Can guppies live with betta fish?

Guppies are the most common fish among fish lovers, and kids especially like to keep guppy fish in their tanks. Sometimes, fish keepers buy betta fish and put that fish into a guppies fish tank or pond without thinking twice.

Can guppies live with betta fish? Yes. The aquarist can house guppies and betta fish together in the same tank. A big tank is needed to separate them from each other. Both the fish are territorial; thus, it is hard to determine whether they can live happily together.

Can guppies live with betta fish?

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What to do if betta is chasing guppies?

Betta needs more space to build its territory. Use the live plant to hide the fish behind the plant. Chasing is the sign that the betta is not liking the guppies sneaking into their home. When fish are not facing each other more often, they will live comfortably.

Can betta fish eat guppy food?

Yes. Guppies are omnivores fish that eat anything that comes too close to them. Both the fish can share their food plate. For the most part, their daily meal intact is standard. The only condition is the food should fit in their mouth. So there will be no trouble eating betta fish food to guppies. 

Can betta fish eat guppy food?

About the betta fish so they can too each the guppies food comfortably. However, it would be best if you balanced the betta fish’s diet because too much protein is not required for betta fish. 

Give betta and guppies both a balanced diet. Changes in the diet weekly or monthly will help them get the necessary nutrition from the food. Include some portion of veggie pallets.

Betta fish food

  • Freeze-dried foods
  • Live foods
  • Mosquito larvae
  • Brine Shrimp
  • Bloodworms
  • Fish flakes
  • Pallets

Guppies fish food

  • Tubifex Worms
  • mosquito larvae
  • Veggies pallet
  • Brine shrimp
  • High protein pallets

What Size Tank is best for betta with guppies?

The tank size should be a minimum of 10 gallons if you are housing guppies and betta together. The fish are territorial, so they look for space to build their region. In the small tank, the fish will have trouble making their territory; thus, when they encounter other fish in the same water, the betta becomes aggressive. 

Guppies will have to deal with the aggression of the betta more often if the tank size is too small. 

Guppies, on the other hand, would find it difficult to swim in the water. As a result, the fish will develop stress and anxiety. Eventually, the fish will cause damage to itself due to sickness. You will see guppies dying in the small tank.

The tank size should depend on the number of fish in the tank. Too many fish in the small tank could cause chaos. 

The fish would have trouble dealing with many other fish in the tank. The scarcity level will increase when they struggle to get their private space. 

You will notice the fish would start leaving their food untouched. Mostly spend time in the corner of the tank hiding behind the plant. It is not a good sign for the fish and may cause their fish to die. As a consequence, many of the fish will fall sick.

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Can betta fish kill guppies?

Well, the straightforward answer is YES. The betta fish is territorial fish that do not tolerate the presence of other fish in the region. Thus, when the other fish enters their area, they become aggressive and start attacking them. 

Can betta fish kill guppies?

Betta does not care what size and shape the fish are; they want the fish to stay away from their territory. 

Betta starts the fight by chasing the other fish. Betta chasing guppies is a sign that the betta does not like the guppies. The guppies frequent close encounters bothering the fish. Any fish that imposes a threat to the betta becomes their enemy. 

Guppies would be an easy target to the betta. Fins of the fish get eaten when they face the betta fish. Guppies will become vulnerable when their fins and tails are broken. They need special attention when they are going through a fight with the betta fish.

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How many guppies can you keep with your betta?

In 10 gallons of fish tank, you can house up to 4 to 5 guppies with 1 male betta fish. If possible, keep the one betta in the guppies tank because the single would stay calm and not bother other fish in the tank. 

Give more space to the guppies with sufficient hiding space built using the live plant. The guppies will also fight for the territory. It is better if you keep them alone without a partner. 

The guppies must have fewer close encounters with the betta fish. Betta only attacks when the fish is having trouble managing their space. It keeps the betta calm and relaxed.

What temperatures do betta and guppies need?

Guppies and betta are comfortable in the water temperature between 75 to 82 Fahrenheit. Control the temperature to a suitable condition to avoid a negative impact on their health.

Use the heater in the cold temperature. Use the water heater near the pump so the disposing facility will move the heated water in the tank, and circulation will be balanced. 

What temperatures do betta and guppies need?

In the case of the hot temperature, perform regular water changes to ensure the water maintains the temperature. A cooling device may be needed, such as an Air conditioner in the room to manage the water temperature.

Cold water condition reduces the agility of the fish. As the water condition becomes lethal, the fish will fall sick and die. 

Hot water also causes the fish to stop eating. A breathing problem may occur when the water is heating and reaches an unbearable condition. So have to be aware of the water temperature every day. Use the thermometer to check the water temperature every day.

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Can guppies live with female Bettas?

Yes. Female bettas are considered suitable companion fish for the guppies due to their less aggressive nature. Compared to the male betta fish, the female does not bother other fish in the tank. 

As a result, the fish will live happily with other species and allow everyone to flourish in the same tank. They will live together and enjoy the surrounding. You can even keep them in the group of fish.

Most importantly, the guppies have less interaction with the betta fish. They can go anywhere in the tank and find their place in the aquarium. No attack from the betta would allow them to explore the region comfortably.

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