Can A Black Moor Goldfish Live With A Betta Fish?

Betta fish is an aggressive and attacking fish compared to black Moor goldfish. And also, betta fish do not think twice about chasing other fish when the tank space is small. 

Can A Black Moor Goldfish Live With A Betta Fish? No. the Biggest problem with the Betta fish is the territorial dispute. Betta fish go along with less number of fish. Black Moor goldfish doesn’t compatible with the Betta fish. Also, Goldfish breeds are known to produce a lot of fish waste. It could affect the betta fish’s health.

Can A Black Moor Goldfish Live With A Betta Fish?

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What to do if Betta is chasing Black Moor Goldfish?

Changing water conditions could be why Betta chases the black moor goldfish. High-stress levels, anxiety, and various other problems develop due to the Black Moor Goldfish in the tank affecting the betta fish. 

Besides that, the Betta fish creates territory where other fish are not welcomed. 

Can Betta fish eat Black Moor Goldfish food?

Food is an essential part of the fish. Enough food supply for a fixed duration keeps the fish calm and relaxed. Thus, ensuring a good diet for the fish will enable you to maintain peace in the aquarium. 

We have listed down the food that both the fish prefer to eat. Note them down and follow the die to keep your fish happy.

Black Moor Goldfish Diet

Black Moor Goldfish eat almost all kinds of food they find in the tank. The diet includes the following foods.

  • Aquatic plants
  • Algae
  • Snails
  • Worms
  • Shrimps
  • Dry fish food
  • Frozen fish food
  • Pallets
  • Pieces of the fish

Betta fish may also like to eat dry as well as live food.

The nutritional value of the food keeps the health of the fish intact. Betta fish mostly prefer high nutritional pellets and flakes. Serve them regularly to keep them calm and relaxed. 

List of the betta fish food

  • Pellets
  • Flakes
  • Green Vegetables
  • Bloodworms
  • Live pray
  • Frozen food
  • Shrimp

Mix their diet to keep them comfortable with the food. Also, the change in the diet keeps the Betta interested in the food. They will enjoy their feeding time and use it to improve their health.

Excess amounts of additives affect the fish and make them vulnerable to various diseases. Pick only high-quality food that offers the assurance of the ingredient mixed in the food. Buy the food that ensures the product is suitable for the fancy Goldfish.

What Size Tank is best for Betta with Black Moor Goldfish?

The betta and black moor goldfish can live comfortably in 30 to 50 gallons of water. The size of the tank is relative to the size of the fish. Also, the number of units should be considered when deciding the tank size. 

What Size Tank is best for Betta with Black Moor Goldfish?

The large size of the fish demands more space to swimming space. Also, ensure the decorations are placed in the back. Keep the front area free for swimming. 

Placement of the substrate, decorative, and other essential elements should be arranged in a way that doesn’t compromise the living space of the fish.

Can betta fish kill Black Moor Goldfish?

No. Black Moor goldfish may have a frequent close encounter with the betta fish. But the betta fish sometimes become too aggressive when they find their place in the tank has become secondary. 

Can betta fish kill Black Moor Goldfish?

Other fish try to dominate the tank, and the Betta start attacking them. When the situation worsens in the water, the Betta will attack the Goldfish.

The fight will start with the chase. Betta will chase the Black Moor Goldfish when they enter their territory. 

As the stress grows in the Betta, the next attack will be on the fins of the Black Moor Goldfish. Betta will nibble the fins of the other fish in the tank, making them less effective in swimming. 

As the Goldfish slowdowns, they start finding a quiet place to rest in the corner. Their agility drops, and their stress level develops. 

Soon after that, the Black Moor Goldfish will lose interest in the food, directly affecting their health. Eventually, the Black Moor Goldfish die due to less nutritional food and health problems.

How many Black Moor Goldfish can you keep with your Betta?

You can have one betta fish with the tank’s 2 to 4 Black Moor goldfish. Betta fish can live alone in the tank. They don’t partner to survive. However, it is recommended to have a combination of the Male and female. 

The Male will be busy attracting the female and staying away from the other fish in the tank. Pair of the betta fish keep the male calm.

What temperature do Betta and Black Moor Goldfish need?

The betta fish require water temperature between 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit (21–23 degrees Celsius). Changes in the temperature make the betta fish vulnerable to various diseases. It is essential to manage the temperature to a suitable condition. 

What temperature do Betta and Black Moor Goldfish need?

Also, the stress and anxiety developed due to the water change reduce the agility of the fish. You will find the betta fish is spending more time in the tight corners or hiding behind the plants.

The Black Moor Goldfish is sturdy in changing water conditions. It can deal with a wide range of water temperatures without harming the health of the fish. 

Black Moor goldfish need water temperature between 60-75°F. Rising temperatures make the fish develop stress. 

Also, the fish will stop eating the food. Thus, you have to ensure that the water temperature stays in control.

The pH level of the water also rises when the water temperature changes. It is essential to know that the fish will react wired when things don’t work the way you want. You will be able to see the behavior change in the fish when the water temperature is changing. 

Rising temperature is harmful to the Blackmoor goldfish. Control the temperature with the water replacement method. Also, reduce the water temperature with the air conditioning system in the room.

Can Black Moor Goldfish live with female Bettas?

Yes. Female Betta is a perfect companion to all kinds of fish. The Blackmoor goldfish can live comfortably with the female bettas. They are less aggressive and thus do not cause trouble to Goldfish. 

The fish’s territorial instincts are also less than the male betta fish. Female betta fish jell in the tank with other fish comfortably.

It will not harm the other fish in the tank or affect the water condition. 

So if you plan to keep Betta with the Goldfish, always prefer having the female betta fish with the Goldfish in the tank.

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