Can you keep killifish with a betta?

Betta feels stressed when other fish enter their region.

Can you keep killifish with a betta? The answer is no. The killifish and betta is not a companion for each other. Killifish eggs and fry would be easy snacks for bettas. Also, they both possess aggressive natures. When they face each other, they often will fight for territory. 

Can you keep killifish with a betta?

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What to do if your betta is Chasing killifish?

The action of chasing is the most common behavior in the betta fish. They often chase the fish with a long tail. Chasing could occur due to various reasons.

Ensure that betta is not producing harm to killifish. If you notice the betta is trying to bite the fish or nibbling the fins. You should immediately move the fish to another tank and wait for the betta to calm down.

Betta is a territorial pet. They like to safeguard their territory. Thus, they push the other fish out of their surroundings. There are ways you can prevent the betta from chasing your fish. Follow this guide and help the killifish to live comfortably in the tank with the betta.

A large size tank with enough hiding space

Tank with the densely packed live plant would offer enough hiding space for both betta and killifish. Fish are generally conscious of predator attacks.

When they are kept in the open water, they feel unsafe and become more stressed. The densely planted aquarium would keep them relaxed and offer the betta natural habitat to live in the tank.

Providing enough food for both fish

Food safety is another reason why betta would chase the killifish. If you feed them both simultaneously and on the exact location in the tank, then change the process immediately. You should offer them food in two different places.

Let betta eat the food at one corner and give another corner of the tank to the killifish. This way, you avoid a dispute over the food. The food safety causes both the fish to get angry and attack each other during the feeding hour.

Do not add more male killifish

Adding too many males in the tank can be another matter. Males are generally given the responsibility of safeguarding the interest of their community. This applies to the fish as well. When too many male fish are in the tank, they fight over a territory dispute with other fish.

Also, when other fish try to enter their territory, they become aggressive and push the other fish from their region.

Although the situation can be handled with the plantation, you should control the male to female ratio in the tank to keep the environment suitable for both types of fish.

Have more females than males in each group. Females are primarily engaged in laying eggs and fry, so they will not be interested in the territory. If the habitat is suitable, they will not bother the other fish until their survival is not at risk.

What Size Tank is best for bettas with killifish?

The minimum tank size should be around 20 gallons per pair. However, the tank size should be determined based on various factors.

What Size Tank is best for bettas with killifish?

Once the critical part of the aquarium is space utilized for the plantation and an accessible area for swimming. Both the fish betta and killifish are known as an explorer.

They like to swim a lot and explore the hidden region. When they are kept in a small size tank with limited space to swim, they develop anxiety. It could affect health in the long term.

Thus, there should be sufficient space for both the fish to define their territory and stay away from each other.

Can betta fish eat killifish food?

Like betta, the killifish are also carnivores. Betta and killifish can share their food. You can offer frozen foods, brine shrimps, hatch brine shrimp, daphnia, larvae, and bloodworms.

Feed them a combination of pallets and live food to fulfill their nutritional requirements. Offer the food in moderated condition.

It is vital to control their diet plan to avoid serious health problems. Too much food could cause various stomach-related pains.

Also, wastage of food may contaminate the water and change the chemical content of the tank. Eventually, the water condition would become harmful for the fish, and the fish would die.

Can bettas kill killifish?

Both the fish bettas and killifish can give a tough fight when the situation becomes hostile. They are aggressive and live in the same conditions.

Can bettas kill killifish?

Killifish could attack the betta and start eating the fins of betta, making them difficult to swim. Also, betta would get stressed out during this time and may die if not recovered in time.

On the other hand, the betta dominating the water could harm the killifish. The male betta could chase down the killifish, start eating their fins, and bite their skin, making it difficult to survive against them.

Both have the potential to fight and make other fish die. So it is difficult to say that only betta would take the lead in this situation. The killifish can also dominate the water if the situation demands it.

How many killifish can you keep with your betta?

Killifish find them protected when they are kept in the group. So use the group of 4 to 5 killifish together. Similarly, the betta also prefers living in a group. It keeps them calm and stress-free.

Betta kept alone in between the group of killifish may have adverse health effects on the fish. Betta may develop stress and anxiety.

Their activities will reduce, and they will die soon. Thus, always have the betta and killifish in the group, so they feel safe in the aquarium.

What temperature bettas and killifish need?

Most killifish do well in the water temperature between 68° and 75° F. The pH level could be around 6.0 to 7.0. The betta survives in the water temperature between 78-80º F (s25. 5-26.5º C).

Can killifish live with female bettas?

Yes. Killifish and female bettas can live together peacefully. Ensure that you offer them plenty of space for swimming.

Also, during the mating time, you should have the betta male in the tank to keep the calm. The female becomes aggressive when they do not find the right companion in the tank.

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