Can Rainbow sharks live with bettas?

Can Rainbow sharks live with bettas? No, it is not recommended to put these two species together. There will be no issue in large-sized tanks when fish are kept together with proper arrangement. As the fish get larger, they will have a territory dispute with each other.

Can Rainbow sharks live with bettas?

Also, when they face unexpectedly, they will fight and chase.

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What to do if your rainbow shark is chasing betta?

Once the rainbow shark goes to adult size, they start developing a sense the territorial dispute. When they see other fish in the same water, they attack them and put them away from their territory. The Rainbow shark needs ample space to swim. 

In the small size tank with betta fish, they will find conjunction and make them more stressful. As a consequence, the rainbow shark will become more aggressive and start attacking the betta fish. 

As the rainbow shark becomes large, it will start harassing other fish. They will nibble the fins and make the betta challenging to swim in the water. Annoying Rainbow sharks give a hard time to the betta fish and make them hard to survive.

Here is some advice to make proper arrangements in the fish tank, so the betta and rainbow shark live together comfortably.

  • Place the decorating in the tank, so there will be enough hiding space for the betta fish to live comfortably.
  • Feed the rainbow shark and betta on time. Offer them nutritional food, so they will not bother each other.
  • Make the partition using the plants, so both the fish will decide their place with a mutual decision and stay away from each other. 
  • Control the temperature with pH level to avoid the fish becoming anxious.
  • Limit the number of fish in the tank. Depending on the size of the tank, decide the quantity of fish in each group.
  • Reduce the number of male in both the group. The male and female ratio should be between 2:1 in the tank.

What Size Tank is best for bettas with rainbow sharks?

However, the final decision should be taken based on the size of the fish, quantity, and available space in the tank. The 50 to 60-gallon tank would be sufficient to have betta and rainbow shark in the tank.

The fish must get adequate space to swim; otherwise, they will fight with each other, and aggression will develop in the fish for each other. 

The fish should not feel cooped up in the tank. It will have a destructive impact on their health as well as the growing stress would result in a lethal effect on fish.

Can bettas eat Rainbow shark food?

Rainbow sharks are algae eaters. It will keep your tank clean and make the water suitable. Rainbow shark is herbivorous fish, but they are not picky about the food it is served to them. 

Can bettas eat Rainbow shark food?

They can also eat omnivorous food. Algae, wafers, flakes are some of the food they find in their natural habitat. You can offer them this food to fulfill their nutrition requirement. 

They can also eat live foods, including insects, larvae, tubifex worms, periphyton, crustaceans, phytoplankton, zooplankton, and even aquatic insects. If you want to offer vegetables to meet the growing nutrition need, use lettuce and spinach.

Can bettas kill rainbow sharks?

There is minimal possibility that the betta will dominate the water when a rainbow shark is around. Only if the betta is large enough and a rainbow shark is still in an early stage of growth could it have benefits of size for the betta. 

However, once the rainbow shark grows and becomes an adult, it will occupy the space and become territorial to defend its water from other fish. If the betta and rainbow sharks are equal, there will be less likely that the betta will kill the rainbow sharks.

Rainbow sharks are natural fighters, and the betta has to team up if they want to have significant damage to the rainbow shark. 

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How many rainbow sharks can you keep with your betta?

A general thumb rule is to place only one rainbow shark in the aquarium with other fish. They are very aggressive, and more often, they make trouble for other fish. 

Also, too many rainbow sharks will team up, and they all individually start attacking other fish to defend their territory.

How many rainbow sharks can you keep with your betta?

It will be challenging for the betta fish to survive and protect themselves from the Rainbow sharks. As the shark grows, the fish will become more aggressive; they will extend territory in the tank. 

If you put them in the small tank, they will consider the entire tank their own when they find other fish roaming around in the tank.

They will be attacking the fish and trying to put them away from the territory. In many cases, the rainbow sharks attack will kill the other fish in the tank. Rainbow shark eats the fins of the other fish making them difficult to swim.

Use the hiding space

Rainbow Shark do better in large size tanks where they receive an ample amount of water to survive. It is recommended to have the fish in a large tank size above 30 gallons of water. 

The fish could become more extensive, about 6 inches in length. They are very active in the water, so anyone having a close encounter with the fish could make them stressed out. 

Rainbow sharks also like to use the hiding space to have a relaxed time. It keeps them calm and less attacking. Create hollowed-out decor in the water so they can hide for a while from the preditor. 

Betta and Rainbow sharks are compatible with each other only when the habitat is suitable for the fish. Both are aggressive by nature, so they must be kept in the water to stay calm and relaxed.

What temperature do bettas and rainbow sharks need?

Both betta and Rainbow sharks would need water temperature between 75°F to 81°F. Maintain the pH level 6.5 – 7.5. And the water hardness of 5 to 11 DH. Rainbow Shark is very sensitive about the water temperature. 

They quickly get stressed out when the water becomes either too cold or too hot. Hence, it would be best if you considered the water temperature near the suitable condition to comfortably make both the fish betta and rainbow sharks thrive in the water.

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