangerous for your Betta, you should first consult a veterinarian to see what they say before doing anything else.

How to treat Betta fish Anal Prolapse?

Prolapsed is a natural condition in betta fish that causes their anus to escape the body and poke its way out. The prolapsed organ can be unsightly and lead your pond-spawned friend to great discomfort in this condition.

While your pet needs to heal with time, there are some things you can do to ease its pain and improve its quality of life.

How to treat Betta fish Anal Prolapse?

By following these steps, you can keep your Betta from succumbing to prolapsed in the future:

  • Keep a steady water temperature of around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This will help your Betta’s body to heal from prolapse faster.
  • Stop overfeeding your Betta. Feed him only what he can eat in an hour or two from this point onward. Do not leave the food sitting for a while, as this can lead to stomach ulcers.
  • Ensure that you have the right lighting environment for your fish. He must be kept in a well-lit tank with bright and indirect lighting, yet out of direct sunlight, since this can cause damage to the fish’s skin on his tail area. You also want good ventilation while keeping the temperature around.
  • It would be best if you washed your hands thoroughly before and after handling bettas. This is because they are very susceptible to infections of all kinds due to their weakened immune systems. This can lead to infections of the external wound or digestive tract, which can kill the fish or cause it great pain.

Be sure that you don’t use tap water to fill your tank. Tap water is full of large and small minerals that can damage the fish’s body if ingested.

In addition, try to use distilled water or purified water when filling your tank as these are less likely to contain harmful bacteria.

What causes the Anal Prolapse in Betta fry?

Anal prolapse is a condition in which the fish’s innards stick out of its anus. This generally occurs when fry are not given enough room to swim and hide from one another.

It can also happen if fry eats any food they should not, such as algae wafers, which often contain too much protein to handle. Several different things can cause anal prolapses. 

You can change the betta fry diet, and the problem should be solved. Betta fry digestive system is not developed in the baby stage, which is the matter of this case.

 If it was not diet-related, it’s better to assume that some traumatic tissue injury caused these symptoms. The most common cause is overcrowding.

Atrophy of the anal fin can damage the anal fin tissue, making it weak and more prone to injury.

Therefore, to decrease the risk of prolapse in your betta fish, it is essential to give them enough room by giving them an unfiltered tank with more water volume.

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What precaution to take to avoid Anal Prolapse in Betta?

Some experts recommend discontinuing feeding live food into your tank and eating frozen foods only to avoid this painful condition.

What precaution to take to avoid Anal Prolapse in Betta?

If you must feed live food into your tank on occasion, you mustn’t overfeed any particular type of food; they should all get equal amounts.

Also, if you’re looking to avoid anal prolapse in your Betta, it’s essential to examine the causes first. 

Keeping your fish pets healthy is your responsibility, so you should focus on giving them a nutritious diet.

Use high-quality food items in their diet because the cheap ones can get your fish infected or do not contain nutrition at the amount your fish needs it. 

Apart from the food habits, you should also maintain the tank properly by cleaning it regularly. Do not leave your fish unattended for days if they suffer from Anal Prolapse.

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