When Do Guppy Fry Get Their Color?

If you are new to growing guppy fry, we know you are nervous and cannot wait until they get colors. Some guppy fries get colors early than we expect, and some are not getting colors due to weaker bodies. 

When does guppy fry get their color? Fries get their initial color once they pass their first month. When they pass their first four-month age, they get their full-color pattern and achieve intense colors. 

This will be depending their growth speed. So approximately, you will get perfectly colored guppy fish once they age five months.

In the below sections, we will provide how to increase guppy fry colors and speed up their growth. This will be helpful to you if you are breeding guppies for commercial purposes.

When Do Guppy Fry Get Their Color?

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What age’s guppy fry fulfill their color patterns?

Most of the time, pet fish keepers keep guppies due to their bright colors and tail patterns. When you get guppy fries, you should take care of them well. Then you can get perfect colors guppy fry like their parent fish.

If you are a breeder, you always need to understand the color fulfill ages of guppies. Because without proper colors, they also have no demand in the commercial market. 

Generally, guppies mature within their first four months when they get suitable conditions in the fish tank. 

Therefore guppy takes all these four months to achieve their body colors perfectly. So you should be patient and provide them with the best condition all these four months to get excellent colors guppy.

We know you are nervous and need fast-growing fish with perfect colors, but unfortunately, it cannot happen because guppy fry needs their time to grow. Few of them get speed growth, but the rest all take their maximum time of four months.

When the first month passes, you can make hope and expect what kind of colored guppy fish you will get at the end. But if anything wrong happens with your guppy fries, they take two and a half months to show their body pattern with colors.

As you know, there are plenty of new varieties of guppies now in the fish market. So each breed has a different growth speed, colors, and time.

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How Can I Make Guppy Fry Gain Colors Faster?

You can do several things to speed the guppy fry gain color faster. It depends on the fish’s growth speed, so you should speed it up, which will help to gain colors quickly.

How Can I Make Guppy Fry Gain Colors Faster?

Getting intense colors to fish depends on several factors.

You can follow the list below to enhance the guppy fish fries’ colors.

  1. Please keep them in a warm fish tank
  2. Provide high-protein fish food to the guppy fry
  3. Add Dye or Medicines to the breeding tank
  4. Maintain the correct values of the water tank

Keep them in a warm fish tank

The temperature is the most significant factor when you maintain a breeding tank. Guppy fries need 80 degrees F in warm water to live healthily, which helps them keep active. 

Higher warm temperature helps to increase and grow algae in the fish tank. Algae is the best initial food for fry and helps to increase colors also.

When they get sufficiently warm, they grow rapidly and start to get their initial colors. So getting sunlight into the fish tank is ideal when you have a group of guppy fish fries.

Keep in mind; for small fries do not need sunlight the entire day. So you arrange some shades in the noon hours. This will helps to balance the water temperature in your breeding tank.

Provide high-protein fish food to the guppy fry

Feeding higher protein fish food is mandatory more than in warm temperatures. When you provide proper feeds to the fish fries, then guppy fries gain colors quicker than you expect.

So always provide rich protein food, such as live food or popular fish protein frozen pallets.

You can feed raw or frozen vegetables as their feed; we list a few vegetables you can provide to your baby guppies.

  • Cucumber
  •  Carrots
  • Peas
  • Green beans
  • Broccoli
  • Corn
  • Potato
  • Cabbage

You must wash these vegetables properly and need to cut and chop them, then use a blender to blend them well. Finally, you will get a paste, and you can put a small quantity into the fish tank. 

You can provide them live feeds like Moina, brine shrimp, vinegar eels, micro worms, and paramecium in the beginner stage. These are the best live foods when you get guppy fries.

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Add Dye or Medicines to the breeding tank

Some breeders use artificial methods to increase guppy fries’ colors and tail patterns. Some breeders get advice and supervision from vets to do this properly.

This is an unethical method because these breeds cannot continue their colors or patterns because it is an artificial method and not a natural process.

We are highly not recommended to use this if you are a beginner at fish breeding. Adding Dye needs a good level of knowledge. As well as, if you are no experience with this, then you must avoid using Dye or medicines in breeding tanks.

Maintain the correct values of the water tank

Proper water conditions play the leading role in the fish breeding tank. Guppies fries get stressed and face many problems when you provide unappreciated water conditions. Some fries can die, and some can become ill over time.

So always use a water test kit to test water parameters before you place your guppies.

Here are the best water parameters in the Guppy fry breeding tank.

  • Ideal Temperature 24°-28.7°C
  • pH: 7.5-8.5 GH: 12-25 dGH
  • Nitrite: 0 ppm 
  • Ammonia: 0 ppm       

If you notice higher ammonia or Lower pH value levels, immediately change your breeding tank water. You can remove from 25% up to 50% amount of the water level in the fish tank as a quick step.

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Does Guppy Fry Get Their Parents’ Colors?

Yes. If you select the parent breed appropriately, you will get the exact color pattern from guppy fry. But in some cases, they will not get the same body pattern due to hybrid parents.

So before breeding, you must carefully check and pick the right guppy parents for the breeding tank.

Does Guppy Fry Get Their Parents’ Colors?

As well as, if you pick parents from two varieties, then you will get mixed breed or waste breed fries. So if you plan to sell guppies as a business, you must carefully pay attention to this matter.

And if you are not an expert in making a new variety of guppy, then do not mix the breeds because mix breeding is unsuitable for their color pattern and tail pattern. 

But you must understand each fry does not look the same as their parent guppies. So some fries match their parents, and some do not. That is a natural process that humans cannot control.

So for those reasons, don’t be surprised even if you have seen new striking colors of guppy fries in your breeding tank.

What is the guppy fry survival rate?

tiny fish tank

Does Guppy Fry Change Color?

Yes, in their initial stages, they will change colors, which means they will not change color patterns, but they become bright and perfect more than past. That is why people say fries are changing colors.

So don’t expect permanent color from guppy fries in their first two months.

If any guppies change their colors after three and a half months, you should be concerned about that. Because it may be ill or have a weak body, and maybe that fish will not long run and die soon.

Some of the environmental factors also the case for this matter, like low warming water, poor feeding, low nutrition food provide, and constantly changing pH levels, are few of them. If your guppy fries get stressed or fearful for any reason, and if it happens often, their colors change rapidly.

If your fish tank increases its ammonia level, it is also bad for your fries because ammonia helps burn the fish’s body and directly affects the colors and patterns of the tail.


Once four months pass, you will get a bright and colorfully guppy fish, and this is the final stage of color enhancement, so there is no color change.

It does not mean all fries get colors within four months and enhancing stopped. Some fries take more time, and some take less than four months.

Keep feeding high protein feeds to them and arrange a proper tank with suitable water conditions.

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