Can White Cloud Minnows Live with Guppies?

They are both popular fish, and the white cloud minnow is a schooling fish, whereas the guppy is happy living by itself. So if you are thinking of accommodating them in a single tank, you should do proper research about the water temperature, feeding habits, etc. 

Can White Cloud Minnows Live with Guppies? Yes, the White Cloud Minnows and guppies can live together without any trouble. They both are freshwater fishes and need the same living conditions. Both fish body sizes are similar, and they are perfect tank mates. 

Can White Cloud Minnows Live with Guppies?

White cloud minnows are small, whereas guppies can grow into larger adult sizes, maybe 2-3 inches long. 

In addition, you should consider other factors while housing your fishes like tank size, environment, etc. These all factors are essential to make them live peacefully in the aquarium.

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What To Do If Your White Cloud Minnows Are Chasing Guppies?

It is always a little problematic when you see your white cloud minnows chasing other fish. Sometimes they are just playing, and it does not cause any problems, but you can fix the problem if the guppies are getting scared and hiding. 

The solution is simple, give them more space. You can use a divider to make the tankless open, and this would separate them from each for some time till they get normal again. You can also use some distraction to stop chasing white cloud minnows.

Put some fake plants where your white cloud minnows like to hang out. 

Also, you might find that exposing some of their hiding places to the light will deter them from chasing other fish. In this way, you can stop your fish from chasing in the tank.

Can White Cloud Minnow Fish Eat Guppy’s Food?

As you know, both the white cloud minnow and guppies are omnivores when giving them food. So they require both vegetables and meat food in their diet. 

They both will eat anything you will provide, but you should try to give them a diet full of nutrition to grow their bodies properly. You can feed them food such as:

  • Brine shrimp
  • Bloodworms 
  • Krill 
  • Mosquito larvae
  • Small insects
  • Daphnia
  • Vinegar eels
  • Bread worms
  • Fruit worms

These are some of the food items you can consider giving your fish. It would be best to feed your fish at least two to three times daily to meet their daily food requirements. 

But make sure that you do not overfeed them in taking care of their diet. This can have a bad result on their health. 

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What Size Tank Is Best To White Cloud Minnows With Guppies?

A fish tank’s size is essential to the health of your fish. That includes white cloud minnows with guppies you intend to place in there too. 

What Size Tank Is Best To White Cloud Minnows With Guppies?

This can be difficult because it depends on what kind of tank, how much equipment you want, and the type of fish designed for that size. White minnows are not very large fish, and guppies can grow 2 to 3 inches long. 

So they won’t need a large tank to survive, but there should be enough space for both of them to swim and hide properly. 

So you can buy a 15 to 20-gallon tank, and this size would be enough for them to live happily.

It would be best to also decorate your tank with some plants or stones etc. This would give them your fish something to explore and play rather than getting in each other’s way. 

Also, make sure that hiding place for the fishes as both cloud minnows and guppies are active fishes and like to hide and spend some alone time there. 

Can White Cloud Minnows Fish Kill Guppies?

No. Many talks have been about whether guppies can survive in a fish tank with white cloud minnows. 

Some say that the guppies will be killed off, while others thrive. 

The fishes’ chasing, fighting, and killing depend upon the fish and their aggression. White cloud minnows and guppies are peach-loving and colorful fish with a good temperament. 

But there can be some causes where they can start panicking and attacking each other. So if you are suffering from this situation, then take action immediately before one fish kills another with continuous attacks.

Also, if you notice frequent aggression in your fish, you should find the cause of it. For example, sometimes fishes do not feel comfortable because of the water condition or are hungry.

If you see your tank dirty and you cannot keep it clean, this is most probably the cause of their aggression.

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How Many White Cloud Minnows Can You Keep With Your Guppies?

While cloud minnows are schooling fishes, they need to be kept in the group of three to six fishes at least. 

How Many White Cloud Minnows Can You Keep With Your Guppies?

It would be best if you tried to keep three to five minnows with three to four guppies. It is advised that you can go for a group of six fishes of both kinds. 

This would make your work a little easier as fish will not be able to dominate over another kind of fishes because due to lack of numbers. 

Thus this will decrease the risk of aggression and any problematic situation in the fish tank. Both the fishes would be able to play with each other easily. 

But it would be best if you kept a regular eye on them to avoid any issue in your tank. 

If you increase the number of fish in your tank, see if they have enough space in the tank. If you think not, try to buy a bigger tank to accommodate them altogether.

What Temperature Does White Cloud Minnows And Guppies Need?

The white cloud minnows and guppies need the same environment to live peacefully in a tank. The optimal water temperature required for the guppy is about 20 to 30 degrees Celsius, whereas, for white cloud minnows, it is 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. 

Your fish require a specific temperature range for survival, reproduction, and growth. If you are not willing to keep it at the correct temperature, you risk losing your aquarium and all fish living within it. 

Thus if you fail to regulate the required temperature of the tank water, then you can notice health issues in your fish. For example, your fish might suffer from vomiting and digestive problems. 

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Can White Cloud Minnows Eat Guppies Fry?

Yes. Guppy fry is small, unfertilized fish eggs that hatch and migrate to the water surface where they can be eaten by adult fish, including white cloud minnows. It is a myth that white cloud minnows cannot eat guppies fry. 

Fry occurs when a female releases eggs into the open water, hatching shortly after due to natural causes. 

Thus, any fish can eat fry from other species if it’s large enough to put them in its mouth, as long as its stomach is strong enough for digesting fry of another species. Also, the fry is not poisonous or will make the species sick.

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