Can betta fish live with flower horns?

Flower horn is an eye-catching and unique fish and likes to live in freshwater.

Can betta fish live with flower horns? Yes. Betta fish and flower horns are possible in the same tank. However, there are a few factors that you should consider while placing them together. The first one is tank size, and fish grow faster and may need enough space. 

Can betta fish live with flower horns?

Ensure that you have plenty of room in the tank with plants and decorative.

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What to do if your betta is Chasing flower horn fish?

Betta chases other fish when they find their survival is at stake. So find the way to calm down the fish, and everything will be all right.

Here are the ways you can stop betta from chasing flower horn fish.

  • Food

Provide sufficient food for the betta, so they are packed all the time. The fish will not bother other fish in the tank when their basic needs are fulfilled.

  • Hiding space

Hiding space in the aquarium is vital for the fish, and it helps them reduce the stress as they will feel they are safe from the predators. Thus, use the plants and decorative to provide a hiding place for the fish in the aquarium.

  • Tank size

Both the fish betta and Flower horn need sufficient space to swim. When the fish find there is little space in the tank, they develop anxiety. Also, betta and flower horn would have a close encounter which may end up in the fight.

Depending on the size of the fish and the number of fish in each group, decide the tank size. Every fish must get sufficient space to roam around.

  • Separate aggressive fish

Observe the betta and find the aggressive fish. Once you detect the betta that chases more frequently to Flower horn, pull them up and separate them. Keep the betta for a few weeks in a separate tank. It will decrease their aggression, and the betta will learn to live peacefully with the other fish.

  • Decrease the number of males

Betta males are more aggressive compared to females. Reduce the number of males in the tank. Every male should get at least two female partners. It keeps your betta busy around the female, and they will not bother other fish in the tank.

What Size Tank is best to betta with flowerhorn fish?

It would be best if you had a large size tank for housing betta and flower horn fish. Both become aggressive when there is not sufficient space to swim in the tank.

What Size Tank is best to betta with flower horn fish?

It is recommended to have a minimum of 70 gallons of a tank for the betta and flower horn fish. They can fit in the average size tank. The only thing you have to ensure is to have plants and decorative to separate them in the tank.

Can betta fish eat flowerhorn fish food?

Flower horn eats all kinds of live foods, including mysis, krill, bloodworms. You can combine the live food with vegetables and frozen foods to provide necessary nutrition to them. Pallets food also makes a great appetite for the fish and contributes to sustainable growth.

Follow the proper diet for the flower horn as they might eat more and become overweight quickly, which is an unhealthy practice for the fish.

Additionally, the frozen food should be put on the water before providing them to the fish. It will prevent digestive issues in the fish.

Betta would love to eat the flower horn food as they also like to eat live food more than the preserved food. A protein-rich diet keeps betta healthy and allows them to grow faster.

They will be immune to fight any disease and live for a more extended period.

Thus, if you are housing betta and flower horn in the same tank, you can have regular food for both the fish. The only thing you have to consider while feeding the two fish is that they are provided in the separate corners of the tank.

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Can betta kill flowerhorn fish?

When there is insufficient food in the tank, the betta may show interest in eating the fins of the flower horn fish. The fins are made of nutrition, and they taste suitable for the betta. Once they have consumed the fins, they may crave to have more.

Can betta kill flower horn fish?

Flower horns may develop anxiety and stress as the betta start nibbling their fins. It will make the flower horn uncomfortable.

Also, chasing causes the flower horn to feel unsafe in the water. The attack could have a severe impact on health. If it is not handled in time, the fish could die.

How many flower horns can you keep with your betta?

Flower horns live in the group. You should have a minimum of 3 to 4 flower horns in the group. Flower horns are community fish, and they cannot survive long if they are kept alone. Therefore, you must keep them in the group.

Similarly, betta also feel safe when they are in large numbers. To balance the aggression in the water, have a similar number of fish in each group.

Also, it is recommended that you have less number of male and more females in the tank. The female stays peacefully with the other fish in the tank. Male generally try to dominate the water; hence they frequently enter into a fight.

What temperature do betta and flowerhorn fish need?

Betta and flower horn need water temperature between 74° to 80° F. Betta is more flexible about the water temperature. They can survive in high temperatures at 80° F as well.

Thus, you should control the water temperature in the tank and make sure it is suitable all the time for both the fish.

Can flower horn fish live with female bettas?

Yes. Flower horn fish would become a perfect companion for female bettas. Both will love to share the water and food. Please keep them in the large tank that offers plenty of space to swim, and everything will be fine.

Female bettas are less aggressive than males; thus, it makes the perfect tank for any other fish. Betta needs special attention as they sometimes become aggressive.

Put some natural plants decorative in the tank to make the environment suitable for the fish. When the fish find themselves in the natural habitat, they thrive in the water. Their health improves significantly, and they flourish.

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