Can Clown Loaches Live With Guppies?

Clown loaches are fish often found in the aquarium and other tropical fish breeds. They are tiny, have funny-looking faces, and stand out from the crowd. Many people do not know if these little fish can live with guppies.

Can Clown Loaches Live With Guppies? Yes. Clown loaches and guppies are good companions to live together in the same tank without any matter. You have to take care that you buy the right sized tank to make them live swim comfortably in it. 

Can Clown Loaches Live With Guppies?

Although they usually inhabit slow-moving waters such as silt or soft mud, clown loaches can still share your tank with guppies. 

Guppies and clown loaches can live together because they are fairly peaceful fish. They can help each other out. 

The clown loach will feast on pest insects that may infest your guppy’s tank, while the guppy will keep the clown Loach Company. They make a good team.

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What To Do If Your Clown Loaches Are Chasing Guppies?

If you own clown loaches and guppy fish, you might find that your loaches like to chase the guppies. This behavior is usually harmless, but there is no need to continue if it distresses you or your fish. 

Here are some things to do if this happens.

  • First, turn off the lights in your tank at night so the little fry sleep better and stop moving about so much, which can lead to clowns following them around more than they would otherwise. 
  • This should help them stay put in their tanks at night when they are supposed to be asleep anyway.
  • Next, move the guppies to a different tank. 
  • This can be a good solution if you do not want to give up your clowns and do not want to chase them out of your tank.
  • There is no need for you to keep them in the same tank as the clowns all day, every day. 
  • You can also add sliders to separate the tank to keep the fish alone for some time. 

Another solution to stopping the chasing situations is to add more decorations to the tank. This works as a distraction for them and gives them space to hide and explore.  

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Can Clown Loaches Eat Guppy Food?

Clown loaches are omnivores, which means they can eat both plants and meat. There are some food items you can give to both of your fishes. 

But this does not mean that they do not have any other nutrition requirements. You should bring variation to their diet to not lose any interest in eating food. 

What can you give your guppies and clown loaches?

  1. Pellets
  2. Flakes
  3. Live worms
  4. Dried- frozen food

You should also add some vegetables to their diet to grow overall. 

What Size Tank Is Best To Clown Loaches With Guppies?

A single clown loach can grow as large as six to eight inches, whereas the guppies are small fish around 1 – 2 inches. 

So this demands both its own space and lots of surface area to swim around in the tank. So you should buy at least 20 to 30 gallons of the tank. 

What Size Tank Is Best To Clown Loaches With Guppies?

This tank would be enough for both species to swim and explore. The number of fish you will keep of each species also matters in buying the right tank for the fish. 

Guppies are generally among the top options if you are looking for the best tank mates for clown loaches. 

But as long as there is plenty of space, clown loaches and guppies can get along well together. Apart from buying a water tank, you should keep it heated and maintain a steady temperature according to their comfort. 

Can Clown Loaches Fish Kill Guppies?

Though clown loaches are considered docile, there are situations where they can kill guppies. But when they are in the right tank, they do not kill them. 

So the important thing is to get the right type of clown loach for your tank and see that they have the best water quality possible.

Most people think Clown Loaches are great predatory fish because they have sharp teeth and a bit on their nose, making them look like scary clowns when they swim around your tank. 

These fish are bottom scratchers in the wild and eat anything from live plants to dead rotting vegetation. They do like to pluck algae and meaty foods from the bottom.

They can be kept in community aquariums with most fish that are not small enough for the clown loaches to swallow. 

The tank should be well planted and well filtered with a tight lid, so no fish escape. The tank should also be a large one so that you can add more than one clown loach if you wish because they do get lonely if kept on their own. 

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How Many Clown Loaches Can You Keep With Your Guppies?

It would be best to keep the clown loaches in the small group of three to five with the guppies. Adding fishes of the same species helps maintain the balance in your tank. 

The clown loaches can get aggressive sometimes, and you will see them chasing and fighting with other fishes. 

How Many Clown Loaches Can You Keep With Your Guppies.?

But if they will have fish of their own, they can get more socialized with the other fish. You will also notice the decrease in a stressful situation as now the fishes are living with peace and comfort. 

What Temperature Does Clown Loaches And Guppies Need?

The guppies and clown loaches need similar water temperatures to live, giving them a reason to be compatible with housing them together. 

Would you like to know what temperature do clown loaches and guppies need? Clown loaches like water temperatures in the high 70s Fahrenheit while guppies prefer mid-70s Fahrenheit. 

If you don’t want one of them to be unhappy, you should consider this when putting together your aquarium. 

The pH range for both is 6-8, but clown loaches prefer more acidic water while guppies prefer less acidic conditions. 

 Clown loaches are generally more aggressive towards guppies, so if you have both in the same tank, have a clown loach-only area for the more timid guppies. 

Thus you should not leave your fish unattended for two to three days. Keep the water temperature maintained and regulated if you want the best of your fish health. 

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Can Clown Loaches Eat Guppies Fry?

Yes, the clown loaches can eat guppies fry, and thus you have to worry about their protection. Guppies produce the fries, and they do not take care of their baby fries from themselves. 

The size difference between the clown loaches and the guppies makes the fries a decent meal for the clowns. Also, clowns do feeds on live food, and they eat fries if they are hungry. 

You have to be aware whenever mating season starts, and to make sure clown loaches do not feed upon them, give the food to your fish on time. 

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