Can parrotfish live with a betta?

Are you plan to buy a blood parrotfish fish into your home fish tank? It will not be a good idea to keep blood parrotfish with bettas.

Can blood parrotfish live with a betta? No. Parrotfish are known for their calm nature. They cannot live around aggressive fish such as betta. If you put them with the betta, they will become easy targets. Parrotfish like to live in the slow-wave current water surrounded by natural resources such as plants.

Can parrotfish live with a betta?

They do not dwell easily with the other species.

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What to do if your betta is chasing blood parrotfish?

Betta is very aggressive by nature. They generally get into territory disputes with other fish. Betta needs ample space around them to live, and thus when they see other fish wandering around their territory, they will start attacking them to safeguard their interest.

Also, betta would not gel with the Parrotfish. They see them as a threat to their territory. Even the large size of the parrotfish could not save them from betta.

Betta fish directly attack the fins of blood parrotfish and make them difficult to swim. The growing stress due to attack could result in health issues in the betta.

Soon parrotfish become stealth, and they will stop eating the food, which worsens the situation. If the attack continues, the parrotfish could die eventually.

What Size Tank is best for bettas with blood parrotfish?

Betta needs plenty of fish to explore the water. They generally try to inspect all the corners and space in the water. During this process, they may face other fish in the tank and may become aggressive. Betta is very sensitive about their territories; hence you should offer them sufficient free space in the tank.

  • A large size tank

Betta with parrotfish would need a large tank of a minimum of 30 gallons of capacity. Parrotfish increase when the water condition is suitable. The 30 gallons of water is enough for the one Parrotfish with the few bettas.

If you plan to have a school of fish in the tank, then increase the size of the tank accordingly. Remember to offer plenty of space for both species.

  • Hiding places and live plants

Moreover, use the decoratives, plants, and rocks to separate their territories and offer sufficient hiding space for a betta. The betta feels anxious when they are kept in the tank with little or no hiding space. They will feel threatened by the attack of the other fish.

  • Provide suitable food for both fish

The food-related dispute could also make them aggressive. So when you put both the fish Betta and Parrotfish together, ensure that you have a separate food dispenser for both groups.

The betta will not allow the parrotfish to reach their territory. They should not be coming close during their feeding time. If they do, they will attack the parrotfish and try to keep them away from their space.

Every additional fish would need at least 10 gallons of water. Both the species need a good amount of free space, so you should consider the need while putting them together.

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Can bettas eat parrotfish food?

Blood Parrotfish are algae eaters. The whole time they were found eating algae off coral reefs. They keep the coral reefs clean by removing the algae from the surface and growing faster.

Betta, on the other hand, eats all types of food. The fish also eat algae, but they do not survive only on an algae-based diet. Betta needs nutritional food to grow faster and live a healthy life.

Both fish have different food needs; thus, you should arrange the habitat that provides them a sufficient amount of natural food for their growth.

Parrotfish play a significant role in cleaning the reefs and providing them with the perfect condition to grow underwater. The parrotfish contribute to keeping the sea bed clean and suitable for all kinds of living beings.

The fast growth of the algae could make the sea bed inhabitable. The Parrotfish limit the development of the algae by eating them continuously and protecting the environment from vanishing.

Can bettas kill blood parrotfish?

Yes. There are possibilities that the betta could kill parrotfish when they have a frequent close encounter with them. Betta mostly gets into territorial disputes with the other fish. They try to protect their habitat.

Can bettas kill blood parrotfish?

 Also, when they see other fish wandering in their water, they become more aggressive.

They do require space for them as well as their community. Especially, a betta is alert about the female betta. They do not allow other fish to have close encounters with the female. Male betta protects the female betta and protects them from other fish or males in the same water.

Why are parrotfish always hidden in the betta fish tank?

Betta may not kill blood parrotfish directly with the attack, but they tear down their fins. Betta nibbles the fish fins and makes them challenging to swim in the water.

When such a condition arises, the parrotfish become afraid of betta. They try to run away from them and hide behind the plant or rocks.

However, a small tank would not have sufficient hiding space for them. Hence, there are high chances that all the betta fish would work together to ensure the parrotfish do not reach their territory again.

Growing stress and anxiety could make them fall sick, and eventually, the parrotfish will die due to health problems.

It is advisable to keep an eye on the fish tank activities when you have betta with the parrotfish together. If you observe any dispute in the tank, you should take charge of it and move the parrotfish to another tank.

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How many blood parrotfish can you keep with your betta?

You can keep two parrotfish with 3 to 4 betta in a single tank. Keep more female betta and one or two males. The betta male generally becomes aggressive when they find the other male is dominating the water.

How many blood parrotfish can you keep with your betta?

Depending on the size of the tank, you can decide on schooling. Do not have too many fish in the tank. Also, consider the growth of the parrotfish.

They increase and occupy the ample space in the tank. It may affect the habitat and make the betta anxious when they see Parrotfish attack their territory.

What temperature do bettas and parrotfish need?

When you school the betta and blood parrotfish together, ensure the water temperature stays in moderated condition. Ideally, the water temperature should be between 78 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit for bettas and between 82 and 84 degrees for parrotfish.

Control the water temperature in between this given temperature to keep both of them relaxed.

Can parrotfish live with female bettas?

Betta is generally known for its aggressive nature. When you want to keep them with the other fish, you prefer having more female bettas and a few male bettas around them.

Female bettas are less aggressive than male bettas though they can share their space with parrotfish comfortably.

Parrotfish and female bettas could have perfect companionship in the large size water tank. Remember to offer them plenty of space to wander around.

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