Can betta live with Fiddler Crabs?

If you plan to keep Fiddler Crabs in your fish tank, you need water and sand.

Can betta live with Fiddler Crabs? No. You should not put betta and Fiddler crabs in the same tank. The Fiddler crabs attack any fish reaching close to them with the help of their sharp pincers, and they will tear the fish into two pieces. 

Can betta live with Fiddler Crabs?

Also, Fiddlers’ crabs live in brackish saltwater, and freshwater may not suit the Fiddler crabs.

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What to do if your Betta is Chasing Fiddler Crabs?

Betta chase any living being they find in their territory. When the fiddler crabs try to sneak to the betta, they will become aggressive and start attacking the fiddle crabs. 

However, a fight between the betta and Fiddle crabs would be one-sided because the Fiddle crabs will dominate the fight. 

The Fiddler crabs have a strong cover that protects them from any creature. Also, crabs pincers is one of the powerful too that they have to fight with the enemies. Betta would not survive of pincers attack and get seriously injured.

Here is a list of the things you can do to stop betta from chasing Fiddler Crabs

Large Tank

Betta generally lives on the surface, whereas the Fiddler crabs will house themselves bottom of the tank. Tanks large enough in size would separate them and put them both in the safe position. 

The large tank also ensures that they do not have close encounters frequently. So if you are housing the betta with the Fiddler Crabs, ensure that there is sufficient space in the tank for both the species to wander around enjoying the surrounding.


A densely planted tank could prevent fiddler crab from hiding behind the plant. Also, fiddler crabs are naturally trained to hide, so that identifying them behind the rock would be difficult. 

They pull the gravel and tiny rock on them to create the rock-like structure around them. When they are hidden behind the plant, betta would not be able to find them easily.


Feed the sufficient amount of food to keep them calm and relaxed. Nutrition plays a significant role in their life journey. When they have enough food in front of them, they will not bother other fish in the tank. 


Use different types of decorative to create a barrier around the betta and Fiddler crabs. They have to be separated and not allowed to come close to each other. 

Prevention is better than cure, so make fences that will put them away from each other. Decorative such as stones, gravels, net, plants, trees would be the best option to keep the betta from Fiddler Crabs.

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Can betta fish eat Fiddler Crabs food?

Fiddler crabs generally eat Algae found on the rocks and leaves. Also, tiny bacteria and decaying marsh plants would become their food. Fiddler crabs search under the sand and gravel for the food particles. 

Can betta fish eat Fiddler Crabs food?

Fiddler crabs can easily be anything that regular fish eats, and they should be small enough to fit into their mouth, and the particles will become their food. Betta, on the other hand, would eat the algae sometimes. 

The betta may not eat everything that Fiddle crabs food, but the fiddler crabs can eat everything that betta eats. So you do not have to worry about the crabs, and food that reaches the bottom of the tank would serve the food for the Fiddler Crabs.

Can betas kill Fiddler Crabs?

No. There is no slightest possibility of betta killing fiddler crabs in the fight. The fiddler crabs are covered with a thick layer on the top that protects them from enemies. 

When any species attack them, they push themselves inside the shell and defend themselves from the attack. A stone-like exterior gives them a sturdy appearance. Betta would not be able to have the slightest damage to the Fiddler crabs.

Moreover, if betta tries to attack the fiddler crabs, the fiddler crabs will be ready to fight. He will also attack with his sharp knife-like hands that will have the power to injure the fish seriously. 

It would be a bad idea for a betta to attack the Fiddler crabs. The crab may not give another chance to betta, and they may get killed in the process.

How many Fiddler Crabs can you keep with your betta?

Fiddler Crabs and Betta are generally housed in the community. You would need 2 to 3 units of each species to keep them comfortable in the tank. It is advisable to have 20 gallons of the tank for housing betta and Fiddler Crabs. 

How many Fiddler Crabs can you keep with your betta?

They both would need free space around the tank, making it easy to explore the region. 

The small-sized tank will make them face each other more frequently. Betta will become an easy target for the Fiddler Crabs and get killed in the fight. It will be challenging for the betta to get out of the Fiddler Crab’s grip once they are caught.

What temperature do bettas and Fiddler Crabs need?

Both betta and Fiddler Crabs can survive in changing temperatures. The optimal temperature for both would be 78-80º F (s25. 5-26.5º C).

Check the water temperature more frequently to ensure the water is suitable for the betta and Fiddler Crabs.

Can Fiddler Crabs live with female bettas?

Mostly Fiddler crabs are not compatible with any of the fish. Close encounters with the fiddler crabs may put them in a dangerous position. Crabs attack the fish and injure them, which makes fish eventually die. 

The benefits of having female betta in the tank are they generally busy with their stuff. 

So they will not bother other creatures in the fish tank. There will be less possibility that the betta female will start fighting with the Fiddler Crabs. 

They do not have a strong desire for the territory, similar to the male bettas. Though it is difficult to put them in the safe when the fiddler crabs are around, a special arrangement is needed to protect them.

Betta and Fiddler crabs would only enjoy sharing when you have a large tank with sufficient hiding space for both species. 

Maintain the tank in the proper condition and do not allow them to have frequent close encounters. Separate their food and other activities to the fiddler crabs do not bother the bettas.

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