Can I Keep A Betta And A German Blue Ram?

Can I Keep A Betta And A German Blue Ram? Yes. You can house betta and German Blue ram together in the tank. German blue Ram is not typically a fins eater. If you are willing to keep these two fish together, it is recommended to have female bettas and wild-type bettas.

Can I Keep A Betta And A German Blue Ram?

Male betta could have a territorial dispute with German Blue Ram.

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What to do if your German Blue Ram is Chasing betta?

There are several reasons why the German Blue Ram would chase the betta. Here are the reasons behind it and how to deal with the chasing problem.


Fish chase other fish when it is breeding time. The male becomes more aggressive during the mating and starts chasing any female he encounters nearby. Coupling problem is more common in the fish tank during the mating seasons. Therefore, it is advisable to have more female in the tank compared to the male. 

Territory Dispute

When two different species are living in the same water, they start fighting for the territory. Every animal goes through this problem. Especially the male fish try to defeat the other male fish reaching to their water.

Fish are afraid of invading their space and taking their females away. Thus, they ensure that no fish take charge of their troops and enter the water nearby. 

Territory disputes can be avoided with the hiding space, decorating, and live plants. Also, use the large size tank, so both the groups have sufficient swimming space.

Two different species mustn’t face each other frequently. Fish become anxious when they find other fish sneaking into their place.

Fight for food

The place where food is poured into the tank should not be common for two different species.

Use two different corners to feed the fish. This will allow both the species to stay away from each other and eat the food without fighting.

Food is a vital part of living beings. When they see their food is at stake, they become aggressive and start attacking other fish. Handle the situation wisely and use two different places away from each other to feed the fish. 


Novice may have limited experience of handing two different kinds of fish. Hence, overcrowding can be seen in the tank. Fish need adequate space to swim. When they are having trouble swimming around and exploring the region, they get stressed. Avoid overcrowding in the tank. 

Fish will fight more often if they face each other more frequently. There should not be more than 2 to 3 pairs of each species in the tank at any given point. Depending on the size of the tank, take the decision and separate the fish in the different tanks.

Incompatible fish mates

This is one of the most common mistakes fish keepers make when they house two different types of fish in the tank.

Aquarius chooses the fish companion based on the assumption that they will get together in a few days and the fight will be over. However, this thought is far distant from reality. 

Fish would have a difficult time when they find incompatible fish mate around. They will fight often and damage each other.

Hence, you should be very alert when you are selecting the fish mates. Choose the compatible fish for the fish tank to live together happily and not affect each other’s health.

What Size Tank is best for bettas with German Blue Ram?

A minimum of 20 gallons of the tank is recommended for betta and German Blue Ram. Both the species are very active, and they like to explore the region more often. Thus, the free-swimming space is crucial to keep calm and happy. 

What Size Tank is best for bettas with German Blue Ram?

The large tank provides the fish plenty of room to interact with the natural habitat, such as live plants, algae, and other decoratives. A small tank could be suitable if you do not overcrowd the tank.

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Can bettas eat German Blue Ram food?

German Blue Ram is not picky about the food. You can offer them any food that fulfills their healthy appetite. Dry food such as pallets, flakes can be served to them regularly. German Blue Ram will be comfortable eating the betta food. 

Combine the dried food such as freeze bloodworms, dried tubifex worms with the life food. Brine shrimp, cyclops, bloodworms, and Mysis shrimps could provide nutrition to the fish and help them to grow faster.

Can bettas kill German Blue Ram?

It may be possible that betta will kill German Blue Ram when things are not going well between them. Tank size, water condition, and food supply are primary reasons betta would get aggressive and start attacking the other fish in the tank. 

Can bettas kill German Blue Ram?

It is vital to know that the fish is aware of other fish in the tank. When they experience their survival is at stake, they become aggressive and try to mitigate the competition in the tank. 

Betta starts stressing out the German Blue Ram by chasing them. When the fish is found alone, betta will attack the fins of the Ram and eat them, making the fish less active. 

Fins are essential for the fish to swim and manage their health. Once the fins are torn into pieces, the fish will become less agile. Eventually, the fish stop eating the food and die.

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How many German Blue Rams can you keep with your betta?

You can have pair of the 2 to 3 German Blue Rams with a betta in the 20 gallons of water. The final decision should be based on various factors such as the size of the tank, available space in the tank, size of each fish, etc. 

Ensure that you take care of the fish health while choosing the number of fish in the same tank. Do not overcrowd it else, and the fish will have trouble with each other. You will find them getting into trouble more often.

What temperature do bettas and German Blue Ram need?

Manage the temperature between the 78-85°F. pH range: 6.0-7.5. When the water condition is lethal, the fish will have trouble living a healthy life. Control the natural environment in the tank, so fish will have fewer problems while sharing the space with other fish. 

Betta and German Blue Ram could have a health problem if the temperature becomes too cold or too hot at any given point. Their agility decreases, and the fish are prone to fall sick easily. Use a digital meter to measure the temperature regularly.

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