Can Danios Live With Guppies?

Danios are sometimes referred to as dragon fish because they have long bodies that resemble a dragon’s tail. They are usually greenish, but sometimes are silver or red. 

Can Danios Live With Guppies? Yes, you can house your Danios with the guppies in the same aquarium. These two fishes are compatible and have peaceful nature. Moreover, they both have similar living conditions, making it easy for the owner to accommodate them together. 

Can Danios Live With Guppies?

They are considered freshwater fish because they prefer freshwater to saltwater. Guppies are small fish with long tails and a straight line behind their heads. 

Even though guppies are small, they are very active and playful, which is why you need other fish to match their energy level.

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What To Do If Your Danios Are Chasing Guppies?

Danios are notorious for this behavior. It may seem that there’s no way to stop them chasing guppies, but that’s not true at all. Here are some helpful tips on how to handle these little fish.

  • Remove Danios 

The first thing you should do if you find your Danios chasing after guppies are removed the danios and place them in a separate container. 

This will give them time to calm down while they receive less stress from the guppies they are used to eating. When you feel they are calm enough, add the danios back into their aquarium and leave the guppies in their container for now.

  • Separate Guppies and Danio by Dividers

 Make sure that there is a barrier between where your guppies live and what your Danios’ can’t get into swim.

  • Add some hiding place 

Another tip to stop the chasing is to add some live plants and decorations in your tank. You can add fake plants, stones, fake houses, or anything to give fishes a place to hide. 

They will be distracted and will not chase each other. 

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Can Danios Eat Guppy’s Food?

Yes, Danios can eat guppy’s food as they both are tropical fish and have somewhat similar nutritional requirements. 

Food and the feeding habits of guppies and danios are also why they are compatible with each other. And why you can keep both your fishes together in the same tank. It would be best to feed your fish correctly with a balanced diet. 

To keep them healthy and to meet their daily food requirement, you should provide them twice or thrice a day. 

The food items which are suitable or healthy for both danios and guppies are:

  1. Tropical flakes
  2. Blood worms
  3. Lettuce
  4. Peas
  5. Spinach
  6. Carrots
  7. cucumbers
  8. Live food such as daphnia, mosquito larvae 

What Size Tank Is Best To Danios With Guppies?

Danios and guppies may seem like an unlikely mix, but in fact, it can make for an excellent aquarium hobby. 

What Size Tank Is Best To Danios With Guppies?

However, when setting up your fish tank and deciding on what size would be best for your little swimmers, it is essential to consider both of these fish’s needs. 

This is the only way to create a healthy habitat where they can thrive in the tank.

So with that said, the experts recommend a minimum of 1-2 gallons per inch of fish so you can keep everything happy and healthy. 

Now it is time to decide how many danios and guppies you are thinking of keeping in a tank. The number will finally select the right size tank. 

For example, a 20- 40 gallon tank would be enough if you keep four danios and four guppies. 

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Can Danios Fish Kill Guppies?

No. Though danios have a high temperament and peaceful nature, they can show some signs of aggression due to different reasons. 

Guppies are small fish, and if you have young guppies in your tank that are not capable of overcoming danios, they can get them killed in worse situations. 

It is advised to keep the adult guppies in a group of three to five to keep the balance in your aquarium. 

Therefore, danios tend to show excessive aggression when other fishes poke them. Thus you will often see the chasing and nipping of fins between fishes. This is common behavior of fishes which you will notice regularly. 

How Many Danios Can You Keep With Your Guppies?

Danios are not schooling fish, but still, they prefer to live in groups. So the experts advise the owners who are thinking of getting danios is to keep at least three to four of them. 

How Many Danios Can You Keep With Your Guppies

The fish need other fishes of their kind if you want to house them with some different breed of fish. 

Keeping the danios in the group will make watching the fish easier. The danios would not chase the guppies, decreasing the chances of chaos in the tank. This will make sure that both the danios and guppies leave peacefully. 

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What Temperature Do Danios And Guppies Need?

With a water temperature of around 15 to 25 degrees Celsius, both danios and guppies will be fine. These are the best and optimal temperatures for your fish to live. 

You should start by testing the water temperature in your aquarium, and then you should adjust it from there. 

Because Danios get along well with other species, Keeping Danios and Guppies together allows both species to experience different conditions.

This helps them be more accustomed to their surroundings. 

To make sure you have healthy growing fish, keep the accurate temperature of the tank all the time. 

The low temperature of the water can harm the health of the fish. They can suffer from indigestion, vomiting, etc. They can have diseases related to the stomach. 

Generally, the low temperature decreases the fish’s metabolism and results in tired fish. Your fish will feel lethargy all the time and will be seen sleeping in the tank. 

Can Danios Eat Guppies Fry?

The guppies are the livebearers, whereas the danios are not, and that is why guppies produce fries during mating season. 

If you have danios and guppies in your aquarium, then the fries can be a little challenge for you to overcome. 

Because the danios can eat guppies fry, they tend to feed on them if they do not get food on time. As an owner, you have to protect the fries, and there are several methods to do so. 

You can put the fries in a separate tank to protect them from the danios. 

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