What Does Guppy Fry Need?

 Fish owners and breeders usually prepare their aquarium nursery tank as soon as they discover their female Guppies fish are pregnant. The biggest question that comes to mind is: What equipment will they require? Is there a heater, filter, lighting system, etc., I need to get? Let’s start learning what they need exactly.

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What Does Guppy Fry Need? To take care of guppy fry, you need a shallow wide tank between 5 and 20 gallons and place a foam or mesh-covered filter to keep your guppy fries safe, add a few floating plants, arrange set the temperature from 72 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Now you can hang a breeding box side of the breeding tank.

What Does Guppy Fry Need?

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Does Guppy Fry Need A Filter?

Yes. Guppy fry needs a filter system. It should make a slow wave current in the water. It helps to increase the water quality in the fish tank.

If you do not have a proper filtering system in the breeding tank, there is the risk of rising ammonia and nitrate.

The filter also helps to absorb guppy fries waste and retain waste fish food because, as you know, guppy fish need a few meals per day. So water can dirt quickly due to fish waste and sunk feeds.

Baby guppies also eat a lot of fish food. Remember that female guppy fish can give up to 100 babies per batch. So you should have a basic type filtering system in your breeding tank.

Do not use any canister filter because it can suck up guppy fry quickly.

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Does Guppy Fry Need Oxygen and Aeration?

Does Guppy Fry Need Oxygen and Aeration?

Yes. Guppy fries need proper oxygen and aeration to growing fast and healthy. The guppy fry fish could not tolerate low-oxygen conditions.

Baby guppies also need good oxygen levels like other creatures. So you should arrange properly adjust oxygen and aeration to your breeding tank. 

Low oxygen levels create many breathing problems and illnesses.

Do not use the higher-speed air pump to provide oxygen and aeration to your nursery tank because guppy fries are too small, and they can only swim well once they pass their first few weeks.

Running your air pump is essential continuously. Especially do not turn it off at night time. In the nighttime, they need more aeration and oxygen than in day time because fish tank plants also absorb oxygen in the nighttime.

If you did not place a basic filter system into the fish tank, you must buy an air pump for your breeding tank. Otherwise, your guppy fry will die sooner or later.

When the water agitates can make a good oxygen level in the nursery tank. It can easily do an air pump.

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Does guppy fry need a Heater?

Yes, guppy fish is a tropical fish breed, so they cannot live under low-level temperatures. If you live cold area, then you must place the heater with the proper parameters to keep your guppy fish alive.

Does guppy fry need a Heater?

Fix temperature is mandatory. Set the fixed temperature at the correct values and don’t increase or decrease it suddenly. Suddenly up and down temperatures make guppy fries stressed and ill.

Some fish keepers use Incandescent Bulbs instead of heaters to control the temperature. This is not recommended because it is not helpful when living in heavy snow and winter. So use a heater to set the temperature in your fish tank.

Adult fish can tolerate bad temperature conditions, but guppy fries cannot survive when the temperature goes terrible situation. 

The heater can control the temperature regardless of the weather condition, and the best parameter is the 72-85 degree range for these guppy fries.

Always keep a trusted heater because some sunny days night time will be cold, and it directly affects the baby fries.

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Does guppy fry need light?

Yes. Guppy fry like to get the light, especially active more when they get sunlight in the daytime. But it does not mean they need lighting in the night time also.

Daylighting is much sufficient for them, though don’t expose them more to sunlight in your breeding tank because sunlight helps to overgrow the algae in the tank.

Guppy fish need light and dark times, mainly when they rest their dark times. So don’t provide overlighting to the breeding tanks. It will harm baby guppies’ life.

Arrange a 10-12 hrs lighting system for the fish breeding tank, and turn OFF your lighting system during the remaining time.

Using sunlight as your lighting method is better than a commercial lighting system because sunlight slowly decreases in the evening and starts dark. But if you use a commercial lighting system, the situation is different.

Do not arrange too much bright lighting in the fish tank; it is essential because too much bright makes fish stressed. The best method to reduce stress is giving darkness to your breeding tank. 

That is why experts say you should arrange both day and nightlife for your guppy fries because baby fries need rest time, and they will only rest when the darkness arrives.

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Does guppy fry need an air pump all the time?

No. Guppy fry does not need an air pump in the daytime because fish plants generate oxygen in the daytime, and it is sufficient for them. But at night, you need to turn ON your air pump. At night, plants do not generate oxygen.

Baby guppy fry lives both the bottom and top of the surface. At night, guppy fries need the support of an air pumper because of the low oxygen level in the bottom of the tank.

If you have a large number of guppies in the breeding tank, then you should arrange a few lines of aeration to the tank. 

The Air pumper pushes the air into the water, which helps to agitate the tank’s water. When the air pump starts to provide air bubbles, the tank surface starts water currents, so baby fish get a good amount of oxygen.

When you apply some medicine to the tank, that medicine helps cover the water’s surface. At that time, guppy fries suffer from a lack of oxygen, so if you have a hospital fish tank, provide oxygen all the time. An air pump can help you to do this easily.

If you place many live fish plants in the nursery tank, you should remove them at night. Otherwise, it harms your guppy fish because, at night time, plants also start to consume oxygen and release Carbon dioxide. 

Will guppy Fry Survive In The Main Tank?

tiny fish tank


Baby guppies are weaker and more sensitive to the climate. So arranging filter, heater and air pump is essential to them.

Baby fries release a lot of fish waste, so a filter system is a must in your fish tank. The filter can only reduce the ammonia level in the fish tank.

An air pump is not a mandatory thing in to fish tank. But if you can set it up in the fish tank, you can control breathing and low oxygen level problems in the breeding tank. Guppy fries need both day and night, so sunlight is sufficient to grow them healthily. 

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