What Fish Will Eat Guppy Fry?

If you have a few female guppies, you always consider saving your guppy fry from adult fish. If you have a community tank, your problem is a bit complex because it has many adult fish types that can attack and eat guppy fries. Finding the answer is tricky in this situation, but we will help you solve this matter.

What Fish Will Eat Guppy Fry? Any mature freshwater fish tend to eat guppy fry because most freshwater fishes are omnivores. They will chase the guppy fry and hunt them because they will eat any food they can fit into their mouth. But algae eaters will not eat or attack the guppy fry.

What Fish Will Eat Guppy Fry?

So there is no mercy for your guppy fries if they live with mature freshwater fish.

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Here is the table given below who can attack and eat guppy fries

Fish TypeFish will eat guppy fry or not
Angelfish eat
Betta fisheat
Mature guppyeat
Mature Neon tetraeat
Rainbow fisheat
Bottom Dwellersdo not eat

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What fish won’t eat guppy fry?

Guppy fry can survive with few breeds; if you keep with these fishes, your fry has no life threat. 

All the algae eater breeds are not eating guppy fries, and small schooling breeds such as tetras or danios will eat your guppy fry.

What is the guppy fry survival rate?

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What fish breeds tend to eat guppy fry?

When baby guppies are there, almost all the fish breeds tend to eat them because they feel it is a live feed. 

What fish breeds tend to eat guppy fry?

When the guppies fry is born, it looks like a small live feed because of no color or proper shape. As well as, baby guppy fry cannot swim fast in the tank. Due to this reason, they quickly get attacked by other mature fish breeds.

01. Molly fish

Adult mollies look like peaceful fish because they do not start fighting each other. You will see this breed live much more peacefully in the community tank.

But it is wrong; they are unsuitable for keeping with guppy fry. Molly fish is a good hunter of live feeds. 

They eat any live feed, such as micro worms, mosquito larvae, and blood worms.

02. Angelfish

Angelfish is the most tended fish to eat any live feed. So there is no excuse for your guppy fry, and once the angelfish notice baby fries, they will hunt and eat them.

Angelfish is the most popular fish that eats the fish lice bug. So if you keep any angel fish with your baby guppies, immediately remove them from the guppy breeding tank.

Angelfish love to eat more live foods than pellets or frozen feeds. Due to this reason, your guppy fry has less chance to live with them.

03. Betta fish

Betta fish is the most aggressive fish in the community tanks. Don’t expect any mercy from this breed.

Betta fish will not think twice about eating any breed fry; they eat any live feed that fits their mouth. 

As well as, betta fish is too aggressive and violence fish. So betta starts fighting with fry because betta fish does not allow other fish to come to his territory. Even female betta fish is also not good tankmates with guppy fish fry.

04. Mature guppy

If you plan to keep baby fries with female guppies, then both male and female guppies will eat them. Female guppies especially eat fries after birth because females get hungry after the given birth process.

Male guppies are popular as cannibalism, and both guppies and molly breeds do this often.

When you notice guppy fries are swimming in the tank, immediately remove all the adult guppies in the breeding tank.

05. Mature neon tetras

If you are new to pet fish-keeping, you will indeed be misled about neon tetras. You will always be seen them swim together with other neon tetras and look peaceful.

But the truth is if tetras are too small, then there is no harm to your guppy fries, but if you have bigger neon tetras, guppy fries have no chance to live with them.

Neon tetras are a small fish breed, but they can swim fast. So your baby guppy cannot hide from them. Always keep in your mind; baby fries are small enough to fit a tetra’s mouth, and tetras chase any live feed when they notice.

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Is There A Way To Raise Guppy Fry With Adult Fish?

Yes, you can keep adult fish in the breeding box. Another way is to increase the live plants in the tank. Also, you can use a spawning mop for a fish tank.

Is There A Way To Raise Guppy Fry With Adult Fish?
Spawning mop for a fish tank

 You can also buy a few floating plants which help to hide baby fries.

If you can maintain another tank as the fish breeding tank, then it makes safer your guppy fry. Because in the breeding tank no harm to them.

Is bread Micro worm good for guppies fry?

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When you notice a female guppy gets pregnant, moving her into the breeding tank or breeding box is better. Once the female guppy gives birth, you can return to her into the community tank quickly.

Listing the fish breed that eats guppy fries is endless because almost all fish breeds try to eat guppy fries.

Keeping guppy fries in the breeding tank is the ideal method, and once they pass 2 to 3 three months, you can safely move them back to the main tank. If you keep them with other fish, their life is under threat.

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