Can Betta Fish Live With Cardinal Tetras?

Cardinal tetra is peaceful pet fish, and you can keep that fish easily in your community tank without any matter.

Can Betta Fish Live With Cardinal Tetras? Yes. If you think that your Betta would be too aggressive for tetras or cardinal tetras would nip fins of bettas, then it’s not the case. The bettas aren’t picky about their habitat and will easily integrate into a community tank with cardinal tetras.

Can Betta Fish Live With Cardinal Tetras?

Just make sure you provide them with plenty of space and disguises in your aquarium to avoid feeling stressed out.  

They also prefer a pH level between 7.0 and 8.0, the same range as their tank mates’ water. 

Since bettas can’t swim backward, they’re better off in a larger tank where they won’t bump into their neighbors or other living things when exploring for food or hiding places. 

If you’re breeding bettas, stick to similar fish as tank mates like cardinal tetras.

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What To Do If Your Betta Is Chasing Cardinal Tetras?

Betta fish have been in the aquarium hobby for decades, yet many owners of these fishes often have no idea what to do if their Betta is chasing Cardinal Tetras. 

This is because most Betta owners are often unaware that there are a few different types of betta fish, some of which may be aggressive towards other species that swim in their tank. 

To stop betta chasing, you can separate your tetras for a while and add some of the decoration like rocks and other things to distract other fish. 

You can also separate your fish into two other tanks for a while to make them comfortable with each other. 

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Can Betta Fish Eat Cardinal Tetras Food?

Betta fish are known to be picky eaters. Therefore, it is generally recommended that you provide them with live or frozen foods. Live food options are bloodworms, daphnia, mosquito larvae, brine shrimp, and worms. Frozen foods include bloodworms and krill. 

Cardinal tetras are omnivores, meaning they will eat both plant and animal-based food items in the wild. Therefore, they will eat boiled or frozen peas, garlic, lettuce, other greens, and algae. 

You can also feed them live food options such as bloodworms, daphnia, and mosquito larvae once in a while. However, you should note that too much plant-based food will cause the cardinal tetras to develop digestive problems.

Also, note that tetras require more meaty food items than other fish. This is why you should refrain from feeding them plant-based food regularly. 

Instead, it is generally recommended that you provide them with fish flakes as their main diet since they are high in protein. 

Nonetheless, they also need supplements of vegetable-based foods now and then to ensure good health.

What Size Tank Is Best To Betta With Cardinal Tetras?

As you know, the cardinal tetras are the schooling fish, and you would need a minimum of four to six in your tank with bettas. 

Thus, choosing the right sized tank to accommodate both fishes becomes essential. That is why you can buy a minimum of 20 gallons water tank, which would be enough for them to live. 

But if you do not have any budget problems, go for the 30 gallons to make it more comfortable for the fishes to hide and have a private place to relax and swim. 

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Can Betta Fish Kill Cardinal Tetras?

No, the betta fish won’t kill cardinal tetras until the tetra lives peacefully and remains in their hiding spots. You would see some signs of aggression from either of them.

Can Betta Fish Kill Cardinal Tetras?

This is normal, and they would play, hide, bite each other’s fin sometimes, but they definitely wouldn’t kill each other. 

It is agreed that the bettas have very little temperament than tetras and can be too aggressive, but cardinal tetras are capable of saving themselves from betta attack. 

You would not find a case in a regular house aquarium of betta killing a cardinal tetras fish while living together. 

How Many Cardinal Tetras Can You Keep With Your Betta?

Whether you’re looking to create an aquarium or just wondering how many fish your Betta can handle, Cardinal tetras are a great choice.

The only thing you have to pay attention to when keeping these fish in space. You can keep five to six cardinal tetras with your bettas. 

You may be thinking that because they’re schooling fish, there’s no way they’ll work in a 10-gallon tank with one Betta, but don’t worry. 

Cardinal tetras are not just beautiful colored fish, but they are also easy to care for. 

You can keep them in small enough quarters that you don’t need filters, making it even easier to accommodate this schooling species. 

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What Temperature Does Betta And Cardinal Tetras Need?

Cardinal Tetras are freshwater fish that originates from Central America. These adorable little guys are one of the easiest things to keep alive in your aquarium due to their low maintenance requirements, but they need a little help heating their water. 

What Temperature Does Betta And Cardinal Tetras Need?

It is vital to know what temperature they need so that you can keep them at their happiest and your aquarium thriving. 

Just like Cardinal Tetras, Betta Fish do not require as much heat to thrive either, but still enjoy being properly heated all the same. Both the fish need water temperature around 73°F to 81°F.

And if you can’t keep the water up to this temperature, the fish can suffer from many health complications and diseases. 

In addition, they can have digestive and bacterial problems with the low temperature of the tank. 

Can Cardinal Tetras Live With Female Bettas?

The living of cardinal tetras depends upon the female bettas and the fishes’ behavior. In general, the cardinal tetras are peaceful creatures who love to swim, hide, and explore their environment. 

Female bettas are also less notorious than male bettas, and therefore it is found that they make a pretty good tank mate. 

Another reason why they both can be accommodated with each other is their similar environmental need. 

They both need similar water temperatures and space in the tank to live. So you sure can go for cardinal tetras to make them live with female bettas. 

Make sure that you are regularly clean and regulate the tank’s temperature according to their need. 

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