How do I start a new guppy strain?

Making new guppy strains is not an easy task at all. It consumes a lot of time, and you need to make a considerable effort. It would be best to work more and more to get quality and eye-catching new guppy strain.

How do I start a new guppy strain? First, select the female guppies never bred before. Then, place the male guppies in the tank that resembles your desire guppy strain. Ensure that no other male guppies with different color strains are in the breeding tank.

How do I start a new guppy strain?

If you have different colors of male guppies in the tank, then keep those male guppies away from the breeding tank. Else, you will have a mixed color guppy strain on the newborn fry.

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How do we select breeding pairs to make new strains?

The guppies breed all around the year. While selecting the guppy pair for producing a new strain, first look for the availability of the healthy guppies in the local store.

You might have a desire for a specific color that appears fantastic, but that does not mean you can breed any random guppies and achieve the result.

The breeding process is the transformation of the genes. You need the correct type of guppies to get the desired outcome. Even if you breed the guppies at the right strain color, they might produce completely different guppy fry.

It may take two to three generations of breeding over two years to reach 90% of the guppy strain that you want. Hence, you should be patient when breeding the guppies for the desired strain.

Choose the male and female desire guppy strain

Choose the male and female guppy that resembles your desire guppy strain. Breed them in the separate fish tank and let the fry develop at the age where you can quickly identify the male and female from it. Then, separate the male fry from the tank and keep the female alone.

Now once the male guppy is fully developed, select only those guppies who match your desire strain. Then, put these males back to the guppy tank and wait for the female to lay the fry.

It is a long process and may take few generations of guppies until you reach your desire guppy strain. Most probably, you can reach up to 90% of the guppy strain from the breeding process.


How to Make Your Own Guppy Strain?

Guppy strains are the first thing that attracts the fish keeper. The brighter and elegant look of the guppies strain gives it an identity. When you have hundreds of them in the tank, they look amazing. As a result, guppies have a very demanding market in the fish-keeping industry.

How to Make Your Own Guppy Strain?

The storekeeper breeds unique guppies to meet the demand and sell the guppies at a higher cost. The more the demand, the more price you have to pay to get your desire color guppies.

The cost has made people think of breeding their guppies at home, so they do not have to search everywhere in the store for their favorite types of guppies.

Producing the guppies that you want may appear a good idea at first, but there are several things that you should consider when you decide to breed the guppies for a particular strain. First, getting the right strain on the guppies is long term process.

In most cases, people fail and give up halfway. So before you start taking action, ensure that you are prepared mentally and physically. The breeding process should be monitored regularly, so your availability is of utmost importance.

Follow the instruction to make your favorite guppy strain at home

1) Get the large size tank. Guppy produces hundreds of fry at any given movement when they are pregnant. So you need a decent size of tank to accommodate all of them in a single tank.

2) Select the guppies, three female, and two male, that resembles the desire guppy strain. Remember that the slightest difference between the tail colors will get transferred to the new fry. So choose the right guppies for the breeding.

3) Now, the guppies are in a separate tank. First, ensure that the tank does not have any other guppies. Else, the female guppy may breed with other guppies, and you will have mixed colors of the guppies strain.

4) Once the fry is laid in the guppy’s tank, monitor them regularly. Keep an eye on the male guppies. As soon as you detect the male guppy fries, put them aside in a separate tank. Guppies start breeding at an early age.

If you put the male fry in the same tank where the females are available, they will breed with them, and again you will have a mixed breed of the guppies.

5) When you put only females in the tank born recently, they all will be virgins and may not have to breed during their growing period. Therefore, they are suitable for breeding the right type of guppies that you want to achieve through breeding.

6) Put the selective newborn guppies back to the female tank and allow them to breed with the female guppies of your desire color.

Repeat this process two to three times with the newborn fry. Thus, every generation will have a small portion of the characteristic of their ancestors.

When you repeat the process, after a few attempts, you will have 90% of success in making the design guppy strain. However, it may take several months to a year to reach the goal. So you should be patient and stay focus on the process.

What Does Guppy Fry Need?

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How to feed breeding new strain guppy pair?

How to feed breeding new strain guppy pair?

During the breeding process, ensure that you feed the guppy’s nutritional food. The food they eat also contributes to keeping the guppies healthy and enhances their strain. The brighter color is achievable when the guppies are getting a sufficient amount of food. Do not overfeed them else. They will fall sick, and it may delay the process.

When you buy the guppies from the store, there are possibilities that they might be already pregnant. However, studies on the guppies show that the guppy can hold the eggs for a year.

So if you have purchased the guppies recently, they already might have year-old eggs waiting to be laid down. So in the first breeding process, you will receive mixed results. From the next breeding, you will start getting the desire and controlled result.


Producing a new guppy strain is not a complicated process. Naturally, every species passes its genes to its children. As the guppy produces the fry, they get the characteristic from their parents. You will notice the color acquire from their parents on the tail.

As you continue breeding them with the right pair, you will achieve the desired goal in a few months or years. Follow the instruction and get your design guppy produce at home.

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