Why is male Betta not building a bubble nest?

Building a bubble nest is a part of male betta’s behavior. Betta fish need a suitable environment to build a nest. The plant or object near the surface encourages the Betta to have them near the surface. It needs support to keep the nest in one place and not floating with the flow of the water.

Why is male Betta not building a bubble nest? The main reason is male Betta is still not comfortable in the tank to build a bubble nest. Therefore, your tank water current should be minimal. Otherwise, male fish will not make a bubble nest. When a male cannot see the female fish, Betta will not actively build a nest.

Why is male Betta not building a nest?

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Is it bad if my Betta doesn’t make a bubble nest?

Generally, betta fish decide to build the nest when the water condition in the tank is not suitable for the eggs. So naturally, male betta fish protect the eggs from unexpected events such as a change in the water temperature, lack of oxygen, and attack from the predator.

The surface water is close to the air, which keeps it oxygen-rich. Betta uses these natural phenomena to protect their eggs from the lack of oxygen at the bottom of the water. Building a nest near the water’s surface enables the eggs to stay healthy and get the required oxygen from the water.

In the wild, betta fish lives in the dirty or shallow water or near the puddles where the oxygen level is significantly less at the bottom.

So they are trained to build the bubbles at the surface to protect their eggs and newborn fry. The bubbles contain oxygen and control the moist in the environment. It keeps the air oxygen-rich.

There is no harm if the betta fish is not building a bubble nest. Betta fish decides to make the nest based on the water condition. If they find the oxygen is not the problem and there is plenty of space to lay the eggs in the tank, they will not put effort into the building bubble nest.

How do I encourage my Betta to have a bubble nest?

Male betta fish do anything to protect the eggs and allow the fry to come out healthy eggs. It is the male’s responsibility to protect the eggs from the changing environment. After the female produces the eggs, the male Betta takes charge and starts to prevent damage.

How do I encourage my Betta to have a bubble nest?

Constructing a nest near the water surface is one of the male Betta’s protection methods to keep their eggs healthy. Carefully constructed bubble nests near the surface create the shield around the eggs and protect the eggs from direct sunlight.

Building a nest will be the personal choice of the Betta. You cannot force them to create the bubble nest. However, you can create a situation where the Betta would get encouraged to build one in the tank.

Step by step guide to follow to create the suitable condition

  • Moderate the water temperature regularly.

Balance the temperature between 70 to 80 degrees F. The water temperature changes the mood of the betta fish.

The water that is too cold or too hot would make the betta fish lethargic. Fish will not bother to build the bubble nest and keep the eggs exposed.

  • Betta prefers the stuff around the nested bubble.

Get the plant that is large enough to reach the surface of the water. Any decorative or live plant will do the job.

Plant near the surface helps the Betta to hold the bubble nest in the position. Offering such natural conditions would produce interest in the betta fish, and they may start building the nest at the water’s surface.

  • Adjust your filter setting and reduce the flow of the water.

The fast-moving water surface is not suitable for the bubble nest.

Even if the betta fish build the nest, the bubbles will pop up, and the nest will be destroyed. The betta fish prefer the steady water where they can comfortably put the bubble nest in one place.

  • Test the water regularly to ensure the water is stable and not contaminated in any condition.

Especially the growing ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate would stress out the betta fish when their survival is at stake, and the betta fish avoid anything they have been taught to protect their eggs.

They focus on their survival first instead of building the bubble nest. Change the 10% to 15% percent of the water every week to keep the freshwater flowing in the tank. If the betta fish is kept in the small bowl, change the large quantity of the water per week.

  • Use the mirror to make male betta alert about the opponent in the water.

When the betta fish see other males around them, they build the bubble nest to make the female happy.

Their instinct triggers and they start building the next near the surface. They do this to protect territory and show off in front of the female.

How long does it take a male betta to make a bubble nest?

It takes 2-3 days for the male betta fish to complete their bubble nest. Water condition in the tank is one of the factors that determine how long the bubbles will sustain. The speed of the nest building also depends on several factors.

Also, the flow of the filter may damage the bubble nest. So when the betta fish starts building the nest, keep the water condition suitable for the nest building if you want the betta fish to complete their nest quickly.

Why do male betta fish make bubble nests?

Why do male betta fish make bubble nests?

Male show off to their female to attract them through their instinct. Building a nest is part of their breeding process.

The bubble nest indicates to the female that the male is ready to meet and take care of their eggs. When the female sees the bubble nest, it gets attracted to the male, and they will breed.

The bubble nest protects the eggs. Also, when the water condition is lethal for the eggs, the bubble nest near the water’s surface keeps the eggs moist.

Oxygen level at the surface of the water enables the fish to stay protected. Male betta fish guard the nest, wait for the female spawn near the nest and meet with the male Betta.

Can I release female Betta without a bubble nest?

Bubble nests provide additional protection to the fry of the betta fish. It performs as the airbags that offer oxygen to the babies of the betta fish. The bubble nest offers the babies the required oxygen and prevents them from getting lost in the water.

Can I release female Betta without a bubble nest?

In addition, the air trapped in the bubble allows the babies to breathe comfortably and surface longer. Without the bubble nest, the fry may not survive longer if the water condition is not suitable.

However, the bubble nest is not necessary. If you control the water condition carefully and keep the temperature suitable for the fry, the nest would not be required to protect the betta fish’s babies.

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