Can Jack Dempsey live with a betta?

Jack Dempsey is the perfect dish to have in the aquarium. They are very active in the tank making the fish tank alive. Fish can be an ideal pet.

Can Jack Dempsey live with a betta? No. Jack Dempsey could not be a house with other fish such as betta. Sometimes Jack Dempsey becomes aggressive on other fish.

Can Jack Dempsey live with a betta?

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What to do if your betta is chasing Jack Dempsey?

Two essential things bother the betta fish, one is the territorial dispute, and another is food safety. If you can manage both aspects properly, there will be no issues with a betta.

Chasing is the expected behavior that you experience when two different species are kept together in the same tank. The betta fish become aggressive when they find other fish is sneaking into their territory.

Use the large size tank with the densely planted water. The condition will make the habitat natural. Betta will feel safe in the water, which eventually reduces their concern over the predator attack.

Can betta fish eat Jack Dempsey food?

Jack Dempsey is the carnivorous fish. They love to eat live food such as insects, larvae, small fish, and worms. The Jack Dempsey can eat anything that fits in their mouth. It is one of the biggest concerns of the aquarist.

Because if you put any other tiny fish in size, they can become easy food for the Jack Dempsey. 

You can also feed them pallets, dry fish food, frozen bloodworms.

The Jack Dempsey survives on a wide range of fish food, so there will be no issues with the food type when you house the fish in the tank. Jack Dempsey does not eat plant-based foods, so you can comfortably put the plant in the tank. Fish rejects plants based diet.

Betta is also a carnivore’s fish that prefer live food. Food high in protein is essential for the betta to stay healthy. Nutritional rich food keeps them agile and protected from various diseases.  

Include the live food in the diet, such as insects, larvae, bloodworms. Mix the food type to provide them sufficient nutrition.

You can also choose to feed them frozen foods. Pallets and flakes are other options that can be added to the regular diet.

What Size Tank is best to betta with Jack Dempsey?

Considering both the fish live in the group, you would need the larger tank of at least 80 gallons of water to house the betta and Jack Dempsey together. The Jack Dempsey becomes larger quickly.

It will occupy a significant amount of space in the tank. When there is no space for the betta to swim, they become aggressive and chase Jack Dempsey. Also, less space force both the fish to enter each other territory.

Food safety would also become a concern for both groups of fish. It will provoke the fish to fight for food safety. Therefore, choose the big enough tank to offer sufficient swimming space.

Can betta kill Jack Dempsey?

The betta and Jack Dempsey share many similarities. They both are predatory fish. When it comes to measuring the aggression level of each species, both are capable of giving a tough fight to their opponent.

Can betta kill Jack Dempsey?

The betta would have to put more effort into providing significant damage to Jack Dempsey.

The only concern that aquarists should have is that the betta likes to eat the fins of the other fish. The fish might attack Jack Dempsey’s fins and tail.

Damage fins would make it hard for the fish to live underwater. It will reduce their agility and make them develop anxiety.

Betta might not be strong enough to kill Jack Dempsey, but they will build fear in the fish. Growing stress and anxiety would make the fish weak over time. Their appetite will get reduced, and eventually, they will fall sick.

How many Jack Dempsey can you keep with your betta?

You can put 2 to 3 Jack Dempsey in the 60 to 80 gallons of the tank. A similar number of the betta could be kept in the same tank.

Ensure that you have plants in the tank to provide hiding space for the fish. Without hiding space, the fish develop anxiety and become sick.

How many Jack Dempsey can you keep with your betta?

Remember that the Jack Dempsey proliferates. They can grow up to 8 to 12 inches in length in a few months.

You should consider their size when housing them with betta fish. If you find the tank is too small to offer them sufficient swimming space, you need to change the tank size.

What temperature do betta and Jack Dempsey need?

Both betta and Jack Dempsey need the moderated temperature. Too much fluctuation could result in the development of stress and anxiety. Maintain the temperature between 72-86°F.

The betta fish is more flexible in the changing temperature. They adapt to the water condition quickly. But you cannot say a similar thing to the Jack Dempsey.

With the water temperature, consider maintaining pH level to 6 to 7, and water hardness should be maintained around 9 to 20 dGH.

Water change affects the health of the betta fish. Their health gets impacted due to a drop in the temperature. 

Warm water also develops stress in the betta. A similar impact can be seen in Jack Dempsey. Both the fish react to the temperature change immediately.

The first sign of the temperature impact could be seen when the fish stop eating the food. Their appetite reduces. More leftover food in the tank is a clear sign of something wrong.

Can Jack Dempsey live with female bettas?

Yes. The Jack Dempsey and Female betta could be the perfect pair to have in the aquarium. Both the fish will live happily in the tank without bothering each other. One of the reasons female betta is chosen whenever they are house with other fish is their calm nature.

The female betta fish are relatively more relaxed than their male partner. Also, the female betta spends their time hiding behind the plant.

The other fish in the tank has to deal with less aggression. Provide sufficient food for the fish so they do not bother each other during the feeding.

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