Can gold barb live with a betta?

Gold barb fish is a good tank mate fish, and they like to live as a group. So place at least six gold barbs in your tank when you buy gold barbs.

Can gold barb live with a betta? Yes. Gold barb is friendly fish, and it can gel with most freshwater fish, and they can comfortably share the space with the betta. However, Gold barb still nibbles the large fins, and they quickly get attracted to the tail fins.

Can gold barb live with a betta?

Thus, when housing the Gold Barb with the betta, ensure they are kept under observation.

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What to do if your betta is chasing gold Barb fish?

Betta is territorial fish. They require large size tank to roam around in the water and explore the region. When they find other fish sneaking into their territories, they become aggressive and push them back from their area.

Chasing is the first reaction to showcase that you are not allowed to enter their environment. When you find the betta is chasing Gold barb more frequently, you should prompt action to safeguard their interest.

Chasing could result in a frequent fight, and Gold barb may develop serious health issues.

Ways to keep betta calm and stop them from chasing gold barb fish

1) Hiding space

Create hiding space using decoratives, plants, and rocks. Hiding space plays a critical role in making the fish calm. When the fish find they are in the open water and exposed to the preditor, they suddenly develop anxiety.

During this time, if Gold barb comes close to the betta, the betta will attack them thinking the Gold barb is trying to eat them. So before their preditor strike, they take action and start hunting them.

Fish love to stay in the densely populated plant where they find themselves safe. To create an artificial condition in the water to make betta remain calm and not bother other fish in the region.

2) Water condition

Keep the water condition under observation. Use the temperature meter and control the pH level. The primary objective of doing water inspection is to provide a natural habitat for both the fish.

Generally, fish react ludicrous when they find the water is changing.

Temperature rise could develop anxiety in the fish, and they may start attacking other fish. Moderating water conditions often allow you to put everything in control and provide perfect conditions for the fish to live happily with the other fish in the tank.

3) Fight over food

Usually, fish keep uses the typical food dispenser to feed the fish. When you put two fish species in the same tank, they could have difficulty sharing their food with others.

Betta, in this case, is more concerned about its food safety. When they find other fish stealing their food, they will start attacking them by chasing action.

They try to push them away, so the Gold bard does not come to their territory. Use the two separate food dispensers placed in opposite directions of the tank.

Train your fish to eat in a selected dispenser. Use the partition in the tank to train your fish, so they know where they will find their food.

4) Small size tank

Both betta and gold barb fish are natural explorers, and they cover large areas exploring the region. If you put these two fish together, they will have frequent close encounters, and betta would not like other fish to enter their territory.

Also, a betta is very sensitive when they find Gold barb has close encounters with the female betta.

The betta fish might think the Gold barb is trying to influence them and take their female away; thus, they attack the gold barb by chasing them. The only way to put them in their water is to have a large size tank.

What Size Tank is best to betta with gold Barb fish?

When you are housing betta with the Gold barb fish together in the tank, you should have a minimum of 20 gallons of the tank. It is vital to offer them sufficient swimming space. Both the fish are an explorer.

What Size Tank is best to betta with gold Barb fish?

They like to explore the region and find things that are not seen before. Though, it is essential to provide them a decent area to cover so they cannot bother other fish and live happily with each other.

Can betta fish eat gold Barb fish food?

Gold barb are omnivorous species. They can survive on living as well as frozen or packed food. Flake pellet, frozen foods, freeze-dried food can be an offer to the gold barb. Betta also eats this type of food, so you do not have to use separate food for the betta.

Also, you can mix the diet with live food such as insects, brine shrimp, and worms. These are high protein sources that contribute to the growth and allow them to thrive quickly.

Add some fresh vegetables to the diet that could work as excellent supplements to freeze food.

Can betta kill Barb fish?

Yes. Betta sometimes gets aggressive and attacks the other fish. Therefore, many aquarists consider having a school of fish in other groups, so betta could not attack the single fish.

Can betta kill Barb fish?

When they find any individual fish in the tank, there will be a high possibility that the betta will kill them and tear them apart piece by piece.

When housing the other species with the betta, always have them in group else, betta will leverage the condition, and the fish will become the food of betta.

How much gold barb can you keep with your betta?

You can easily house 4 to 5 gold barb with a similar number of betta. To keep the insanity in control, place more females compared to the male in each group. The male would get their pairs, and they would stay around them all the time, protecting their region.

What temperature betta and gold Barb fish need?

Betta and Gold barb fish require water temperature around 70–77 degrees Fahrenheit, and betta can survive in the water near 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep the water temperature in control as it could develop anxiety in the fish, and they will become sick.

Can gold Barb fish live with female bettas?

Yes. Gold barb fish love to share the water with the other fish in the tank. The only condition is they should get sufficient space to swim, and the habitat should depict their natural condition.

The betta female could be the perfect companion for the barb fish. Female bettas are very calm, and they are not aggressive like their male partner.

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