Can cherry barbs live with a betta?

Cherry barbs fish are good tankmates, and barbs are easy to maintain and feed because you can provide a wide range of foods.

Can cherry barbs live with a betta? Cherry barbs also consist of aggressive nature similar to the betta fish. Thus, placing the fins nipper in the tank with the betta could end up in disaster. Water condition in the tank with the tank size large enough to offer sufficient swimming space for both is essential to keep them calm.

Can cherry barbs live with a betta?

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What to do if your betta is chasing cherry barbs?

Firstly, increase the size of the tank. Betta is territorial fish that do not allow other fish to enter their territory. When the Cherry barbs sneak into the betta community, they become aggressive.

Large size tanks keep them away from each other, and there will be no dispute over territory. Moreover, use the plants to create hiding space in the tank. When they do not find each other, the chasing will stop.

Can betta fish eat cherry barbs food?

Betta fish can eat any food found in the aquarium, and anything that fits into their mouth would become betta food. They belong to the Carnivorous animals that eat larvae, insects, bloodworms.

When the habitat consists of less food, they survive on the live plants, and Betta eats the plant’s leaf and persists for a few days. 

Plant roots are also part of their diet. However, the plant-based diet will not fulfill the requirement of the fish. It may make betta sick, and eventually, they will die due to lack of nutrition.

So do not overfeed the plant-based food to the betta. Combine live food and frozen foods to make them live a healthy life.

Like Betta, Cherry Barbs also eats anything they find in their habitat, and they are not peaky about their food.

Cherry barbs are omnivorous species that live on the Algae, plant matter, Diatoms, Insects, Worms, Crustaceans, and zooplankton.

When kept in the aquarium, you can mix their diet with some live and vegetable diets to offer them complete nutritional food. Make a nutrition-rich meal for the fish to improve their health and boost their immune power.

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What Size Tank is best to betta with cherry barbs?

Minimum 15 gallons of water is essential for keeping betta and Cherry barbs together in the aquarium. Offer one gallon of water per fish, so they have sufficient water in the tank to swim.

What Size Tank is best to betta with cherry barbs?

Too many fish in the small tank could create disaster. Both the fish are aggressive by nature, and they end up fighting for territory and food. 

Additionally, consider the plantation and decoratives in the tank. If these plants occupy more space, then increase the size of the tank. The 30 gallons of water to house five cherry and betta fish would be sufficient. 

Can betta kill cherry barbs?

Yes. There are possibilities that the betta fish will kill the cherry barbs. The betta attacks the small fins of the cherry barbs and chases them in the tank, making them develop stress.

Without the fins, the cherry barbs will be vulnerable the various disease. Bacteria will take place on their broken fins, and they will die.

Therefore, while housing the betta and cherry barbs together, you know how to handle their aggression. If you do not allow betta to swim in the tank comfortably, they develop anxiety and attack other fish.

How many cherry barbs can you keep with your betta?

You can comfortably house 4 or 5 cherry barbs in the 15 gallons of a tank with betta fish. The size of the fish also determines how much space each fish will require. If the Cherry barbs have more than 1 inch, you should consider having a larger tank.

Like betta fish, cherry barbs are also territorial fish that protect their territory from other fish. 

It will be challenging to manage their aggression in the small tank if you put a similar number of betta fish with the Cherry barbs. So take the decision wisely and observe their behavior for a few days to make themselves comfortable with tank mates.

What temperature do betta and cherry barbs need?

Betta and Cherry Barbs fish need a temperature between 75° and 80° F. The fish are immune to surviving in the higher temperature; however, you should not let the temperature frequently rise as they may make fish aggressive.

What temperature do betta and cherry barbs need?

Good filtration, heater in the cold weather, and weekly water change are essential to control the water condition in the tank. 

With the temperature, you should control the pH level in the tank. Keep the pH level between6.8 and 7.8 and alkaline level between 3° and 8° dkH (50 ppm to 140 ppm). Increased pH levels also contribute to the rise of temperature and make the water contaminated.

Thus, you should test the water every day using digital equipment, so there will be no issues in the long run.

When the water temperature drops, the cherry barbs will become less active. You will find them spending more time behind the plant or in the caves.

They develop stress and become vulnerable to the disease. A similar impact can be seen on the betta fish as they enter into warmer to cold temperatures. 

Betta would try to spend more time on the surface and consume oxygen from fresh air. The unusual behavior is a clear sign that the betta and Cherry barbs are dealing with the health problem.

If the condition of the water continues, they will soon become sick and die.

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Can cherry barbs live with female bettas?

Yes. Cherry barbs would be the perfect companion for the female betta fish. Both the fish live in a similar habitat, which reduces the maintenance of the aquarium. Also, food safety would not be an issue. Cherry barbs and betta eats identical kind of food so they can share their food. 

Female betta is less aggressive, which will balance the equation in the tank. The Cherry barbs would love to share the space with female betta without dispute and live together happily.

Put 3 to 4 female betta and one male betta so the male will be busy impressing the female and not bother the Cherry barbs. 

It is advisable to observe the behavior of the Cherry Barbs and betta when you put them together in the same tank.

Any fish not comfortable sharing the space and showing more aggression should be immediately kept in a separate tank. If you provide the fish large enough tank, they will live comfortably with each other.

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